Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I read a new concept yesterday. People regularly ask me my 'thought' concerning Free Will and Destiny. You may like to read what I have to say on Karma and its theory on my website (Search 'Karma theory dalsabzi)
What the note read is this: If one believes that one has free will (at least to an extent) one will utilize ones faculties to overcome ones difficulty...
I am reminded of a story: God asked a person to move the door from a cave...he tried and tried abut was unable to move it...Dejected, the person told the Lord 'As hard as I tried, I could not open the entrance to the cave' The Lord replied: I only asked you to move it, never to open the entrance...the opening I will just have a look at your muscles...'
If one looks back, it is the time of adversity that made one 'grow' the happy times were to take a breather...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I told GOD: Let all my loved ones be healthy and happy forever...!

GOD said: 4 days only....!

I said: OK! let them be SO ON a Spring Day, A Summer Day, AN Autumn Day, and A Winter Day.

GOD said: NOOOOOOOOOOO 3 days..

I said: OK! Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


I said: OK! a Bright Day (Daytime) and Dark Day (Night-time).

GOD said: NoOOOOOOOOOOOO just 1 day!

I said: Yes! OK!

GOD asked: Which day?

I said: Every Day in the living years of all my friends!

GOD laughed, and said: You Sindhis know how to negotiate. But since you are praying and asking happiness for your friends, I can't refuse. I love everyone who thinks of others first, so don't you worry...All your friends will be healthy and happy Every Day!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Uzma Naheed is a Trustee of WMPP (Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity)

As per her Micro Financing arrangement - that she termed as first of its kind in India that too totally on non interest basis - Uzma Nahid under the banner of Iqra International Women Alliance (IIWA) offers two options:

First, IIWA lends Rs.2000 as an initial amount to the women that they have to return back in an installment of Rs.100 per month. Using the given 2000 rupees, the women either purchase sewing machines or other needed items. IIWA gives them the raw materials to manufacture headscarf, portable and folding Jaye Namaaz - the special mat used for Namaaz, Makwana - the special garment used by Muslim ladies to cover the heads, Juzdaan - the special covering used to cover the Holy Quran and other hand made garments.

Second is like a job work wherein IIWA provides the skilled women the needed raw materials to manufacture the above items, and in return gives them a share in the profit besides giving them labour charges immediatetely...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Avtaar The Movie – Similarities with Hindu Teachings and symbols and concepts in Hinduism
In the Hollywood movie Avatar, it is not just the term `Avatar' that is associated with Hinduism. The core concept of Hinduism is that all animate and inanimate are the result of a single energy source, which is Brahman or God. All the plants, animals, human beings rise and fall in this single energy source. This formless and indefinable is given form by humans and worshipped as God. One of the important themes of Avatar is based on this core concept of Hinduism which was taught first time more than 5000 years ago. In the movie, the Na'vis are able to physically connect to animals and plants. And they believe that they are just a part of the whole which includes all animate and inanimate present on their planet Pandora. This concept is explained beautifully and there is a magical scene in which the Tree is connected to the human body and this body is connected to all the Na'vis through holding their hands each other.

Another striking aspect is the use of the color blue. Hindu Gods are depicted blue in color. Blue is the color of the infinite. All Hindu gods are an attempt by the human mind to give form to the formless Brahman (God). The color blues symbolizes immeasurable and all pervading reality – formless Brahman.

Another concept found in Hindu Puranas is Parakaya Pravesham – leaving one's body temporarily and entering the body of another person. Adi Shankaracharya is believed to have done this to enter a king's body so that he can learn about material world. Something quite similar happens in the movies as Humans are able to temporarily enter the body of a Na'vi.

A more visible symbol in the movie is that of the characters in Avatar riding on a flying dragon like being. This is more like Lord Vishnu riding on Garuda.

It is said that great minds think alike in all ages. The great saints of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) thought about this 5000 years ago and they tried to explain it to us through symbols and stories. Today we have technology explain the universal truths. But are we listening? We are slowly wiping out the green cover and destroying the Mother Earth thinking that we humans are superior and above all.

But what Avatar missed is foreseen by Hindu seers the total annihilation of human race when there is rise of Adharma (today it is unimaginable greed and lack of concern for mother earth). We are fast heading towards such a situation and this divine action will be carried out by Kalki. Then there is a fresh beginning. The cycle continues and this present age is not the first cycle and it is not the last.

From the internet

Sunday, December 20, 2009

(From left) CineAsia organiser Robert Sunshine, GSC general manager Irving Chee and Twentieth Century Fox Internatioanl Asia-Pacific vice-president

Our son Sunder Kimatrai, vice-president, Asia-Pacific, for Twentieth Century Fox International, got an award as the “Distributor of the Year”

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And while we are ready to celebrate the end of 2009, want to share with you a picture of Diwali Dhamaaka. It was organized by the enterprising smart beautiful girls who attend my Geeta class. They are the mothers of the leaders of tomorrow and I am mighty proud of them!

Every New Year, there is one thing that most of us will indulge in, ie making new resolutions.

But do they work? And if they do, for how long? I would like to share with you something that I read in 'Awaken the Giant within' by Anthony Robbins that seems to make sense.

Associate pain with a habit that you are desperately trying to break... I remember, my son, when he was younger would offer his friends a chocolate with the quip "Have a pimple!"

If you hit a level of pain that you aren't willing to settle for anymore you change your old habits or way of living. You could get fed up when you cannot fit into your clothes, or when you cannot bear another hangover, or the sight of the pained look of your wife when you have lost your last penny at the gambling table...finally you say, ' I have had it ' and you make a decision.

Charles M. Sheldon states: Good resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately.

It is the desire to remove pain from your life and establish the pleasure of self esteem.

May all your dreams come true this coming year. May we have the strength to kick our old debilitating habits and may we all experience tremendous pleasure at the idea of adopting a new empowering Life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bharti and myself were school class mates...Today she lives in Hongkong with her family. Her son is getting married soon and she was in Bombay getting Wedding stuff...I was happy to meet my close pal...Dont I look happy?

Charming Priya is my nephew Raju's wife...There was a time when we would do all our shopping abroad and now i am proud to state that nris are more than happy to buy in India. In this picture Priya and myself at Phoenix Mills , Mumbai...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Please read and think about it:
…Although we often behave as if we’re the only ones who live here, we depend on other organisms in all manner of ways.
Some of these are obvious. We hunt fish to eat them; we grow cows for meat, milk and leather. We cultivate silkworms to make clothes. We grow a large number of plants for diverse purposes – to eat, or to use as drugs, timber or paper. But much of our dependence is less obvious. Worms, fungi, insects and microbes consume dead bodies and fallen branches. Some organisms consume dung; others move seeds. Many organisms make soil richer and more fertile. Plants around streams and rivers filter the water and make it cleaner. Plants also take carbon dioxide from the air, and thus affect the composition of the atmosphere; their roots help prevent soils from washing away. Some bacteria may play a role in making clouds; the list goes on.
By and large, we do not pay for any of this: our economics does not, for the most part, include paying for nature. But we pay when it is lost. Less fertile soils make it harder to grow crops. Dirtier water is more expensive to make fit for human consumption. The collapse of fisheries leads to unemployment. The loss of mangroves increases the impact of tsunamis. The loss of animal species increases the risk that humans will catch diseases such as Lyme disease. Again, the list goes on… For we must start cherishing our fellow life forms, and treating them well: we need them, in more ways than we probably imagine. Their loss makes the planet – and ourselves – poorer. So please be up-standing, raise your glasses and join me in a toast to: “Other Life Forms!” And let’s make sure that in the years ahead, we don’t need to change it to “Absent Friends’’
An excerpt from:
A wild celebration
By Olivia Judson

Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the 2nd Oct 2009 I was invited to the Harmony Hall, Nehru Centre by Dr Anand and his charming wife Asha to be a part of the release of 'Himmat' a book on series of selected articles which were published between 1964 and 1981 during which period the Emergency was imposed...
Dignitaries who attended: Ms Kalpana Sharma (Indian Express) Mr Azim Lala (Author of Biography of JRD Tata and 'Thread of God in my Life', Mr Ketkar (Loksatta)

Point which stuck to my mind: Gandhi's, the Harijan had hardly any circulation perse...There was no tv radio as such during those days, but it is ideas in these small tabloids which go on to become history...

I was happy to meet Ms Bhanu Athaiya, the Award Winner for Costume designing of 'Gandhi'

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last night I saw:

Sammy! The word that broke an empire The following material is from the Internet, but I have read that during a man's lifetime various corridors open up full of opportunities...Most of the time we do not enter into those corridors and so we miss out on fulfilling our life's plan!
Gandhiji listened to his 'inner voice' and took the plunge...and the rest as one says is history!

Sammy was a play in two acts by
Partap Sharma

Directed by
Lillete Dubey

Primetime Theatre Company, Mumbai

From man to Mahatma
Sammy! is the incredible story of Mahatma Gandhi, told by an ensemble of actors in a modern and exciting manner. Led by a lively debate between Mohandas, the man, and the irrepressible Mahatma in him, the play highlights Gandhi's relationships and how he changed everyone he touched.
It traces the transformation of the young Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi from a naive, tongue-tied lawyer into a shrewd politician and finally a Mahatma and recounts his story from his earliest days in South Africa to his final assassination.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an extraordinary man about whom Einstein once said Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one once walked upon the earth! The play aims to bring alive a man whose influence changed politics forever (and set in motion the journey of others like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King). With its dynamic style of presentation it hopes to straddle a large cross section of audiences, especially younger ones, who know him only from dusty textbooks!
The play is important not just as a powerful piece of theatre, but is specially relevant because of the times we live in, where the Mahatma's creed of non materialism and non violence is sorely needed in an age of terrorism and consumerism.
The title of the play is easily explained and becomes clear in the early part of the action. The word Sammy, along with the word coolie, was used as a derogatory term by the whites in South Africa to insult Indians and other coloured people. It originates from the word swami, which actually means master or guru. When he first hears an angry mob in Durban shouting the word as an insult to describe him, the young Mohan smiles and ventures the hope that he may, some day, be able to live up to it.
Sammy! is the result of several years of research on Mahatma Gandhi by Partap Sharma.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

She danced like a fairy and she is physically challenged

I had a most interesting 'Friday, the 4th of December':
In the morning I was invited to SEC celebrating 50 years...What is SEC? It is the Society for the Education for the Crippled...Are they really crippled? You should have seen them dance and praise the Nation and Thank the Lord...Makes one feel embarassed to complain when you see the less priviledged so joyful! I believe that some of them were trained by Shiamak Daver, God bless his soul!
Actually I was invited by my cousin sister Manju who is also challenged, but what a useful life she has led...I love her and I am sure those who know her are inspired by her life!

In the afternoon I attended a session of Celebrating Life where we were taught a Dance Movement Therapy by Dilshaad Patel...We were asked to think and Dance 'Water' I imagined the Ganga flowing from the tresses of Lord Shiva...and then felt beautiful Ganga tripping on pebbles and bypassing boulders, just like you do in Life...

In the evening was invited to the Prince of Wales Museum(Is it also called Chhatrapati Shivaji?) by Vimla Patil ...I listened enthralled to Mr McGill who showed us slides of paintings/photographs/artifacts that proved that the Ramayana was an intrinsic part of the life and culture of the people of Rangoon...and Vimla Patil adds that:

Indian religion and culture
influenced all Asian countries for centuries and
Ramayana was a major vehicle. Thoug many of the
countries are now Islamic states (Indonesia, Malaysia)
these countries under the Asean Group meet every so
often and the entertainment on this occasion is the
performance of Ramakien or Ramayan irrespective of the
of the participants. It is therefore sad that the
people of India, irrespective of our religious
background, cannot venerate this epic which is the
heritage of all Indians.

'The lecture-slide show was
presented by Mr. Forrest McGill, curator of the Museum
of Asian Art, San Francisco, USA. It was on the theme
of how Hinduism, Buddhism and other Indic religions had
influenced the Siam and Burmese culture with motifs and
sculptural styles repeating themselves in the
construction of temples, in creating art objects and in
the art of music and drama. The Ramayana is one of the
major influences on many Asian countries which have
their own versions of this epic. For instance Thailand
(Siam) has Ramakien which is also done as a dance

Thursday, December 03, 2009

You must get to know Dattatreya. He made 24 Gurus... His Jayanti (Birthday was celebrated on the 1st of December
Do click:

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Giving Thanks

Gratitude connects us to others and feeling gratitude allows us to be our
best selves--in good times and in hard times. When we are truly grateful, we
can count on living the life we want. Excerpted from Giving Thanks

Do you know that happiness, the sheer joy in being alive, is within your
reach? All you need is an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude creates happiness
because it makes us feel full, complete; it's the recognition that we have
all we need, at least in this moment.
Recent scientific research has begun to indicate that positive emotions,
such as gratitude and love, strengthen and
enhance the immune system, enabling the body to resist disease and recover
more quickly from illness, through the release of endorphins into the
bloodstream. Endorphins are the body's natural painkillers.

Among other effects, they stimulate dilation of the blood vessels, which leads to a
relaxed heart.What this means is that the more we experience a sense of
gratitude, we literally bathe ourselves in good hormones and feel happier
and more content with our lives. Like most great spiritual truths, gratitude
is stunningly simple. This is not to say it's necessarily easy to practice.

All kinds of distractions, and negative attitudes from our
upbringings may get in the way. But all you really have to do to receive
gratitude's gifts is make a commitment to be thankful on a daily basis, and
the world will be suddenly transformed into a beautiful wonderland in which
you are invited to play.

I am grateful for my health, my husband, my children, my amazing friends! Hugs!

I got the above from an email fwd...but I would like to add that whenever we do Reiki we have to have an attitude of gratitude and so I may safely add that if one would like to manifest miracles in ones life it is important to cultivate the habit of being thankful