Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mr Ramchandra and his mentally challenged 'children'

Our friend who took us to visit them, Mrs Indira Thakkar and Mrs Lakhani

Yesterday spent a wonderful fulfilling day.
First visited Netrajyot Eye Hospital.
Mr and Mrs Rana were 'hurt' when a 'son' living in the village said that he could not afford to treat his father as he was turning blind...besides the son said he would be dying anyway soon.
Mr Rana started helping in his small way. Today his daughter Mrs Lakhani along with her husband continues to do the good work.
If you would like to help, they are situated in Panvel, Their Tel No is 27458282

Then we visited the Sanstha which looks after mentally challenged girls upto the age of 18...It is hard to keep it going...
IF you would like to help:
Kalyani Mahila va Balak Seva Sanstha New Panvel- raigad (Navi Mumbai)
Tel 27466618, 20706539, 9323452019

Friday, September 28, 2007

Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity believes that Women need to be empowered to have a voice. For that the woman needs to be educated, healthy, that her naturally comapssionate voice is heard.
We conducted a health camp for Cancer check up of mothers and teachers at the VBM School.
In the photograph above from left:
Rituparna Basu and Oncologist Dr Suresh Adavani
In the smaller photograph :
Myself, Deputy Mayor Vidia Thakur and Ms Basanti Roy

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aerial View of RamSetu
When I wrote:
Symbolisms in the Ramayana (It is up on my website, under 'Books'for free perusal). Sri Ram Kinkar Maharaj and Sri Morari Bapu, after having blessed the book, emphatically urged me to mention that though I may be allowed to write on the Symbolisms of the great epic, that does not undermine the fact that Sri Ram is a historical figure...
Follows excerpt from a commentator on social, educational and religious issues.
(I received this note from Sanatan Dharma by email)

...Logic and science have their say but not in matters of faith. In a nation where religion percolates to all levels of culture, secularism and modernity, themes like Ram, Mohammed, Mary and Moses are all interwoven within the existence of the people. A denial can drive people into a frenzy.

As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar rightly puts it, one cannot dismiss Sri Ram as a mythological character just because a lot of miracles were reported in his life and there are no scientific evidences to prove them. There were unproven miracles in the lives of the religious figures of every faith. Just because we can't prove the parting of the Red Sea, we can't say that Moses was a fictitious figure. Just because there were miracles in the lives of Jesus, Moses and Mohammed, you cannot call them mythical figures.

Historical evidence of most of the eminent religious figures would be difficult to find. Nevertheless, the authenticity of Ram's reality cannot be doubted, as most legends and myths have their roots in real incidents and actual happenings of religious figures. So far as Ram is concerned, there are numerous places in India and Sri Lanka closely linked to his life including Ayodhya, Janakpuri, Dhanushkodi and Rameswaram.

The whole debate about whether or not Lord Ram existed or not is redundant. Even if he did not exist, this is not going to diminish his importance because he actually exists in the hearts of not only Hindus but also Muslims. According to Islam, 120,000 messengers were sent to the earth...
...Questioning a largely tolerant and pluralistic people to provide proof that their god actually exists is driving them to aggression...
...The author is a commentator on social, educational and religious issues and the great-nephew of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A while ago I was asked by a non-hindu friend how come most Hindus do not know much their religion...even though, sadly I had to agree that to a certain extent it is true...I proudly told her that every Hindu knows about the Karma theory...that as we sow so we reap...that God karmas that have to be endured are not there in our life to punish but they are lessons to be learned...(Do read Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss)...but most importantly every Hindu is taught to respect every religion and Master that has walked on the matter which religion they 'belong' to...though actually I believe that Masters belong to Humanity...
Do read:
Dadi Nani ki Kahaani
It is up for free perusal under 'Books'

Friday, September 14, 2007

Today I met my friend Vimla Patil who celebrated Ganesh puja at home and she told me about Haritalika, which comes a day before Ganesh Chaturthi.
Haritalika means the arrival of Gauri, the mother of Ganesh in her harv goddess form. This means that Harit Gauri brings a wonderful harvest and plentiful food for everyone through out the year. Because india has always been an agricultural SOCIETY harvest are festive days. Harit Gauri dressed in green symbolizes the harvesting season, after the monsoon which ends with Dassera...and on dassera day we hang new rice (unhusked rice) outside our door as part of the toran (The garland that we hang on our main door) Harit Gauri is offered all the green vegetables of the season and even the prasad offered is made of leafy/green vegetables. Harit Gauri is also symbolized by a turmeric (haldi) plant which is a combination of two most auspicious colours in Indian Culture-Green and yellow.
For more information on Ganesh Chaturthi, Click or copy/paste to broswer:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anger is a brief madness...a slow poison...but sometimes it costs our life...I mean it literally...What I mean is that we can lose a good friend,a relationship,our health, our intellect...

From an excerpt by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj
A matchstick has a head made from powdered chemical. Just strike it against the side of the box and the stick bursts into flame...Ar'nt we at times, behaving in a similar fashion? Let a small thing go against our wishes and see what happens?

Take an anger management course...but in the meantime...
Handle situations maturely
Delay a response/reaction
have a Knowledge of self

Aristotle says:
It is very easy for anybody to get angry.
But getting angry at the right time, in right degree, at the right person, for the right reason and in the right manner is neither easy nor is it in everyone's scope or frame of capabilities.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I have often wondered why we yearn to travel, to explore, to learn...I have heard before (I received Divyaa's note) that 'God is in our genes' and so I suppose is the quest for Him...just like river flows to the sea...a lamp moves upward towards the sun...Humanity yearns for love!
Follows an excerpt of a note that Divyaa sent me. It is from a sunday midday paper.

Is God in our genes? Is evolution inherent in our DNA?
... We all yearn to explore our many facets, and we all aspire to know more and seeking is a natural state of being- whether about the outside world or self! And this is what evolution is- this exploration and expansion of self- indeed the desire to be all that I am and actualize my highest potentials. This fulfillment is the very crux of ‘Why creation is?’ And in its purest understanding it is indeed God Self’s Will to Be! And thus is God in our very genes; and evolution the very life force running through our bodies, throbbing in our hearts, and keeping alive and revitalized-our minds...

Man loves because he is Love. He seeks Joy, for he is Joy. He thirsts for God for he is composed of God -Sathya Sai Baba

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am a trustee of the Times Federation for Cleaning Vrindavan.
Would you like to help in any way?
Do write to
May the Giver of all Gifts keep you under His tender care!

Read about Krishna and Janmashtami

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today is Janmashtami! The birthday of Lord Krishna!
Nietzche said: "I would believe in a God who could dance"
During his time God was generally portrayed as a frozen perfection, remote, static, and wholly unsociable...Nietzche would have been pleasantly surprised had he heard of Krishna, who danced expertly on the hood of the venomous serpent Kaliya...Krishna delights, not in the magnificence of godhood but in the sweetness of uninhibited love...He gives a glimpse of His awe inspiring greatness through His Vishwa roop darshan, which is one of the greatest mystical visions in world literature...Arjuna saw within the Universal form-within Krishna-everything and everyone in existence...The disarming hospitality that Krishna extended to Sudama and the subsequent generous benedictions that He bestowed upon His poor guru-kul friend are also eloquent testimony to Krishna's personal warmth and sweetness...(Before the great war of Mahabharata) Krishna went as a Shantiduta (peace messanger) to dissuade Duryodhana from war with sweet words...

Chaitanya Charan Das
What else to speak about my Krishna? He sang the Immortal philosophy: Bhagvad Geeta!
But today I sing!
Roop saanvala, man ka gora
Krishna Kanhaiya naam hai
Ek baalak ka janam hua hai
Radha ka jo Shyam hai
Meera ka Ghanshyam hai!

Tum hi bal mukunda ho
aur tum hi hamaare Gopaala
Tum hi Govardhan Giridhaari
Tum hi pyaare Nandlala
jag se hume kya lena dena
Jag se hume kya kaam hai
Ek baalak ka janam hua hai
Radha ka jo Shyam hai
Meera ka Ghanshyam hai

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meera was a Rajasthani princess...and according to me, she was an emancipated woman...Read about her, Click:

She loved her Krishna and even though the times that she lived in did not allow a woman to mingle...she did so freely with Saints and Sages who would speak to her about her beloved.
I am writing about this because I have read that she also went through the 'dark night of the soul' when she had 'left the world' and her Krishna she had not quite reached Krishna...
The song 'Yogi mat jaa paunv padoo main torey' according to me speaks of that sentiment...