Saturday, December 29, 2007

An open letter

Do have a very happy 2008!
What I think should be the New year resolution to combat depression

I find a lot of people suffering from depression...a void...You may be repressing deep pain or fear...That void you can fill by meditating...but before that confront your fears, pain...Take help...accept yourself with all your shortcomings...Keep busy...make 'you' into a friend...but for that you will have to understand how your mind works, and make peace with it...easier said than done...but one has to start taking baby steps towards it...serve others in need...and you will feel needed...stop whining...Dont believe the negative things people tell you about do not have to buy the rotten vegetables in the eye for an eye will make the world blind...If you have done wrong, ask for forgiveness from the person you have wronged...from God and then forgive yourself and move on...You feel lost?..who does not? at one point or another in their life? Life is never a chalked clear path...We have to take decisions as we move is at times like that, that one requires prayers, intuition...a guide...but I have learned that if/when one is sincere the path lights up as one goes along...Don't worry...
Hinduism is a way of life and you do not have to convert or anything like that...You can embrace it and it will embrace you with no conditions...Read about the Karma Theory...
Meditation is not have to persevere in its practice and then the benefits are a quietened it is so worth it...

Much love,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So it is my Birthday today...It has been heart-warming to receive so many good wishes...I do believe in Aashirvad (Blessings) and Aah (Curse that emanates from a heart when the person is deeply hurt...not necesarrily voodoo) I believe that both Aashirvaad and Aah have a part to play in changing ones destiny (To an extent)
You know my mother used to say, you may be able to get anything for the asking, but real blessings from a grateful heart can only come, when you deserve them...
So thanks for all your good wishes...

Would you like to know me better?

and if you like to see my Life in pictures

Thursday, December 20, 2007

About the picture:
Man with Light
Taken in 'Bhoot Gully'in Vrindavan
As Abhinav was taking the picture, the man walked into the picture...He is facing forward and the feet are facing the other way...The head seems transparent...maybe the 'spirit' walked into the picture as 'he' had the unfulfilled desire of being famous!

Those of you who live in Mumbai and have a special corner for Vrindavan and photography please visit Piramal Art Gallery at the NCPA from the 18th to 28th Dec 2007 from 11am to 7pm
In the photograph: Abhinava Goswami the photographer, born into a family of religious leaders of Vrindavan and Ms Robyn Beeche, Member Secretary Friends of Vrindavan.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Quantum Memory
I attended a workshop by Acharya Nithyananda Sajeeva (Was invited by Mala Sridhar) on the 24th November 2007…
I strongly recommend it for those who would like to keep their memory…Sometimes I really wish we could be selective and forget the negatives…
But hold it…you can!
All we need to do is to stop focusing on the small black dot on a big white slate…
Mind follows habit…so break the negative practice.

Some pointers:
Surya Namskaars
While you perform the above exercise 72,000 energy channels are activated, we normally use only 5000

We learned the Tibetan Buddhist technique of humming for 20 mnts and practicing silence for 10 mnts.
It is an effective technique for EQ (Emotional Qoutient)
Most of us know about the IQ (Intelligence quotient)
We have given a lot of importance to the above…the reason being that it allows us to pursue our academics and land a job.
In Spiritual parlance it is called ‘Avidya’
I would interpret it as (not true knowledge) though literally it means (No knowledge)
The real Vidya is that which makes humans learn about their true heritage…To return to Godhood…to recognize ourselves as true Spiritual Beings…

Then a friend has coined a new quotient: The Love quotient LQ
What is love? Difficult to describe…Is it never fighting?
Is it always pampering? Always agreeing? Being interested in the same things?
Always being together?
I don’t think so.
Love may include all the above and then maybe only some of the above…
But one thing true love always includes…it is compassion, happiness in the loved ones happiness…
What else?
There are 3 kinds of love…
1) You scratch my back I will scratch yours (This is the one we all understand)
2) Then the one that we misunderstand for love (The one in which people cant live without each other and then go on to become sworn enemies…
3) The third: The unconditional love:
Meera sang:
Jit baithaavey ut hi baithoon
Jo dey so hi khaaoon
Meera ke Prabhu Giridhar Naagar
Baar baar bali jaaoon

Radha’s love for Krishna

A true Bhakta’s love for God…

Acharya Nithyananda Sajeeva explained to us that if EQ Emotional quotient is like a tank of water, then SQ Spiritual quotient is like a Lake of water.
…and LQ (Love Quotient) I believe that Love is God...

Other technique to increase memory:
1) Meditate…awareness increases during meditation…and fear drops…
2) Write with left hand if you are right handed.
3) Art of repetition improves memory
4) Repeating and remembering strengthens the brain…
5) Catch yourself thinking…
6) Count numbers 100 to 0

…I am not giving you any more techniques…go join the Quantum memory program. It combines simple and effective techniques from Vedanta, Feng Shui, Tantra, Sufism ad a host of other systems…

Monday, December 10, 2007

...and here I am happy to present my friend Minakshi who has written an article in 'Loving the way you live' by Jennifer Read Hawthorne...In the photograph she is happily showing the book...In the background Mr Ram Maheshwary, Head, Mumbai Branch , Times Group...and owner of many more interesting titles...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I got some queries...My answers....

You write:
If Hindus follow and pray to God/s very sincerely with all rituals etc., how is it they are not rewarded prosperity...

My perception:
I dont think that the reward of Spirituality is in terms of prosperity gain...sometimes maybe, but not always...

You write:

Considering India as the origin of culture and philosophy, how come we were ruled for over 1000 years--is it not shameful to bear slavery for ten centuries...

My perception:
Yes you may be right...sometimes it is due to the fact that though the karma theory is very beautiful and makes a lot of sense... Click:
we tend to leave too much to destiny without putting in too much effort...Krishna in the Geeta has said:
Do your best...only then leave the rest...

Also Hindus have not believed in conversion and fighting for what we believe in...Truth if you believe it to be truth will triumph...and I also believe that the truth that is ingrained in every religion will is true that Hiduism embraces far too much....rituals, Vedanta , Bhakti, Gyaan...that is why Hindus need guru to guide them to the path most suited to them...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sri Radhanath Prabhu always keeps the listeners enthralled by his words full of devotion

Anuradha Paudwal and her daughter keeping the audience enchanted with Krishna Bhajans

On Sunday, 21st of October 2007, Times Federation for Cleaning Vrindavan was officially launched at Iskcon Chowpatty, Bombay.
Project partners are Iskcon and 'Friends of Vrindavan'
It is a mammoth task but it is only possible if Giants like Times, Iskcon take it up. We have real Krishna Lover Bhaktas and Krishna Himself involved in the project kyonki unkey sivaay patta bhee naheen hilta.
Its Vision is to develop an unpolluted and healthy township with clean roads and public conveniences.
Do look up the website:

Monday, November 26, 2007

Communal Harmony Week, organized by the city Police and Citizen's Council for Better Tomorrow (CCBT) (Mr Khorakiwala is the CCBT President) evoked huge response from intelligentsia, common citizens and college and school students.

The concluding function was held at August Kranti Maidan (Quit India Fame) on November 21st 2007 where an Interfaith Meet had been convened. Ms Uzma Nahid (The charming Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Director of Iqra) said this lovely couplet before introducing me:
'Chaahat ke badley mein, hum to bech de apni marzee tak
Koi mile to dil ka gaahak
Koi hamey apnaaye to'

Uzma and I have been holding an Interfaith Dialogue for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that Women can bring about Peace more easily. Why? A woman has more compassion less ego...yet she is not weak. I concluded my speech by saying:

Main hoon Bharat ki naar, jeeney marney ko taiyaar
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor
Is desh ki hoon santaan ki jiskaa naam hai Hidustaan
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor

Har khel ki main hoon main khilaari
kartee hoon kheti baari
Ran mein talwaar chalaaoon
Daftar mein kalam chalaaoon
aur dekhoon sab ghar baar
jeeney marney ko taiyaar
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor

During the beginning of the speech I said:
Panchhee nadiya pawan ke jhonkey Koyee sarhad na inhe rokey
yeh sarhad insaan ke liye hai
Socho hamney kyaa khoya aur paaya insaan hokar
I suppose geographical sarhad may be important for peace but to love, to understand, to dialogue...why should we have boundaries???

A woman cures herself when sick works 18 hrs a day
She can think, reason and negotiate
She has strengths that amazes man
She can handle trouble and carry burdens
She smiles when she feels like screaming
and sings when she feels like crying
She fights for what she believes in
and finds the strength to get on with life
Only one thing is wrong with her... She forgets what she is worth...

Have not been able to update the video...If you would like to see it, Click:¤t=augkrantiqutumem004.flv

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Seated: Dr.Shubha S. Thatte.M.A. (Clinical Psychology ) Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)

Dr. Thatte is the founder trustee of IPH . She was attached to K.E.M. Hospital & Seth G.S. Medical College as Clinical Psychologist for 25 years. She has completed her training in REBT with Prof. Phadke in 1987 and has since been an REBT practitioner & trainer.

Dr.Savita Apte M.A., Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) Mumbai University, Diploma in Research Methodology from TISS. Dr.Apte is a faculty with IPH since 1994. Her work with caregivers of schizophrenia & an activity center for patients recovering from Schizophrenia is commendable. Her areas of interest are research and rehabilitation.

Speaker, standing: Ms Taraana Pithawalla

Tarana is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Sinara Education and Career Consultants. Pvt. Ltd.

In the foreground: Dr Ajit Dandekar, Psychiatrist

In the background, seated in the center: Ms Mithila

Attended a one day workshop on Shizophrenia at Nalanda, organized by 2 charming ladies, Mithila and Taraana.
Some important facts that could be helpful to those related or connected to a patient suffering from Shizophrenia

Psychiatric diagnosis is essentially clinical.

In acute cases the patient, affectionately called 'Shubhaarthi'may have hallucinations and delusions...

Best thing to do in order to help them:
Do not challenge their delusions, offer them solutions.

The only known cause of shizophrenia is an imbalance of 'dopamine'
Dopamine has got to be administered hence a shubhaarthi has to be treated by a medical practitioner.
The caregivers affectionately called the Shubhaankars, work on 3 levels:
Shubhaarthi, family and society...

Sinara Education and career consultants Pvt Ltd.
And Times Foundation at Nalanda on 6th Nov 2007


Mithila Apte (Managing Director)

Sinara Education and Career Consultants Pvt Ltd

00 91 22 2351 3287 / 00 91 98 201 26034


Ms Tarana Pithawalla

Tarana is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Sinara Education and Career Consultants. Pvt. Ltd.

Support Group: Dilaasa call Shabbir 9820198220, Billimoria 9820419435

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Grand-daughter with the beautiful serene Krishna in my home!

There was a Divine exhibition on at the Nehru Center, Worli, Bombay, on September 2004. I bought a Krishna painting, which according to people who visit my home add a tremendous sense of calm to the atmosphere in my home...
There was another exhibition held at the Nehru Center, this year...Nov 2007

You just had to see the paintings to believe it! There are gold paintings embellished with Svarowski and semi-precious stones!

The Indian tradition of making pure gold leaf paintings dates back to several centuries.

Gradually the use of precious stones also commenced for decorating the paintings.

The decline was even faster than the rise and it reached almost the verge of extinction, lingering only at a few places with difficulty. Even today, this prestigious, exquisite art form is one of the almost forgotten art forms of the past. Behind its survival, the contribution of Kanhai and his sons Krishn and Govind is remarkably the most.

The family is definitely blessed!

The paintings are described as "glittering poems in colour"
Father and son, both, have received the 'Padma Shri' from the President.

I took an old painting I had bought in Vrindavan in 1985 and wonder of wonders, it was genuine.

Their website is www.kanhaigoldenartsindia.comemail ids:
But you have to see the real thing to believe it!
I love what is written on their brochure:

"Art is a collaboration between god and the artist, the less the artist does, the better"


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Times Foundation launched the Youva initiative at the Times of India Bldg on the occassion of Children's Day.
Rahul Bose and Kunal Kapur were Chief guests and I was so pleasantly impressed by how well they spoke!

'You' stands for 'Youth' and 'Va'stands for 'Values'
What I liked about it, is that not only does it aim at training the youth but also the teachers and mothers/fathers...

Let us look at an example, What would you do?
You find a pack of cigarrettes in your child's bag. How would you deal with the issue with your child?

(I personally would not fly off the handle,accuse school authorities and friends for influencing the child... but lovingly/firmly explain to him/her how smoking can affect/ruin his/her life. Also it is difficult to give up...easier not to is not macho to smoke now-a-days....most shun you...)I would also find out what made him turn towards smoking...insecurity, peer pressure?

Friday, November 16, 2007

When I wrote:

'Symbolisms in the Ramayana' (it is up for free perusal under 'books' on

Both Sri Ram Kinkarji and Sri Morari Bapu (who gave me their blessings in writing) insisted that I mention that though I have written the symbolic aspects...Sri Ram was a historical figure....

ON the 14th of November I had the good luck of attending a session where I got to do the darshan of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

I felt really blessed.

I heard Mr D.K. Hari speak. He feels:

In recent times, there has been a public debate raging on about the Rama Setu in which different sections of the population have taken different stands ranging from faith to commerce to environment. This has opened a debate on the historicity of Lord Rama since only if Rama is historical, can the bridge be man made.

Literature and Local Legends have continued to keep alive the image of Rama as a popular legendary hero, a righteous man, a noble King, a God. The conviction about the historicity of Rama, is based upon the ability to date Rama and the Rama Setu, to around 5200 BCE, ie 7200 years ago using traditional methods and validate the date scientifically too.

Pls click:

Friday, November 09, 2007

Roles in Heaven:

Systems Installation

May all the portfolio holders in Heaven bless you this Diwali with their choicest Blessings!
Happy Diwali

Systems Administration & Support

Finance and Accounts consultant

Training and Knowledge Management

DBA (Crash Specialist)

Quality Assurance & Documentation

Data transfer

IDP & Personal Records

Solaris Administrator

SDLC ( Sudarshan Wheel Development Life Cycle )

Lead Programmer (all companies are vying for him)

Monday, November 05, 2007

I read this morning:
Qn: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress?
Ans: Change your attitude towards life. Do not look for perfection in everything in life.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

On Saturday the 3rd of November, 2007 I was invited by Dr R K Anand for an MRA meeting. This time the speaker was to be Swami Rammohanji and the topic was 'Peace, within and without'
I am sharing a few points with you.
Situations are not under your control...Change your thought process...

I believe that insurance companies make money because most things that we worry about do not happen...

We get upset because of our desires...We want that people should love us, treat us with respect etc...when that does not happen...we lose our cool...

One should, as the Geeta teaches: 'Do our best and leave the rest'

Make an unconditional acceptance of life...

I say: Hari-Ichhaa

Ego and attachments also rob us of our peace of mind...

The Spiritual way to achieve 'Peace that passeth all understanding' is:
To know that: My nature is Peace...

Accept all that comes as 'Prasaad'...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I just love my friends!
...and in today's world real friendships are really rare...and women friends!!!That's another story!
I have a singing group where we are 15 members! and since the last 30 years or so, we are still going strong...I have a group called the 21 group...We are 21 members, no president no decisions are put to the vote...and no problem...again going strong since the last 30 years!

I believe that most women find it difficult to give an honest compliment to another woman.
Well one of my friends is Varuna Harchandrai...She is always ready to help! Simple things, which most of us never seem to have the time (or pretend not to have the time) to do!

So we gave her a surprise birthday party to thank her.
...and in the process we celebrated aur growing older/younger in heart 'I sang my favourite things for seniors'(originally sung by Julie Andrews)..Sing along with me in the same tune...

Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings
Bundles of magazines tied up in strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Hot tea and crumpets and corn pads for bunions
No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions
Bathrobes and heatpads and hot meals they bring

These are a few of my favourite things

Back pains, confused brains and no fear of sinning
Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinning
And we wont mention our short shrunken frames
When we remember our favourite things

When the joints ache
When the bones creak
When the knees go bad
Then I shall remember the great life I've had
And then I dont feel so bad :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Madhurya, Radhakrishna Prabhu and myself

A few days ago I visited the Mid Day Meal Project in Mumbai.

This program is a project of the Government of India, and is being implemented by ISKCON Food Relief Foundation in Mumbai.

It is a remarkable state of the art kitchen and there are four of them! Tardeo, Mira Road, Palghar and Nigdi.
As of today 1,00,000 underprivileged students from 700 schools benefit from this project EVERYDAY
There is no discrimination on grounds of religion, caste, creed or sex.

What particularly impressed me was that a wholesome clean meal is provided to a child, for whom this may be the only meal of the day!
Also the mother has to send the child to school so that he may get his daily nourishment. In the process his mind and brain is also nurtured.

With a generous contribution from a corporate bodies and philanthropic individuals, for the cause of the underprivileged children in India, they hope to maximize the capacity of this program by setting up more kitchens to cater to more schools and increase the number of beneficiaries many folds.

Kudos to Madhurya Project Promoter,( )and Radha Krishna Prabhoo

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mystical No. 9 of Navratri

'Nav' means nine and Ratri means night. These nine nights occur on equinoxes when the sun is vertically overhead at the equator. The Cosmic Mother is worshipped during these 9 days.

The number nine is closely associated with the process of Creation in the cosmic time cycle. It is considered 'puran' or complete. Any number multiplied by nine gives a figure that adds up to nine.

Ratri means night. The Rigveda states that creation came about when everything was covered in the darkness of night. Navratra signifies the concept of 'Back to Godhead'. The entire cosmic cycle cosists of three phases: Creation, Preservation and Dissolution. If one was to split each part into triads, then 3 times 3 would be 9.

She is the 'Garbha' (Womb) from where the Universe manifests. The word 'Garba' (The dance performed during Navratri) stems from 'Garbha' and symbolises the 'Dance of Creation'

There are 9 cosmic wombs or Nava-yonis.

According to the Tantric concept:

56 rays proceed from the Sahasrar Chakra (Highest Chakra, on top of the head) to Muladhaar Chakra. (Lowest Chakra at the base of the spine) This constitutes the earth element. 62 rays in the Svadistaan Chakra (Near the sexual organs) to form the fire element. 52 rays in the Manipur Chakra (At the Solar Plexus) form the water element. 54 rays in the Anhata Chakra (Near the heart Chakra) establishes the air element. 72 rays in the Visudhi Chakra (Near the throat) pertains to the ether element. 64 in the Ajna Chakra (Center of forehead) designs the mind. These add up to 360 potencies. In a circle form, it would indicate eternity. The 360 digit adds up to nine.

The universe is composed of 36 'tatvas' and there are 360 'tithis' in a lunar year. Both numbers add up to 9.

The No 9 is the Highest number. After the number 9, comes the 0. In order to truly worship the Lord either become complete (with all the great qualities) like the number 9, or empty (devoid of ego, or in a state of total surrender) like the 0.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Celebrated Eid with eminent Quawaals, Munawwar Masoom and Wadali Bros.
It was a concert hosted by the Times of India at Bandra Fort, Bandstand, Bandra.
It was heartening to see various communities enjoying a very spitirually uplifting experience!
I also attended an Interfaith lecture hosted by MRA where I spoke on Women and Peace...In the photograph you will see Uzma Nahid, Director of Iqra delivering her part of the lecture on the same topic.
Both hers and my lecture was very well received!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Understanding Hinduism

The moral viewpoint of the vegetarians’ belief is based on the theories of Ahimsa and Karma. Ahimsa believes In non-aggression and non-violence on any living creature and the law of karma proclaims that we are the builders of our own destiny and that from good deeds joy shall come and from evil deeds, suffering.

Since meat-eating would necessitate the slaughter of animals which is a violation of the ahimsa theory, vegetarians do not indulge in non-vegetarian food as they do not want to increase their karmic debts by partaking of flesh.

The yogis claim that a vegetarian diet is conducive to meditation.

Today, new biological discoveries tend to show that flesh eating is not essential for good health and some biologists are even of the opinion that flesh eaters are more susceptible to illness than vegetarians.

The ancient Hindus were however not fanatic about whether to eat meat or abstain from it but looked more Into the practical aspect.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Understanding Hinduism 3
Most Hindus know about the Karma Theory...Would you like to know more?
Understanding Hinduism 2
Hinduism doesn't say that only Hindus go to Heaven.
Hinduism believes that all paths lead to that ultimate one.

I have written earlier:
I feel that, sadly Hindus do not know much about their religion...even though happily all know about the Karma Theory...So I thought maybe write a few lines for the busy ones to get acquainted with the Hindu Way of Life.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the philosopher who became vice president of the Republic of India, in his book, The Hindu View of Life, writes:
Hinduism requires everyman to think steadily on life's mysteries until he reaches the highest revelation. While the lesser forms (including idols and images) are tolerated in the interest of those who cannot suddenly transcend them there is all through an insistence on the larger idea and purer worship...Every man has a right to choose that form of belief and worship which most appeals to him...Hinduism is not a sect but a fellowship of all who accept the law of right and earnestly seek for the truth.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hindus are not aggressors. They are not vengeful. There is no record of their having invaded alien lands. They do not claim to have exclusive rights to define divinity. But when they are mocked at, whether by atheists or by people of other faiths, they are not going to sit back as in centuries past and keep their anger to themselves...
Mr M.V.Kamath wrote in the Free Press Journal, Thursday, October 4th, 2007

I feel that, sadly Hindus do not know much about their religion...even though happily all know about the Karma Theory...most importantly every Hindu is taught to respect every religion and Master that has walked on the matter which religion they 'belong' to...

I was the only Hindu girl in a class of over 40 spanish students way back in the 1950s.
My fellow students would ask me how come Hindus worship monkey gods, cows and elephants...I had no answer way back then...but eventually I delved into our Scriptures and came up with a great understanding of our great 'Sanatan Dharma'

Respect all religions but get acquainted with your own!

Do read:
Hindu Customs and Beliefs
Dadi Nani ki Kahaani
It is up for free perusal under 'Books'on my website:

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mr Ramchandra and his mentally challenged 'children'

Our friend who took us to visit them, Mrs Indira Thakkar and Mrs Lakhani

Yesterday spent a wonderful fulfilling day.
First visited Netrajyot Eye Hospital.
Mr and Mrs Rana were 'hurt' when a 'son' living in the village said that he could not afford to treat his father as he was turning blind...besides the son said he would be dying anyway soon.
Mr Rana started helping in his small way. Today his daughter Mrs Lakhani along with her husband continues to do the good work.
If you would like to help, they are situated in Panvel, Their Tel No is 27458282

Then we visited the Sanstha which looks after mentally challenged girls upto the age of 18...It is hard to keep it going...
IF you would like to help:
Kalyani Mahila va Balak Seva Sanstha New Panvel- raigad (Navi Mumbai)
Tel 27466618, 20706539, 9323452019

Friday, September 28, 2007

Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity believes that Women need to be empowered to have a voice. For that the woman needs to be educated, healthy, that her naturally comapssionate voice is heard.
We conducted a health camp for Cancer check up of mothers and teachers at the VBM School.
In the photograph above from left:
Rituparna Basu and Oncologist Dr Suresh Adavani
In the smaller photograph :
Myself, Deputy Mayor Vidia Thakur and Ms Basanti Roy

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aerial View of RamSetu
When I wrote:
Symbolisms in the Ramayana (It is up on my website, under 'Books'for free perusal). Sri Ram Kinkar Maharaj and Sri Morari Bapu, after having blessed the book, emphatically urged me to mention that though I may be allowed to write on the Symbolisms of the great epic, that does not undermine the fact that Sri Ram is a historical figure...
Follows excerpt from a commentator on social, educational and religious issues.
(I received this note from Sanatan Dharma by email)

...Logic and science have their say but not in matters of faith. In a nation where religion percolates to all levels of culture, secularism and modernity, themes like Ram, Mohammed, Mary and Moses are all interwoven within the existence of the people. A denial can drive people into a frenzy.

As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar rightly puts it, one cannot dismiss Sri Ram as a mythological character just because a lot of miracles were reported in his life and there are no scientific evidences to prove them. There were unproven miracles in the lives of the religious figures of every faith. Just because we can't prove the parting of the Red Sea, we can't say that Moses was a fictitious figure. Just because there were miracles in the lives of Jesus, Moses and Mohammed, you cannot call them mythical figures.

Historical evidence of most of the eminent religious figures would be difficult to find. Nevertheless, the authenticity of Ram's reality cannot be doubted, as most legends and myths have their roots in real incidents and actual happenings of religious figures. So far as Ram is concerned, there are numerous places in India and Sri Lanka closely linked to his life including Ayodhya, Janakpuri, Dhanushkodi and Rameswaram.

The whole debate about whether or not Lord Ram existed or not is redundant. Even if he did not exist, this is not going to diminish his importance because he actually exists in the hearts of not only Hindus but also Muslims. According to Islam, 120,000 messengers were sent to the earth...
...Questioning a largely tolerant and pluralistic people to provide proof that their god actually exists is driving them to aggression...
...The author is a commentator on social, educational and religious issues and the great-nephew of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A while ago I was asked by a non-hindu friend how come most Hindus do not know much their religion...even though, sadly I had to agree that to a certain extent it is true...I proudly told her that every Hindu knows about the Karma theory...that as we sow so we reap...that God karmas that have to be endured are not there in our life to punish but they are lessons to be learned...(Do read Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss)...but most importantly every Hindu is taught to respect every religion and Master that has walked on the matter which religion they 'belong' to...though actually I believe that Masters belong to Humanity...
Do read:
Dadi Nani ki Kahaani
It is up for free perusal under 'Books'

Friday, September 14, 2007

Today I met my friend Vimla Patil who celebrated Ganesh puja at home and she told me about Haritalika, which comes a day before Ganesh Chaturthi.
Haritalika means the arrival of Gauri, the mother of Ganesh in her harv goddess form. This means that Harit Gauri brings a wonderful harvest and plentiful food for everyone through out the year. Because india has always been an agricultural SOCIETY harvest are festive days. Harit Gauri dressed in green symbolizes the harvesting season, after the monsoon which ends with Dassera...and on dassera day we hang new rice (unhusked rice) outside our door as part of the toran (The garland that we hang on our main door) Harit Gauri is offered all the green vegetables of the season and even the prasad offered is made of leafy/green vegetables. Harit Gauri is also symbolized by a turmeric (haldi) plant which is a combination of two most auspicious colours in Indian Culture-Green and yellow.
For more information on Ganesh Chaturthi, Click or copy/paste to broswer:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anger is a brief madness...a slow poison...but sometimes it costs our life...I mean it literally...What I mean is that we can lose a good friend,a relationship,our health, our intellect...

From an excerpt by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj
A matchstick has a head made from powdered chemical. Just strike it against the side of the box and the stick bursts into flame...Ar'nt we at times, behaving in a similar fashion? Let a small thing go against our wishes and see what happens?

Take an anger management course...but in the meantime...
Handle situations maturely
Delay a response/reaction
have a Knowledge of self

Aristotle says:
It is very easy for anybody to get angry.
But getting angry at the right time, in right degree, at the right person, for the right reason and in the right manner is neither easy nor is it in everyone's scope or frame of capabilities.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I have often wondered why we yearn to travel, to explore, to learn...I have heard before (I received Divyaa's note) that 'God is in our genes' and so I suppose is the quest for Him...just like river flows to the sea...a lamp moves upward towards the sun...Humanity yearns for love!
Follows an excerpt of a note that Divyaa sent me. It is from a sunday midday paper.

Is God in our genes? Is evolution inherent in our DNA?
... We all yearn to explore our many facets, and we all aspire to know more and seeking is a natural state of being- whether about the outside world or self! And this is what evolution is- this exploration and expansion of self- indeed the desire to be all that I am and actualize my highest potentials. This fulfillment is the very crux of ‘Why creation is?’ And in its purest understanding it is indeed God Self’s Will to Be! And thus is God in our very genes; and evolution the very life force running through our bodies, throbbing in our hearts, and keeping alive and revitalized-our minds...

Man loves because he is Love. He seeks Joy, for he is Joy. He thirsts for God for he is composed of God -Sathya Sai Baba

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am a trustee of the Times Federation for Cleaning Vrindavan.
Would you like to help in any way?
Do write to
May the Giver of all Gifts keep you under His tender care!

Read about Krishna and Janmashtami

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today is Janmashtami! The birthday of Lord Krishna!
Nietzche said: "I would believe in a God who could dance"
During his time God was generally portrayed as a frozen perfection, remote, static, and wholly unsociable...Nietzche would have been pleasantly surprised had he heard of Krishna, who danced expertly on the hood of the venomous serpent Kaliya...Krishna delights, not in the magnificence of godhood but in the sweetness of uninhibited love...He gives a glimpse of His awe inspiring greatness through His Vishwa roop darshan, which is one of the greatest mystical visions in world literature...Arjuna saw within the Universal form-within Krishna-everything and everyone in existence...The disarming hospitality that Krishna extended to Sudama and the subsequent generous benedictions that He bestowed upon His poor guru-kul friend are also eloquent testimony to Krishna's personal warmth and sweetness...(Before the great war of Mahabharata) Krishna went as a Shantiduta (peace messanger) to dissuade Duryodhana from war with sweet words...

Chaitanya Charan Das
What else to speak about my Krishna? He sang the Immortal philosophy: Bhagvad Geeta!
But today I sing!
Roop saanvala, man ka gora
Krishna Kanhaiya naam hai
Ek baalak ka janam hua hai
Radha ka jo Shyam hai
Meera ka Ghanshyam hai!

Tum hi bal mukunda ho
aur tum hi hamaare Gopaala
Tum hi Govardhan Giridhaari
Tum hi pyaare Nandlala
jag se hume kya lena dena
Jag se hume kya kaam hai
Ek baalak ka janam hua hai
Radha ka jo Shyam hai
Meera ka Ghanshyam hai

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meera was a Rajasthani princess...and according to me, she was an emancipated woman...Read about her, Click:

She loved her Krishna and even though the times that she lived in did not allow a woman to mingle...she did so freely with Saints and Sages who would speak to her about her beloved.
I am writing about this because I have read that she also went through the 'dark night of the soul' when she had 'left the world' and her Krishna she had not quite reached Krishna...
The song 'Yogi mat jaa paunv padoo main torey' according to me speaks of that sentiment...

Friday, August 31, 2007

A reader wrote:
I have grown up to become close to God in my heart, but over the year i have felt quite distant, i do feel so guilty inside, i drift off whilst praying and start thinking about random thoughts. Why does this happen? I do want to become stronger into my faith,have strong connections with God.

My reply and humble opinion:

Fluctuations in faith do happen...don't worry...
Maybe concentrate on love (to mankind in any form) and it will lead you to God.
Even Mother Theresa went through what Spiritualists claim is the 'dark night of the soul!...
I have read that it is NOT the abandonment of God...It is ego's last fight before leaving you...making you be in a limbo...where the world has stopped having its magical effect on you and you have not really achieved enlightenment...

I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
Edward Everett Hale

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I was reading today that Francis Bacon was 'William Shakespeare'in his previous incarnation
Will I Am = It is the Will of the I AM
Shake Speare= To shake the Speare of Wisdom
Interesting is'nt it?

Saw the movie: 'Gandhi my father' I must say that it touched my heart...Gandhi was a human being and a father...and as such according to his son he may have failed him...but looking at Gandhi as a politician one feels that he may have known in his heart of hearts that his son would not do justice to the scholarship (he did fail various times in his attempt to matriculate) and so offered it to someone else...Would a modern day politician do this? Yet I empathise with the son...Great movie...great insights...(my humble opinion)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Am reading "The memory keeper's daughter" by Kim Edwards...
Jodi Picoult writes:
Kim Edwards has created a tale of regret and redemption...of characters haunted by their past...simple beautiful book...
I agree

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The boys in the process of the Sacred Thread Ceremony. Good to see traditions being explained and performed in far off shores!
Anju and her husband Ramesh Daswani.
It was wonderful cathing up! And their hospitality left nothing more to be desired!

It was wonderful catching up with my cousin brother, who today I am proud to say also spreads the good Spiritual word! We used to have many a philosophical discussion as we grew up and we continue to have them today.
Every time I travel to Laspalmas to meet him and the family. This time it was heart warming to have him take the trip to visit me in Tenerife!
We went to a Spanish restaurant called Pinchitos. The menu is interesting.
Note the Indian cuisine...pakoras, samosas (spelt sambosas) chatani...It is not a surname, it is chutney :)