Thursday, December 29, 2005

To Be

Let us make 'simple' or 'not so simple' 'To Be' our New Year resolution:

We spend all our time yearning for the past, or regretting what is already history.

Or we waste our time dreaming dreams, instead of doing something about it.

Or we live, worrying about future events, which in all probability are not going to happen.

I was reading the other day:

Most people find it hard to live their life in Present Simple,
They prefer Past Complicated,
Or Future Depressive.

Enlightened Minds urge us to live in the present moment.

I believe that living in the Present moment is equivalent to "To Be".

As Shakespeare says: "To Be or not to Be, That is the Question.?"

What is "To Be?"

‘To Be’ is to lay aside all concepts, conditionings, egos, attachments and all Belief Systems.

‘To Be’ is to put aside all that is not required at this moment.

‘To Be’ is to sit quietly, this moment, without any expectation.

We have become what our thoughts are. We believe that we will cease to be without them.

But if we were to lay them aside for awhile. And not ponder on our doctrines and value systems.

We would ‘BE’

If you are eating - Eat!

If you are walking - Walk!

If you are praying - Pray!

Do not think! Feel!

A reader has asked me:

"Could you kindly tell me the importance of silence for a bhakta? Is being silent equal to, better than or not as good as doing smaran or chintan or any other type of Navdha bhakti?"

I think that the importance of silence for a bhakta is not better or worse. It just is another form of discipline.

I personally believe that remaining silent, or as it is called in our philosophy, doing ‘Maun vrat’ is totally ‘To Be’.

A true Bhakta will just Be, no matter whether he does ‘Simran’ Chintan or any other type of Navdha Bhakti.

A Reader has sent me the following observation:

Why were saints, saints?

Because they were cheerful when it was difficult to be cheerful,
patient when it was difficult to be patient;
and because they pushed on when they wanted to stand still,
and kept silent when they wanted to talk,
and were agreeable when they wanted to be disagreeable.
That was all.

It was quite simple and always will be.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


What is good luck, what is bad luck? Who really knows?

Look back on your life. What you considered bad luck, probably turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

One yearns for material wealth, travel, fame, spouse, children...?

Do we really know, that they will be the harbingers of happiness?

So then why feel jealous of anyone, when they achieve what we so earnestly wish for?

Why waste precious time and effort on envy?

If, however, a certain wish refuses to budge, then state your desire out into the universe, and expect it, to be granted…and go your way rejoicing.

More often than not, doors will open.

It would be a smart move to ask for peace of mind and contentment no matter what life may bring?

And that wish would be granted immediately.


Do not dwell on the past or exist in the future!

Live in the moment, in an attitude of gratitude.

If you feel lost and sad, then watch a sunrise, hug a tree, lift your eyes to the heavens and you will be comforted, because that is what nature is meant to do.

Accept your defeats, flower where you are planted, and you will realize that you are much more capable than you gave yourself credit for.

Spread Love, joy and goodwill and the Universe will return it to you with interest!

Why worry? I have read somewhere that ‘today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday’

I have also realized that we are unhappy because of our own conditionings. It has been imposed on our belief system that we can only be happy if we are rich, famous, powerful etc. Question your beliefs and superimpose them with a new belief that states that you will be happy no matter what!

Recognise that you hurt because your ego has been bruised or your desire has been obstructed by an obstacle!

After having done your best, leave the rest! Surrender to Life and Its wisdom! Have faith!

When you accept the real You, fear drops and a certain joy takes its place!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Someone has asked me to answer the following question:--
"How do I find inner peace, when things are not going my way?"

I believe that inner peace is ones true nature, and remains with one as long as one has 'trust'. Trust is not hoping that things will turn out the way that you want them to, 'trust' is knowing that the Universe works in perfect ways, and will always provide you with what is best for your growth.

"How does one cultivate trust?" Trust is cultivated by coming to a realization that every event in your life up until this point has been for your ultimate benefit. When you begin to trust, you give the Universe more freedom to give you the things you desire.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


One takes time out to go to the doctor, the parlor, the dentist, the aerobic classes but one finds it hard to set aside a few minutes for prayer.

A prayer could be a recitation of mantras, elaborate rituals or an informal chat with the Almighty.

Whether you kneel, sit or stand is immaterial.

If you pray to God to fulfill your desires or to pardon your sins, or to express your gratitude for His innumerable gifts, it would still only entail a few minutes, snatched from your mundane activities, to be offered to the Lord.

I have heard that if you put sugar into a cup of tea in anger, hatred, and love, selfishness…the tea would still be sweetened by your effort.

Setting aside a short time to pray may derive many benefits.

It is said that God takes 10 steps towards one, who takes a step towards Him.

Turn to God like a child turns to his mother and you will feel protected.

Your peace of mind will give rise to joy as your illusion disappears and your desires diminish.

Have Faith!

Easier said than done! You will say.

I have read:

Fear knocked at the door

Faith opened it.

No one was there.

Trust that the Universe works in perfect ways to provide you with what is best for your growth. You are ok and the universe is ok

That ‘ok’ may be that it wants you to learn some lessons, hence it is making you go through a rough patch.

God wants what is best for you…eventually.

Believe that the Universe works for you, not against you.

That implies that things may not always turn out the way you would like them to.

I have read

‘…When you turn to the Spiritual Path, hostile elements resent it and try to disturb you.

See any obstacle as an examination paper, and life becomes simple.

Whatever is in front of you…face it--go into it—deal with it.

Then drop it into the lap of the Almighty…’

Life is fair. It treats everyone equally.

Do you know anyone who got what they wanted, when they wanted, whenever they wanted it?

Let your prayer be a sincere cry from the bottom of your heart.

God answers all your prayers.

His answer is sometimes ‘Yes’, sometimes ‘No’, and sometimes ‘Wait’.

Believe that you are worthy to have what you truly desire.

And then, Love yourself.


Because I have read that God loves you no matter what.

God promises that, more devoted than a mother, He will stand always by our side.

No crime however heinous can make Him desert us.

All we have to do is turn to him.

And that requires only a few minutes every day.

Is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

About Prayers

Could I suggest something that I have done since childhood? I would save whatever inspired me, and I would read those pages whenever my soul felt burdened and/or lonely. It always helped to make my sagging spirit soar.

Everyone believes their problems to be the worst. When everything fails most of us turn to the Divine Power. If we are sincere and persevere, we will find an answer. That answer may come through the experience of a loved one. or through the words of a certain book, which you just 'happen' to pick up. It may be through a movie or a program on television. Or it maybe an answer from within. All the above insights are forms of 'Answered Prayers'

Once you have found a direction to solve your problem, only you can put it into action. Sometimes, after you have done your best in a certain situation, you need to do nothing else, but put your problem aside and enjoy yourself. You can also co-create your reality because you were made in God's image.

Sometimes our prayers are not 'answered' because we subconsciously do not want them to be. I know of people who, though they pray for release from their difficulties are actually addicted to the attention that they receive because of it. Or maybe the trying to solve their problem gives them a reason to 'live'.

Think about the above for a moment, or read it again before we move any further. Are you a victim of the above?

Remember that all prayers connected with material desires are limited. When one becomes obsessed with a certain desire, one becomes anxious, nervous and pained. I have read that pain is nothing but resistance to the God energy caused by fear. Anxiety and fear are an impediment in the path of fulfillment of prayer. A calm mind who, though physically shattered, continues to have a strong will is bound to receive a response from the Almighty.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Most of our lives we worry about things that we fear, but usually do not come to pass.

It is on the above fear, that insurance companies earn millions. I have nothing against insurance companies. They provide one with peace of mind.

What I am against is worrying unnecessarily, after one has done ones best in the situation.

During this time of instant coffee. Instant soups…I shall provide you with instant up-lifters, which have worked for me.

The other day I was feeling a little blue, and I read somewhere ‘Why don’t you leave all your problems in God’s hands God’s heart and God’s head.

I felt instantly better. Every time I started to worry, I would mentally place my burden under the 3 ‘Hs’

God’s Hands, Heart and Head.

I am going to give you some of my favorite instant uplifters:

From ‘Chinta’ to ‘Chintan’ (From worry to Prayer)

So get ready to soar!

  1. Things could be worse and you would be as helpless.
  2. Let go and Let God.
  3. This too shall pass
  4. I am in full control to feel good right now.
  5. I am very rich! I have more than I require for today.
  6. Love is the only MUST in my life. Everything else is a should. (Everyone is empowered to be able to work towards love)
  7. Life is a dream….
  8. Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Once I start feeling better.

  1. I feel gratitude for all that God has given me.
  2. I sit in the company of my breathing technique and Mantra.
  3. Put on some favorite music.
  4. Watch my favorite TV programme, or read my inspiring books.
  5. Go through my very ‘happy days fotos’.
  6. Talk to a good friend who really cares.
  7. Sit under a tree…watch the sea-waves…go for a walk…

Do share with us, the uplifters that you use, when you are feeling blue.

Feedback From :

From my website:


I would like to test your memory.

Please tell me what was your main problem of march last year?? the problem that occupied space in your brain??

In most cases, no one remembers. So if you cannot remember the problem of last year, you wont remember today's problem next year!! So why worry


Thank you this was beautiful - we have so many days like this - your e-mail will be printed and put in my office - sometimes to uplift me I do some cooking and some power walking on my treadmill with my jazz music on my walkman. I live alone and am constantly daily learning to enjoy the small things in life -there is nothing like inner peace..hell is not knowing what that is...I also get on my e-mail and send 4 or 5 short messages to friends and am delighted when they respond....


I was just reading when in the blue what you do, I would like to share my way of getting out of the blue. When I am really very very for whatever reason I just to my temple and talk to God and tell him that I really cannot handle the situation and please help me out and Shakun you wont believe somehow or the other the problem just gets solved and I always land up saying God Thou art Great and THANK YOU ever so much. I just know for a 100% that this works, putting every thing in his hands is the only way.


I do look forward to your inspiring messages on Mondays, when they invariably arrive, and loved the one this morning on the subject 'Instant Uplifters'.

I realized a few years ago that the easiest way to solve one's perceived problem is to do your work, and then leave it to God to do his. Much as this sounds wholly simplistic and clich├ęd, whether we like it or not - this is what eventually happens anyway. One does falter a lot of time and forget this simple truth, and thus keep on trying to solve our problems ourselves - be they personal problems or business-related, until a gentle self-reminder or a reminder from a loved one eventually helps.

For those who love reading, I would like to recommend a few books that have inspired and helped me over the years - 'The power of positive thinking' (Norman Vincent Peale), 'The Greatest......' series of books by Og Mandino, 'How to stop worrying and start living' (Dale Carnegie), 'The game of life and how to play it' (Florence Scovel Shinn) and 'Conversations with God' (Neale Donald Walsh).

Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given me, my family and countless others over the years. May God bless you.


Your instant uplifters was excellent reading. co-incidentally in my thought for the day today from Dada J.P.Vaswani's book it said : "When we lay our trust outside God, we bind ourselves to a life of ceaseless struggle. Struggle means uncertainty: struggle means anxiety, worry. We are tossed hither and thither like a storm-beaten boat, knowing not whither we move. All our time is spent in providing for some untoward happening which need not occur at all. All our time is spent in making preparations for living so that we never really live at all. Little wonder if our lives are bereft of the joy of living. He liveth well who liveth as a child. the child struggles not: and he has no fear. He knows that the mother is near. And that is all that he needs."

Another thing that I always tell people who take matters into their own hands thinking that it is they who are doing everything and that everything depends on them, is: "Let god do His Job. He has an office and if we do His job then He will become jobless and will have to close shop." the we all will be at a loss where to shop.

There are so many ways in which God comes to us. Alas! We realize it not and we miss out on the opportunity.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I hear the word ‘Depression’ more often than I would like to.

I am about to share a poem from my note-book of ‘many years ago’

I think that the poem is by Patience Strong.

When depression knocks upon your door,

Don’t open it

Shoot the bolt and turn the key,

For if you should admit

The visitor into your house

You’d very soon repent

For where he is you’ll find

No hope no joy no merriment

He (Depression) has shocking manners

For he stays and stays and stays

Can’t get rid of him at all

A call may last for days

For once he’s in

He makes himself at home

And there’s no doubt

That in the end, the only thing to do

Is kick him out

So be warned-for he’s a thief

He’ll steal the things you prize

Peace and sweet contentment

In his presence beauty dies

Nothing seems to be worthwhile

He’ll wear you to a shred

Haunt you when you sit alone

And follow you to bed

If you feel that he’s about

Lock doors and windows fast

Give yourself a job to do

Until the danger’s passed

Then in time he’ll tire of seeking you without success

And will leave you free to live in perfect happiness

I also like what Jug Saraiya has written on ‘Depression’

'…shit happens life sucks. But that’s no reason to cop out. You’ve got to get on with it, fight your own Kurukshetra. We are all the ‘Walking Wounded’. The trick lies not in learning how not to get wounded, because you can’t always call the shots. The trick lies in trying to learn how to keep walking even after having been hit...'

What is depression? Why does it strike?

Depression strikes, when life does not follow ones every command (Life is not moving the way one would like it to) and one lacks faith and acceptance to 'what is' and then 'Ego' makes matters worse...

Enlightening Thoughts to increase happiness (from the Internet)

Look at the brighter side of things

Read an inspiring passage, watch a comedy, listen to relaxing uplifting music...

Pamper yourself: Buy a book, icecream...

Be where happy people are. Happiness is contagious.

Think of solutions, not problems.

Smile more often

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I was reading "Happiness is a serious problem' by Dennis Prager.

It stated that if you really want be happy, you have to work at it. You must NOT suffer from what he called 'The Missing Tile syndrome'. Imagine looking up at a tiled ceiling from which one tile is missing. The more you concentrate on it, the more it affects the enjoyment of the rest of the ceiling.

Now, in order to be happy, you can GET the missing tile, REPLACE the missing tile or FORGET about the missing tile. In life there will be always tiles missing- and even when there aren't, we can always imagine a more perfect life and therefore imagine that something is missing. That makes us unhappy. Do one of the above three with the missing tile in your life this coming year : Get it, Replace it or forget it

Monday, December 12, 2005

Geeta Jayanti

The 11th of December 2005 was Geeta Jayanti
Geeta Jayanti is the anniversary of the day, when the Divine Song was sung.
On this day Shri Krishna spoke to Arjuna, on the battlefield in Kurukshetra.
The Bhagvad Geeta was transcribed into words by Veda Vyasji.

I have read: "The one who takes a dip in the Ganges is liberated. The one who lives according to the Gita can liberate others."

Krishna tells Arjuna in the Bhagavad Geeta Ch 18 Verse 68,69:

Those who teach this supreme mystery of the Geeta to all who love me perform the greatest act of love; they will come to me without a doubt. No one can render me more devoted service; no one on earth can be more dear to me".

The Gita consists of 700 shlokas (verses)divided into 18 chapters

The teachings of the Gita do not apply only to inner and outer conflicts in the battlefield, but to the combat zone (of good and evil) that lives within us.

One is not required to be a Hindu, highly spiritual or extremely intelligent to understand and follow Lord Krishna’s teachings.

Lord Krishna does not advocate only one path in the Bhagvad Geeta.

In fact throughout the Divine Scripture, Krishna explains how one can attain liberation depending upon the inclination of different temperaments of man.

One may unite with God through devotion (Bhakti), through wisdom (Gyaan), and through action (Karma) -

Mahatma Gandhi said, "When disappointment stares me in the face and all alone I see not one ray of light, I go back to the Bhagavad-Gita...I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming tragedies and my life has been full of external tragedies. If they have left no visible, no indelible scar on me, I owe it all to the teachings of Bhagavad-Gita."

Ideally one should recite the whole scripture on Geeta Jayanti, but if it is not possible because of the fast paced times that we live in, will you at least click on these links?


Sunday, December 11, 2005


I'm Here!