Saturday, December 29, 2007

An open letter

Do have a very happy 2008!
What I think should be the New year resolution to combat depression

I find a lot of people suffering from depression...a void...You may be repressing deep pain or fear...That void you can fill by meditating...but before that confront your fears, pain...Take help...accept yourself with all your shortcomings...Keep busy...make 'you' into a friend...but for that you will have to understand how your mind works, and make peace with it...easier said than done...but one has to start taking baby steps towards it...serve others in need...and you will feel needed...stop whining...Dont believe the negative things people tell you about do not have to buy the rotten vegetables in the eye for an eye will make the world blind...If you have done wrong, ask for forgiveness from the person you have wronged...from God and then forgive yourself and move on...You feel lost?..who does not? at one point or another in their life? Life is never a chalked clear path...We have to take decisions as we move is at times like that, that one requires prayers, intuition...a guide...but I have learned that if/when one is sincere the path lights up as one goes along...Don't worry...
Hinduism is a way of life and you do not have to convert or anything like that...You can embrace it and it will embrace you with no conditions...Read about the Karma Theory...
Meditation is not have to persevere in its practice and then the benefits are a quietened it is so worth it...

Much love,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So it is my Birthday today...It has been heart-warming to receive so many good wishes...I do believe in Aashirvad (Blessings) and Aah (Curse that emanates from a heart when the person is deeply hurt...not necesarrily voodoo) I believe that both Aashirvaad and Aah have a part to play in changing ones destiny (To an extent)
You know my mother used to say, you may be able to get anything for the asking, but real blessings from a grateful heart can only come, when you deserve them...
So thanks for all your good wishes...

Would you like to know me better?

and if you like to see my Life in pictures

Thursday, December 20, 2007

About the picture:
Man with Light
Taken in 'Bhoot Gully'in Vrindavan
As Abhinav was taking the picture, the man walked into the picture...He is facing forward and the feet are facing the other way...The head seems transparent...maybe the 'spirit' walked into the picture as 'he' had the unfulfilled desire of being famous!

Those of you who live in Mumbai and have a special corner for Vrindavan and photography please visit Piramal Art Gallery at the NCPA from the 18th to 28th Dec 2007 from 11am to 7pm
In the photograph: Abhinava Goswami the photographer, born into a family of religious leaders of Vrindavan and Ms Robyn Beeche, Member Secretary Friends of Vrindavan.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Quantum Memory
I attended a workshop by Acharya Nithyananda Sajeeva (Was invited by Mala Sridhar) on the 24th November 2007…
I strongly recommend it for those who would like to keep their memory…Sometimes I really wish we could be selective and forget the negatives…
But hold it…you can!
All we need to do is to stop focusing on the small black dot on a big white slate…
Mind follows habit…so break the negative practice.

Some pointers:
Surya Namskaars
While you perform the above exercise 72,000 energy channels are activated, we normally use only 5000

We learned the Tibetan Buddhist technique of humming for 20 mnts and practicing silence for 10 mnts.
It is an effective technique for EQ (Emotional Qoutient)
Most of us know about the IQ (Intelligence quotient)
We have given a lot of importance to the above…the reason being that it allows us to pursue our academics and land a job.
In Spiritual parlance it is called ‘Avidya’
I would interpret it as (not true knowledge) though literally it means (No knowledge)
The real Vidya is that which makes humans learn about their true heritage…To return to Godhood…to recognize ourselves as true Spiritual Beings…

Then a friend has coined a new quotient: The Love quotient LQ
What is love? Difficult to describe…Is it never fighting?
Is it always pampering? Always agreeing? Being interested in the same things?
Always being together?
I don’t think so.
Love may include all the above and then maybe only some of the above…
But one thing true love always includes…it is compassion, happiness in the loved ones happiness…
What else?
There are 3 kinds of love…
1) You scratch my back I will scratch yours (This is the one we all understand)
2) Then the one that we misunderstand for love (The one in which people cant live without each other and then go on to become sworn enemies…
3) The third: The unconditional love:
Meera sang:
Jit baithaavey ut hi baithoon
Jo dey so hi khaaoon
Meera ke Prabhu Giridhar Naagar
Baar baar bali jaaoon

Radha’s love for Krishna

A true Bhakta’s love for God…

Acharya Nithyananda Sajeeva explained to us that if EQ Emotional quotient is like a tank of water, then SQ Spiritual quotient is like a Lake of water.
…and LQ (Love Quotient) I believe that Love is God...

Other technique to increase memory:
1) Meditate…awareness increases during meditation…and fear drops…
2) Write with left hand if you are right handed.
3) Art of repetition improves memory
4) Repeating and remembering strengthens the brain…
5) Catch yourself thinking…
6) Count numbers 100 to 0

…I am not giving you any more techniques…go join the Quantum memory program. It combines simple and effective techniques from Vedanta, Feng Shui, Tantra, Sufism ad a host of other systems…

Monday, December 10, 2007

...and here I am happy to present my friend Minakshi who has written an article in 'Loving the way you live' by Jennifer Read Hawthorne...In the photograph she is happily showing the book...In the background Mr Ram Maheshwary, Head, Mumbai Branch , Times Group...and owner of many more interesting titles...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I got some queries...My answers....

You write:
If Hindus follow and pray to God/s very sincerely with all rituals etc., how is it they are not rewarded prosperity...

My perception:
I dont think that the reward of Spirituality is in terms of prosperity gain...sometimes maybe, but not always...

You write:

Considering India as the origin of culture and philosophy, how come we were ruled for over 1000 years--is it not shameful to bear slavery for ten centuries...

My perception:
Yes you may be right...sometimes it is due to the fact that though the karma theory is very beautiful and makes a lot of sense... Click:
we tend to leave too much to destiny without putting in too much effort...Krishna in the Geeta has said:
Do your best...only then leave the rest...

Also Hindus have not believed in conversion and fighting for what we believe in...Truth if you believe it to be truth will triumph...and I also believe that the truth that is ingrained in every religion will is true that Hiduism embraces far too much....rituals, Vedanta , Bhakti, Gyaan...that is why Hindus need guru to guide them to the path most suited to them...