Friday, November 30, 2007

Sri Radhanath Prabhu always keeps the listeners enthralled by his words full of devotion

Anuradha Paudwal and her daughter keeping the audience enchanted with Krishna Bhajans

On Sunday, 21st of October 2007, Times Federation for Cleaning Vrindavan was officially launched at Iskcon Chowpatty, Bombay.
Project partners are Iskcon and 'Friends of Vrindavan'
It is a mammoth task but it is only possible if Giants like Times, Iskcon take it up. We have real Krishna Lover Bhaktas and Krishna Himself involved in the project kyonki unkey sivaay patta bhee naheen hilta.
Its Vision is to develop an unpolluted and healthy township with clean roads and public conveniences.
Do look up the website:

Monday, November 26, 2007

Communal Harmony Week, organized by the city Police and Citizen's Council for Better Tomorrow (CCBT) (Mr Khorakiwala is the CCBT President) evoked huge response from intelligentsia, common citizens and college and school students.

The concluding function was held at August Kranti Maidan (Quit India Fame) on November 21st 2007 where an Interfaith Meet had been convened. Ms Uzma Nahid (The charming Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Director of Iqra) said this lovely couplet before introducing me:
'Chaahat ke badley mein, hum to bech de apni marzee tak
Koi mile to dil ka gaahak
Koi hamey apnaaye to'

Uzma and I have been holding an Interfaith Dialogue for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that Women can bring about Peace more easily. Why? A woman has more compassion less ego...yet she is not weak. I concluded my speech by saying:

Main hoon Bharat ki naar, jeeney marney ko taiyaar
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor
Is desh ki hoon santaan ki jiskaa naam hai Hidustaan
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor

Har khel ki main hoon main khilaari
kartee hoon kheti baari
Ran mein talwaar chalaaoon
Daftar mein kalam chalaaoon
aur dekhoon sab ghar baar
jeeney marney ko taiyaar
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor

During the beginning of the speech I said:
Panchhee nadiya pawan ke jhonkey Koyee sarhad na inhe rokey
yeh sarhad insaan ke liye hai
Socho hamney kyaa khoya aur paaya insaan hokar
I suppose geographical sarhad may be important for peace but to love, to understand, to dialogue...why should we have boundaries???

A woman cures herself when sick works 18 hrs a day
She can think, reason and negotiate
She has strengths that amazes man
She can handle trouble and carry burdens
She smiles when she feels like screaming
and sings when she feels like crying
She fights for what she believes in
and finds the strength to get on with life
Only one thing is wrong with her... She forgets what she is worth...

Have not been able to update the video...If you would like to see it, Click:¤t=augkrantiqutumem004.flv

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Seated: Dr.Shubha S. Thatte.M.A. (Clinical Psychology ) Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)

Dr. Thatte is the founder trustee of IPH . She was attached to K.E.M. Hospital & Seth G.S. Medical College as Clinical Psychologist for 25 years. She has completed her training in REBT with Prof. Phadke in 1987 and has since been an REBT practitioner & trainer.

Dr.Savita Apte M.A., Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) Mumbai University, Diploma in Research Methodology from TISS. Dr.Apte is a faculty with IPH since 1994. Her work with caregivers of schizophrenia & an activity center for patients recovering from Schizophrenia is commendable. Her areas of interest are research and rehabilitation.

Speaker, standing: Ms Taraana Pithawalla

Tarana is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Sinara Education and Career Consultants. Pvt. Ltd.

In the foreground: Dr Ajit Dandekar, Psychiatrist

In the background, seated in the center: Ms Mithila

Attended a one day workshop on Shizophrenia at Nalanda, organized by 2 charming ladies, Mithila and Taraana.
Some important facts that could be helpful to those related or connected to a patient suffering from Shizophrenia

Psychiatric diagnosis is essentially clinical.

In acute cases the patient, affectionately called 'Shubhaarthi'may have hallucinations and delusions...

Best thing to do in order to help them:
Do not challenge their delusions, offer them solutions.

The only known cause of shizophrenia is an imbalance of 'dopamine'
Dopamine has got to be administered hence a shubhaarthi has to be treated by a medical practitioner.
The caregivers affectionately called the Shubhaankars, work on 3 levels:
Shubhaarthi, family and society...

Sinara Education and career consultants Pvt Ltd.
And Times Foundation at Nalanda on 6th Nov 2007


Mithila Apte (Managing Director)

Sinara Education and Career Consultants Pvt Ltd

00 91 22 2351 3287 / 00 91 98 201 26034


Ms Tarana Pithawalla

Tarana is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Sinara Education and Career Consultants. Pvt. Ltd.

Support Group: Dilaasa call Shabbir 9820198220, Billimoria 9820419435

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Grand-daughter with the beautiful serene Krishna in my home!

There was a Divine exhibition on at the Nehru Center, Worli, Bombay, on September 2004. I bought a Krishna painting, which according to people who visit my home add a tremendous sense of calm to the atmosphere in my home...
There was another exhibition held at the Nehru Center, this year...Nov 2007

You just had to see the paintings to believe it! There are gold paintings embellished with Svarowski and semi-precious stones!

The Indian tradition of making pure gold leaf paintings dates back to several centuries.

Gradually the use of precious stones also commenced for decorating the paintings.

The decline was even faster than the rise and it reached almost the verge of extinction, lingering only at a few places with difficulty. Even today, this prestigious, exquisite art form is one of the almost forgotten art forms of the past. Behind its survival, the contribution of Kanhai and his sons Krishn and Govind is remarkably the most.

The family is definitely blessed!

The paintings are described as "glittering poems in colour"
Father and son, both, have received the 'Padma Shri' from the President.

I took an old painting I had bought in Vrindavan in 1985 and wonder of wonders, it was genuine.

Their website is www.kanhaigoldenartsindia.comemail ids:
But you have to see the real thing to believe it!
I love what is written on their brochure:

"Art is a collaboration between god and the artist, the less the artist does, the better"


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Times Foundation launched the Youva initiative at the Times of India Bldg on the occassion of Children's Day.
Rahul Bose and Kunal Kapur were Chief guests and I was so pleasantly impressed by how well they spoke!

'You' stands for 'Youth' and 'Va'stands for 'Values'
What I liked about it, is that not only does it aim at training the youth but also the teachers and mothers/fathers...

Let us look at an example, What would you do?
You find a pack of cigarrettes in your child's bag. How would you deal with the issue with your child?

(I personally would not fly off the handle,accuse school authorities and friends for influencing the child... but lovingly/firmly explain to him/her how smoking can affect/ruin his/her life. Also it is difficult to give up...easier not to is not macho to smoke now-a-days....most shun you...)I would also find out what made him turn towards smoking...insecurity, peer pressure?

Friday, November 16, 2007

When I wrote:

'Symbolisms in the Ramayana' (it is up for free perusal under 'books' on

Both Sri Ram Kinkarji and Sri Morari Bapu (who gave me their blessings in writing) insisted that I mention that though I have written the symbolic aspects...Sri Ram was a historical figure....

ON the 14th of November I had the good luck of attending a session where I got to do the darshan of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

I felt really blessed.

I heard Mr D.K. Hari speak. He feels:

In recent times, there has been a public debate raging on about the Rama Setu in which different sections of the population have taken different stands ranging from faith to commerce to environment. This has opened a debate on the historicity of Lord Rama since only if Rama is historical, can the bridge be man made.

Literature and Local Legends have continued to keep alive the image of Rama as a popular legendary hero, a righteous man, a noble King, a God. The conviction about the historicity of Rama, is based upon the ability to date Rama and the Rama Setu, to around 5200 BCE, ie 7200 years ago using traditional methods and validate the date scientifically too.

Pls click:

Friday, November 09, 2007

Roles in Heaven:

Systems Installation

May all the portfolio holders in Heaven bless you this Diwali with their choicest Blessings!
Happy Diwali

Systems Administration & Support

Finance and Accounts consultant

Training and Knowledge Management

DBA (Crash Specialist)

Quality Assurance & Documentation

Data transfer

IDP & Personal Records

Solaris Administrator

SDLC ( Sudarshan Wheel Development Life Cycle )

Lead Programmer (all companies are vying for him)

Monday, November 05, 2007

I read this morning:
Qn: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress?
Ans: Change your attitude towards life. Do not look for perfection in everything in life.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

On Saturday the 3rd of November, 2007 I was invited by Dr R K Anand for an MRA meeting. This time the speaker was to be Swami Rammohanji and the topic was 'Peace, within and without'
I am sharing a few points with you.
Situations are not under your control...Change your thought process...

I believe that insurance companies make money because most things that we worry about do not happen...

We get upset because of our desires...We want that people should love us, treat us with respect etc...when that does not happen...we lose our cool...

One should, as the Geeta teaches: 'Do our best and leave the rest'

Make an unconditional acceptance of life...

I say: Hari-Ichhaa

Ego and attachments also rob us of our peace of mind...

The Spiritual way to achieve 'Peace that passeth all understanding' is:
To know that: My nature is Peace...

Accept all that comes as 'Prasaad'...