Monday, February 25, 2008

Sonal Sheth was diagnosed with a heart murmur 2 years ago.

But she ran the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.
Even when her knees swelled up her spirit did not flag.

Sonal says:
Taking part in the Marathon was a challenge and I like to be challenged, I like to test and push my endurance levels. I do believe it is mind over matter.
When fatigue and pain overcome me and I feel I am just going to collapse, I can't take 1 more step, at that time something in me says dont give up, and I focus my attention on my breath(as I do when I meditate) and the continued focus on breath defocusses me from the body fatigue and I end up running fast.
So when I was doing my practice runs, I often felt that just like in life, there are problems but you have to rise above them, use them as an opportunity for growth, to push your levels of acceptance, forgiveness and coping skills higher, similarly marathon running makes you do that and once you have risen above the low moments, its just a harmonious, centered focus, with no thoughts, similar to what one experiences in meditatation.
...I feel there is'nt enough awareness about developmental problems in kids and how there are solutions and 'Ummeed' is trying to fill that gap... many kids and families go through suffering, a life is wasted, not helped to reach full potential only because of lack of awareness, or lack of facilities.I find it fulfilling when such people are helped...

Sonal Sheth is a trustee of Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I watched the movie Jodha Akbar and I loved it...I will tell you the reason. And you can laugh if you must.
I have always believed that I was a Moghul in one of my previous incarnations. Years back I would go to Delhi at least 2 or 3 times a year and I could not return to Bombay without stepping foot in the Red Fort. It would beckon me...and haunt me until I went...Delhi is full of old Monuments many of them in ruins...Once as I was driving past, I pointed to a ruin and said: "That is the Red Fort!" I don't really know my way around Delhi...Wonders! It was! The Red Fort I mean...But then I am a Hindu at heart so I had resigned myself to believe that I must have been one of the various maids...Maybe I was a Princess from neighbouring Rajput Kingdoms making an alliance! Who knows? But I loved the reproduction of the splendour of that bygone era in Jodha Akbar...I loved Jodhabai singing Man Mohana ...and the Sufis Khwaja O Khwaja and the way, Akbar stood and joined in the dance!...and nothing else me at least...So what if all is not authentic?
Rubi Maloni, head of the Department of History at Mumbai University states: ...Ashotosh has taken artistic freedom in telling a story about a king who faced criticism from his own community for his secular policies. We must admire him for this and watch the film."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

...and it was Geeta Hundalani's 60th birthday...and it was fun to sing about the journey from Meena(her maiden name) to Geeta...She is an inspiration to many and conducts classes at ther home to inspire...
So it was Eena Meena Deeka, Dai dama Deeka...Rampamposh Rampamposh...
And I love to sing: Aane chaar anney bachey hain chaar aaney, ise waste na karna yaar...hope you got what this song is trying to say...for all of you who are still wet behind the ears...a Rupee had 16 annas, so now we golden girls have only 4 annas of our life left...We must not waste them right...Let us do good, but also have some fun now that most responsibilities are over! I believe it could be the best time of our lives!
Cheers to that!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On the 11th January 2008 I attended the Fifth Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Lecture at the Tata Theatre NCPA.
The late Nani Palkhivala was a passionate democrat, patriot and above all a great human being.
Mr Shailesh Gandhi received the award for Civil Liberties.
Have you heard of the Right to Information Act?
I think that it is important that we are aware that such an Act exists...and that we exercise our Rights.
Knowledge is Power...and Right to Information is our Right to well...Information which is the Mother/Father of Knowledge!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chakde India was based on Mir Ranjan Negi's life

Mr and Mrs Mir Ranjan Negi of Chakde India fame with Mr Ram Maheshwary GM Times of India Bombay

The audience at Anjuman Islam listens enthralled to Sandra Furtado, the actor who played the role of Netra Reddy in Chakde India. Since I was sitting on the dais I was able to get this angle...

On the 12th January 2008 Times Foundation and Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity opened a Women Center at Anjuman Islam CST. I spoke on Women and Peace...the guest of honour was Mr Mir Ranjan Negi. Former India Goalkeeper and Coach of India Hockey Team.
Yes! Chakde India starring Shah Rukh Khan was based on Mr Ranjan Negi's life story. He came accross as a very gentle human being and I am happy and honoured to have met him :)