Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tell me the meaning of Love

Kali as Krishna
As I understood it, from an article by Devdutt Pattanaik

Kali is dark, Shiva is fair (Karpura, like camphor)
Krishna is dark, Radha is fair.

Shiva did not speak a word until Parvati came to his life.
Radha did not open her eyes until Krishna was born.

Parvati once asked Shiva: “ What is love”?
Shiva replied:

When you feed me like Annapoorna, asking for nothing in return…I feel love
When you come to me as Kamakhya and are desirous of me… asking for nothing in return…I feel love
When you come to me as Gauri, delicate and demure and allow me to dominate you…knowing full well that you cannot be dominated… asking for nothing in return…I feel love.
When you come to me as Durga bearing weapons in your hand and protect me, I feel secure and safe and cared for… asking for nothing in return…I feel love.
When you come atop me as Kali and dance over me, unafraid to be powerful and vulnerable, and unafraid of being mocked and judged… You make me open my eyes.

I realize Lalita, the beautiful one, who is also Bhairavi, the fearsome one. I realize Mangala, the auspicious one, is also Chandika, the violent one.

I see you totally without judgement, and I realize I am capable of seeing the truth. That you allow me to see you fully, without judgement tells me I have become trustworthy…in joy I dance, I become Nataraja…

Shakti smiled.
Shiva said: “Since you have done so much for me-I want to do the same for you”.

So Shiva became (gori gori) Radha…
And Radha taught Krishna the meaning of love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inner Voice’ was the subject for the monthly meeting of MRA (Initiatives of Change) A newly shot film on this theme, along with some other short films were screened. Following that, we had a discussion on the subject of listening to the inner voice. We were happy to hear the experiences of those among us who have experienced the power of this ‘tool’ to change personal lives as well as the lives of people around us.

This soothing film is made by Mr. Abhik Bhanu, in the background of Asia Plateau (AP), the centre of Moral Re-armament in India . The beautiful landscape and the faces of young people attending the youth conferences at AP added to the beauty of the film.

Want to read about my (One in a million experiences?)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Can you believe that these 'grandmothers' were once giggling schoolgirls in a class in Queen Mary High School Bombay?
Well believe it. We have grown into beautiful giggling grandmothers.
Roshan Lala took the initiative, and we met at Meera Mehta's house.
You do the guessing game and figure out who they are.
Actually when I met them the first time. I took me a while...But when I looked into their eyes...I recognized them! The heart was the same, though a little more mature...There must have been see-saw years...But they all were my dear classmates who passed out in the year of 1963! And you know the strange thing? Even though they were 'strangers' we could bare our hearts with one another...Must be the confidence because we had spent so many years together? and the years apart made little difference?
ok giving you some hints: Sheila Agaskar, Roshan Lala, Nazira, Kamal, Mani, Delna, Malika, Geeta Baria, Mulchandani, Dolly...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maha Shivratri is the longest and darkest night of the month. (20th Feb 2012) It is the night on which Shivji and Parvati tied the knot and became 'One'. Hence it is symbolic of the meeting of the Soul with the Almighty.

Shivratri is also called Shiv Jayanti which means: The Birth night of God'

Darkness (Shivratri) or you may call it a 'Vast Emptiness' is all pervasive, present everywhere, like God.

Creation takes birth in this 'Vast Emptiness'

Darkness and Light is worshipped as creation and destruction.
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

To know the candidates ( for those who live in ward 214 (Napean Sea Rd) we organized a get together in the garden (compound) where I live in Mumbai at 10.30 am on Sunday 12th of Feb. Candidates who attended were Sushieben Shah, Gita Bhatia, Kanak Gandhi, Usha Kiran representative, Sheetal Shirke...See the photographs

OK, so you are voting on the 16th of February! But who to vote for?
However vote we must!
Why MUST we vote? Because politicians only cater (However little) to those who vote. Now since we South Bombay people dont vote, you will see broken pavements, water supply complaints, water logging during monsoon for as long as you do not become pro-active and vote!

But you still do not know who to vote for, then my advice is vote for independants and women...Why independants? Why women? Because even though they may not win the election, they will stay in the race...and maybe bring a change for our children...

Now interesting political gyaan: Santosh Awatramani Meera Sanyal and Mona Patel (See them in a photograph with me) have floated a platform that invites independents called Mumbai 227 (227 wards in Mumbai). Gita Bhatia is a qualified candidate of Mumbai 227.

What did the rest of the candidates speak about and promise? The usual!

The above wonderful initiative was the brain child of Mr Narayan Varma (Chairman of our building society)He was assisted by the committee members of which I am a part of. Most importantly, the above was the first activity that the youth of our building, Bimal Kothari and Dhanraj Sheth helped with greatly. We do hope that other youngsters of other buildings in our area are inspired! After all the future belongs to them!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Swami Nirmal Chetan is nearly 90 years old. Every year he has been coming to Bombay for the last few years, I have gone to meet him wherever he has been. This time drove to Khandala to meet him.I am so grateful to him for all the Spiritual lessons that he has taught me that this is the very least I can do!
He is barely able to walk and has difficulty in hearing, but he still talks and inspires tremendously.
He can make light of any situation. About himself he said: My saamaan ( luggage meaning legs, ears) have already gone) Ab mera jaana baaki hai (Now only I have to go)
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Monday, February 06, 2012

It is great to have Vimla Patil as a neighbour and a friend. She knows so much and shares a lot. She has happily started a blog of her own. Do go through it, she will enlighten you on so many subjects. I specially enjoyed her piece on Elephanta caves!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Ms Rita Sumaya invited us to a Talk by Ms Patricia Smith. She introduced to us 'The way to Heal, Rejuvinate, Transform and Enlighten Life' as taught by Dr Zhi Gang Sha'

The Divine appeared to Dr Zhi and explained: "...Software is a program. Because you asked me to, I transmitted or downloaded my Soul Software program for Liver to Walter. It is one of my permanent healing and blessing treasures..."

"...Why do I not explain complicated theories? Because it is not complicated!
Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow...

A practice:
"...Apply love for a few minutes
Say hello with me
Say: Dear soul, mind, body of my (choose one organ or part of the body)
I love you
You have the power to heal yourself
Do a good job
Love has the power to heal you
Allow love to heal you

For more:
Read the Power of the Soul by Dr Zhi Gang Sha