Friday, July 28, 2006

Have been speaking on 'Gems of Faiths' at various clubs and organizations...
Earlier I used to suggest that topic and the clubs would show reluctance as they said it is a 'sensitive subject' but if we have to survive and this planet has to live on we have to understand each religion in its pure form...One must not eulogize ones faith by bringing down another...
One must remove misconceptions like those of 'Idol worship', 'Jihaad', 'caste syste',or/and 'talaaq'...
The time has come for 'not to take an eye for an eye' as that will make the whole world blind!
The time has to come, for the older ones to die with their prejudices if they must...but not to pass the prejudice to their children...Allow the children to learn to appreciate the best in each faith so that they may survive in this beautiful planet of ours...
Anyway, the beauty of yesterday, is that I was asked to specially speak on Gems of faiths...and that was a breakthrough...We had a wonderful turnout and all agreed with what I had to say...

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Sufi poet Rumi has said:
“Keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who is there”
Have the courage to stand in the mystery of your life, and you’ll be advancing nicely along the path.
The more you stop worrying about the way your life should turn out, the more your life will turn out just fine.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I had gone to Bangkok! Met my son and his wonderful family for a vacation...Sharing my happy moments with you! Happy moments give birth to gratitude which in turn makes you one happy person!

I saw beautiful temples...specially the one of the sleeping Buddha...
I saw an indian lady frying samosas on the street and I witnessed the dignity of labor...and I am convinced that one day she will own a restaurant!

I also saw an old (beggar) lady who was singing on the street...but there was a difference...she carried a mike with her!...Profitable to move with technology...Good investment! Don't you think?

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

School children at Mahim Stn in Bombay after bomb blast. (Courtesy: Me Mumbaikar)

12th July 2006
I was on my way back from Pune to Bombay,after the Gur Poornima Celebration on the 11th of July. It was about 6.30pm.
As my train scheduled to arrive to arrive at Victoria (Chhatrapati Shivaji) Terminus in another 50 mnts or so, my daughter Anuja called. She did not wish to alarm me at first so she said there had been some trouble in the city...then she said that there were some bomb blasts in trains...and then as she watched the TV screen she exclaimed: Oh my God another and yet another...and yet another...She said get off at Dadar station, then she said, No don't! It is a sensitive area...speak with me until your train leaves Dadar! The phone connection was difficult to get connected again...I said to my cousin sister Manju, who I love dearly: Do you have any loose ends to tie? But I said that with a smile! I thought to myself, do I? Have any loose ends to tie? Not really. I tell everyone at regular intervals that I love them and I do say sorry if I feel that I am in the wrong.
There were 3 more people with us. One, a lady who got a frantic call from her daughter in the States who said: 'Dont leave the train???!!! Of course she alighted at Dadar. I offered my help by telling her that she could come with us upto CST and my car could drop her at Worli, which is where she lived...but the decision had to be hers. There was a Parsi gentleman who tried to cheer my daughter on the phone by telling her: "Dont worry, we are about to open a bubbly"
Then there was a third gentleman who was connected to powerful politicians...but how could he help? I realized there is only a certain amount that a person can do, however powerful he may be, in situations like this! They helped by making sure that my car had come to receive me at the station, before going home!
I learned a few valuable lessons yesterday...that I am not really afraid to die (Yesterday I was not, who knows about another day?)...and I learned who are the people who truly care for me...those who continued to try calling and enquire about my safety despite horrible internet connections.
Love you all, who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Much love always,

I received this by an email:
"Look Back....And Be Grateful to God"
"Look Ahead ...And Trust in God"
"Look Inside...And See God"
"Look Around ...And Serve God"....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Behind: lata Jagtiani holding the book
From left: Anup Jalota and myself

Dear friends,
Last Saturday,the 8th of July 2006, the Spiritual desk of the Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity launched Lata Jagtiani's book: BHAGAVAD GITA IN 365 DAYS at the Times of India Building in Bombay.
Anup Jalota, the famous bhajan singer released it.

Follows what Lata had to say about her book and herself:

What prompted me to choose to work on a simple Bhagavad Gita was the fact that I felt that it was an idea whose time had come.
Many years ago I looked for a 365 day Gita but while there was a 365 day Bible, sadly, there was no 365 day Gita… There was a crying need for somebody to demystify Hindu philosophy, to free it from the fetters of copious explanations, scholarly notes and high-sounding bombast. As aspiritually inclined person who has been a lecturer in English I felt that I had to do this bit for my buddy Krishna, who has always winked at me as he has guided my steps through life…

To make this Gita as user-friendly as possible, I needed to make it a daily read of a minute for anybody above fourteen perplexed about the purpose and direction of his life. I condensed the verses from the original 700to 365.

This was a serious challenge before me: Make it user-friendly, leave its spiritual purity one hundred percent intact,anybody whether Hindu or not must turn to it, these were the real concerns as I worked. I worked and re-worked the verses, sometimes despairing, sometimes elated. I wrote in blank verse with an impish rhyme here and there.

Simplify, simplify, simplify, the words shouted to me from my soul and so I condensed and simplified at the sametime. The mountain stood before me, it was the moutain I had toclimb, it was my dharma. Thus, I learnt that doing one's own dharma is often difficult but without it life is like dinner without salt!

...It took me 9 years to complete this project...

...I thought of how I could get the people there to read this spiritual book which holds the key to a life of stress-free living. Iwanted to ask for something even the Prime Minister of India cannot refuse: just one minute a day in return for a lifetime oftension-free living! Can there be a better bargain than this, it beats buy one, get one free hollow!

...This is the most important work that I will everdo in my whole life, trying to be a bucket( without holes!) between a well of wisdom and thirsty people. I had to remain true in spirit and yet simplify, and so I was never satisfied! I wanted to make it shine and kept polishing it removing a speck here and a dot there. Very simply put, this book was my dharma. Finally I could polish it nomore and gave the go-ahead, I was done. Now I am happy that thecommon man has a Gita he can turn to in the twenty-first century.

... Have you seen the unhappiness around you? The loneliness, the angst, the bullies, the victims, the drugs, the suicides, theviolence. ..The oneminute reading is for those that have time or work pressures andcannot spare longer periods to the Gita on any one day. But by its very nature, Krishna's flute is so enchanting that it makes people carry on listening to him without a stop! Secondly, some verses are so profound that they will take you more than three minutes to fully comprehend their depth. You will speed up on the days where there is simple narration but on other days when Lord Krishna offers you his wise counsel you will need time to ponder, absorb and internalize.

...Happily, the response has surprised me. A couple of people said that when they read it they felt calmer. The real success of thisGita is that it is reaching convent-educated people who have thus far been so alienated from Hinduism that they would never read a religious book. Many have been brainwashed into thinking that Hinduism is something primitive wheras it is something astounding!
... I amreminded of the gopis and how they were enchanted by Krishna's flute!If we make Krishna's wisdom the song of our lives can the result be anything but peace and joy?

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Nobody has suffered more than saints.

Nisargadatta Maharaj:

Did they tell you, or do you say so on your own? The essence of saintliness is total acceptance of the present moment, harmony of things as they happen. A saint does not want things to be different from what they are; he knows that, considering all factors, they are unavoidable. He is friendly with the inevitable and therefore, does not suffer. Pain he may know, but it does not shatter him. If he can, he does the needful to restore the lost balance-or he lets things take their course.


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