Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting worried about the Indian student situation in Australia, but considering what the world is going through, one is not safe anywhere... yet 'Raakhey Ram to maarey kaun' which means 'He who the Lord protects cannot be harmed by anyone...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Initiatives of Change (MRA) is a diverse network committed to building relationships of trust across the world's divides...Every first saturday of the month, a meeting is conducted,with the help and supervision of Dr Anand and his charming wife, Asha...

Sheila Sail, Deputy Commissioner of Police
Trupti, Social Cells station
Sangeeta Rege, handles Social Psycho Trauma
Mahila Dakshata (Like a Mohalla commitee)Every police station has one...

Points discussed:
Most calls are from lower middle class...
90% of the men quieten down if given a warning...
We may be pro-women but we are not anti-men...
We are particular about asking the women what exactly they want to do...We help her to feel more empowered...
Sadly 50% of the constables are not sensitive to the issue but having a mahila dakshata in every police station helps...
When encountered with violence...never believe that it is your fault...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

On our 44th wedding anniversary, my talented girlfriends sang this song in Sindhi on the tune of Jai Ho!
Wonderful to have great friends and be appreciated for your love and caring! I in turn am fortunate to have such friends!

Acho Narain Shakun ji anversri malayun

Acho, khushi ja gula aseen, unan te barsaayun

Jai Ho. Jai Ho (2)

Lecture becture dehi dehi asankhe sekharyo thhas

Nache gaaye group me sabhni khe vindrayo thhas

Sakhyun saan mili jhuli anand phelayo thhas

Shakun pyari kitaab likhi Sindhin khe jaagayo thhas.


Acho Narain Shakun ji anversri malayun

Acho, khushi ja gula aseen, unan te barsaayun

Jai Ho, Jai Ho

Baila Baila!

Ahora conmigo tu baila par hoy

por este dia te olvidas

los problemos lo que sea!


Baila Baila!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Attended a meeting at the IMC on the 23rd April 2009...Alongside Dr Shashi Tharoor, Former Under Secretary General, United Nations and Malavika Sanghvi
Some of the points discussed:
26/11 should not be made into a political issue...
One should elect a mayor, and see how much they can improve the city...

Partition of the Indian Soul is worse than the partition of Indian Soil!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Above, Asha Chand...She is divinely driven to revive the Sindhi language...
Click and download the CD that teaches you Sindhi
On Friday, the 22nd of May, Asha invited me to give a tv interview on what we can do for the Sindhi language and what inspired me to start my blog and website. On the same day, there was also a supplement of Sindhu along with the Times of India Mumbai...
I replied to the Editor, R.Sridhar:

We sindhis have always been accused of being over-obsessed with money...I always say that we had to leave our birth place, Sindh during Pakistan. We had no land to call our own...but we did not waste our time whining, we went on to re-structure our life and today 60 years hence, we have not only 'made it' but give back to society. But one sad thing happened, because we had to adapt to the country that gave us a mean to live, we lost out on our own culture and we are trying to revive it...and there are many who are trying so hard to do it...

At the tv interview I said:
We probably made a mistake by not speaking in Sindhi with our offspring in our enthusiasm to adapt to the places who accepted us with open arms...We can make ammends by speaking with our grand children in Sindhi...that is one of the ways to salvage Sindhi...


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Attended the 27th International Dance Day presented by Shree Paavitra Arts Academy on the 25th April 2009 at Nehru Centre, Worli Mumbai. It was an uplifting experience.
Nandhini Ashok set up the Shree Paavitra Arts Academy in 2003.
Nandhini has a yearning to spread the medium of dance to a larger audience...
She is a success but more importantly for me, she is a good human being always ready to help and participate with good causes...She is a member of Eager to B. She always stretches a helping hand to WMPP pet project 'Clean Vrindavan'
No wonder Krishna is with her!

Nandhini replies:
Dear Shakun

Thank you very much for writing about us in your blog. It is my pleasure to have met good hearted people like you. As mentioned by you always ready to do anythink for clean Vrindavan project. Krishna is the one who has joined us...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Found this photograph of me, my husband, mother and my daughter clicked nearly 40 years ago...Found it funny, thought it could hv a caption...Can you think of another?

Three generations of Women! I stand no chance!

Shakun:Na na ni na na, she looks like me!
Narain: She may look like you, but she has my temperament

Great picture, but why is Narain's suit so shiny?

Madhavi baby: I am not getting involved in an argument between my mother and father...Let me look the other way...

My mother to herself: Close your eyes and smile!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alongside had invited Ms Indu Shahani (Sheriff of Mumbai, seated on table)and Mona Shah Patel for a 'Celebrating Life' event.
To see photo of Ms Meera Sanyal, please scroll down...

Excerpts from what Shobha De writes Monday 18th 2009 in Bombay Times...and I agree with her:
...The Congress is in a far better space this time round and wont need to court complete undesirables in an attempt to cobble a govt together:)
...We paid a high price for all the combined insecurities of just hanging in there...Now there is no scope for alibis and excuses...We have our eyes on you Milind and you too Priya! We'll be watching-and grading-you. Perform or else!
...If my heart goes out to Meera Sanyal (and mine to Mona Patel Shah as well) It has nothing to do with not winning...I think (they both) deserve a big hug and kiss for doing what (they) did...(They) went fearlessly into the political jungle, gave the campaign (their) best shot, and inspired a lot of people to rethink their cynical attitude towards politics. My admiration for (them) remains intact...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yamuna, was reproduced almost incarnate...Ladoo Gopal was divine The Aarti to Shrinathji was like we were in His Presence!

You all can't believe what an extremely busy day I had on Friday, the 15th of May...Why am I telling you this? Because I have realized that if one is occupied doing what one enjoys, one is able to feel happy and fulfilled...but the trick is that all actions have to be akin to meditation...It is like the Lord has brought this action in front of me...If I do not have anything which calls for my time...then let me do His bidding...
Went for some routine medical check-ups, then decided to have lunch at Wellington Mews with Aarti Hundalani and Sapna Bharvani then went for a movie with Asha Chatani and Varuna Harchandrai...note all my friends are positive, friendly, not complicated human beings... and then saw a most marvelous dance drama with Vimla Patil called Sathwaro Radhey Sham...It was a Spiritual Experience...You have seen Radha Krishna pictures, they came alive in front of our very eyes...Time literally stood still!...Do go and see it! Dont worry if some compering is in Gujarati...You will undrstand...Music and Dance is a common human language which transcends barriers! Something that touched me! Hinduism has never sought to convert...because it is the language of love and freedom to worship in your way...

Vimla Patil answers:
Dear Shakun, happy you could come with us. It was on my wish list for a long time as I had heard a lot about this dance drama. The visuals were delightful and transported me to another world of pastoral beauty with divine beings celebrating life and its joys of love and devotion. Unforgettable and timeless. Thanks for your happy company. Love Vimla Patil

My reply to Vimla:
u r sweet to thank me...actually Krishna has been answering my calls...this time through you...and mehendi lagaane wale haath, range jaate hain...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Earlier I had introduced you to a young lady who stood for elections named Mona Patel Shah...On the 27th of April 2009 I got to hear what Meera Sanyal, Sindhi lady,Chairperson and CEO, Amro Bank of India, had to say about 'The Role of Independants in Parliament'

Meera Sanyal has been 'branded as Malabar Hill Memsaab'
Her symbol is that of a cricketeer...Cricketeers are not asked their parentage so why do you ask politicians? Her 'naara' is 'Hum hongey kaamyaab'...She chose to stand as an Independant as she noticed that politicians sometimes remain silent because of the parties that they belong to...She would'nt be true to herself if she joined any party...

I personally feel and I told her that She seemed so centered as she spoke...Whatever the outcome...Dont change that attitude...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My husband Narain was born on Buddha jayanti, so we had a party for family, close friends...It was fun! Alongside My husband, daughter Anuja and myself

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Buddham Sharanam Gacchaami
Did you know that:
The Full Moon Day of the month of Vaishaakha (May) is the:
The Birthday of Gautama Buddha
The Renunciation day of Gautama Buddha
The Enlightenment day (Nirvaana) day of Gautama Buddha.
This year it falls on the 9th of May
To read more, Click:

Sunday, May 03, 2009

On 12th March 2009 was invited by Ms Mithila Apte, (Extreme right) co-chairperson of Soft Powers Commitee of IMC Ladies' Wing
The Speaker is Mr Ramesh Ramanathan, Founder of Janaagraha.
Ramesh left a succesful business in the US as a CEO, to return and do something for the country.
He was inspired by the movie 'Swades'
Some of the points exchanged during the meeting:
Bombay may not become Singapore but it can become a much better place...
I asked Ramesh: "I have the feeling which may not be correct that India is actually being run by corporates and NGOs while politicians do very little"
Ramesh said" No! the Laws are in place but the politicians do play a very vital role in the progress of the country and For every corrupt politician there is a good one...