Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last thursday I met Mata Gnaneshwari, President of Shanti aashram, Mission of Peace in Andhra Pradesh. She is diminutive 80 years old. She exuded peace. There was a time when I used to walk, ride, jet to meet Spiritual humans because I loved to be in their aura. Now it is not so easy for many reasons. So I enjoyed meeting this lovely lady.
That same night I had a traumatic experience but it got resolved quick enough...better and quicker than expected.
I remembered a time when I had gone to a Divine Life Spiritual Camp.
I met a saint who had seen me do an act of kindness which he claimed he was sure had no ulterior motive.
So he blessed me. He said "I can't stop what you have to go through because of your previous karmas, but I bless you that they will pass over you like a breeze.
I remembered that blessing and am almost convinced that that bessing tides me over difficult moments!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Chapter 5 Lesson 7

My note:
What is the yardstick one uses to gauge whether one is growing spiritually?
In verse 20 of Chapter 5, Krishna answers: “One who does not rejoice when obtaining something pleasant and does not feel perturbed when encountering the unpleasant” (but remains equanimous).

My note:
Tough one is’nt it?

Let us just become aware of how our mind works. The more the pendulum moves towards ‘happiness’ when someone praises us, the same amount does the pendulum move towards despair when they criticize us!

Or when one makes money or loses it.
You may use any situation in its both aspects to experiment.

But supposing you were truly aware of your worth, or realized that everything has a beginning and an ending…would the pendulum move that much, one way and another?

Krishna says that a ‘knower of Brahma lives eternally in identity with Brahma’

My note: Who is the knower of Brahma?
He who delves deep into oneself and realizes ones true Divine nature.
And how does one delve deep?
Krishna replies:
“Through meditation”

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The 17th was Mahavir Jayanti, tomorrow is Hanuman Jayanti. Do read about Hindu Festivals. I keep updating the links on my website. Just visit and scroll down to What's News

You want to know what it means to be a Hindu in short simple terms? Read my books. They are on my website for free perusal.
I took great trouble to make it simple...and only God could have helped me!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chapter 5 Lesson 6

In the17th Verse of Chapter 5 of the Bhaagvad Geeta ,Krishna states that the ‘wise ones’ look with the same eye on a Brahman, a cow, an elephant, dog and pariah too.

In the 19th Verse Krishna states: ‘…The Absolute is untouched by evil and knows no distinction…’

My note:
Where does the caste system fit in here? I have said this earlier but I repeat that the caste systems were akin to professions…

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

We won the World cup...
I believe we are ahead in the scale of progress.
So does not that prove that caste and creed and land of birth, how rich or poor, does not matter..?
What matters really is the unity of the country, and the common goal...

Let me prove the point in question.
1) The bowling is led by 2 young muslims
2) The coach is a devout christian
3)The captain is a rags to riches story. He dared to dream and made it against odds because he believed.
4) The star player comes from Chandigad
5) The icon player is a Saraswat Brahmin
6)The top spinner is a Sikh from Jalandhar
7)One of the finest batsman is from Ghaziabad
8)Another is a jat from Hariana
9)Another is a kashmiri Pandit
10)The third bowler comes from Kothamangalam in Kerala
11) Another bowler comes from Aligarh
( Above information from 'The Power of Inclusivity' by Pritish Nandy

We deserved to win! We have come a very long way...Keep going India
We are with you
Lekin yeh soch banaaye rakhna
I know there is fundamentalism trying to rear its ugly head, but I believe that those who spread hatred could be politicians but not true spiritualists!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Festivals galore

4th of April

5th of April
Sindhi New Year

4h of April
Gudi Padwa:

It is ausicious to read the Ramayana during Navratras,
Read it in short
Read the Ramayana