Thursday, April 30, 2009

Was invited by charming Tasneem Kalsekar (Cultural Affairs Specialist, The American Center, American Consulate General) to a luncheon in honour of Ms Sadia Shepard,(pretty girl in red top) Author of 'The Girl from Foreign'

Sadia lectures frequently about growing up in a home with a Muslim mother, Christian father and Jewish grandmother; the history of India's Jewish communities; the Partition of India; and the craft of autobiographical writing. She is currently at work on her second book.

Sadia Shepard is a documentary filmmaker and writer based in New York City. In 2001, she left New York for Bombay on a Fulbright Scholarship, her goal to try to understand the history and future of the tiny Indian Jewish community that her grandmother was born into and left to marry her Muslim grandfather. Sadia spent nearly two years recording her experiences in film, video and writing, which became the basis of her first book, The Girl from Foreign.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alongside the Honourable Sheriff Ms Indu Shahani and myself

Invited Ms Indu Shahani to speak at the 'Celebrating Life' group on the 1st of April 2009 at the Malabar Hill Club.
Everyone knows that Indu has been an exceptional Sheriff and as such her term has been extended by a year! You can know a lot about her and her achievements if you google her I am going to tell you what you probably do not know.
I have known Indu since she was a young girl and we grew Spiritually together until I got married...We moved on with our lives, but we kept in touch with each others lives...I am proud of her but not surprised at her success. She has always been efficient, persevering and pleasant!Lately when I called her for her participation for a good cause, she responded immediately and that added an extra feather in her cap: 'Lack of ego and a passion to do good!
May God and Ma bless you always!
To read about Ma Brij Mohini, Indu's and my Spiritual Guide,

Friday, April 24, 2009

Akshay Tritiya falls on Monday the 27th of April 2009
Important Information:
Occurs on the third day of the bright half of Vaisaakh.
It is considered to be one of the most auspicious days of the Vedic Calender.
On this day the Sun and Moon are at their peak of brightness.
Hindus, Buddhists, Jains celebrate this day.
'AKSHAYE' means 'that which does not diminish or perish.
Every minute of the three and a half days is considered sacred.
It is believed that Satya Yuga, Golden Age and Treta Yuga started on this day.
New beginnings like weddings, business ventures, new deals, new audit books, business trips are considered to bring luck.
Valuables bought on this day, such as gold is deemed auspicious.
It is believed that gold multiplies if bought on this day.
Goddess Vijaya Chamundeshwari killed Asura on this day.
On Akshay Tritiya the writing of Mahabharata was started by Ganesha dictated by Ved Vyasa.
Read more, Click:
Love to all,
Shakun Narain Kimatrai

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alongside Poonam Malani and myself. Poonam is so enthusiastic about teaching Sindhi to youngsters. I had a function to celebrate Cheti Chand hosted by Vinti Pohoomal. We sang Sindhi folk songs and I explained the beauty of Sindhi proverbs/pahaakas to the younger Sindhi generation...and then I received this wonderful note...which makes me believe that there is still hope for the revival of the Sindhi language!
Read on:
Hi Shakun,
I have read about your appreciation of Sindhi poetry and the beauty of the Sindhi language.
Could you please share some of this poetry with me.I am in my early 50's and have just woken up to the beauty of the Sindhi language.I can understand Sindhi quite well and hopefully I can pick up the nuances of the language in its beautiful poetry.I was born in independent India and grew up in Delhi with no Sindhi influence except for the family influence in spoken Sindhi.Alas now that my parents are no more I am closer to my roots and hence my love for the Sindhi language.
This love also brings me closer to my grandparents who only spoke to me in Sindhi and this helps to keep their memory alive in my heart.
Currently I enjoy listening to Master Chander because his compositions are beautiful and amaze me with the beauty of the Sindhi language.And thanks to this wonderful world of emails which helps me here ,sitting in Sydney, to keep in touch with Sindhis all over the world.
Thanks and Cheers,


...some wonderful Sindhi songs and dance performances on lovable Sindhi songs

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Maya Daswani is my friend. She sometimes claims that she is often inspired by me and my activities! Well it is my turn now to be impressed and happy for my dear friend.
Follows that note that Maya sent to me along with the photograph:

Honoured to meet prominent personalities while in Hong Kong is (L to R) Mumbai Correspondent Maya Daswani seated with Mrs. Ralte, charming wife of the Consul-General of Hong Kong; Ms Cherie Blair, wife of the former British PM and Mrs Meera Gandhi, recognised Humanitarian, Businesswoman and Diplomat.

Hi Shakun,

This is such a pleasant surprise to be appreciated in your blog. . .It truly has been a blessing to have met U .. and subconsciously and consciously to be guided by your confidence. I always valued the fact that you shared your home time and knowledge and furthermore empowered me and many more with the Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity...


Maya Daswani

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Attended the launch of the Nano on the 21st March...Impressive, interesting comfortable car!
and most importantly proud of my daughter who helped to launch it!

Friday, April 10, 2009

There are two women candidates standing for election. Meera Sanyal and Mona Shah Patel.I believe that they deserve a chance to prove their mettle.
If you are not clear about who to vote for I strongly suggest that you take a chance on them. Scroll down for a photograph and ideology of Mona Shah Patel...
Read on!

Cheti Chand and my 44th Wedding Anniversary happened to fall on the same day! Cheti Chand, the Sindhi New Year is celebrated according to the Hindu Calender.
Alongside, Sheila Dadlani and myself at the celebration.

Invited candidate for election Mona Shah Patel. She is sincere, a clear thinker, a good speaker...

More about Mona Patel:

Thus believes and speaks Mona...Follows how/why the Proffessional's Party was formed...

- a group of patriotic, ethical, committed professionals- experienced & successful in their own fields, were fed up & upset of complaining -just sitting at home in the armchair

2) They decided to do something about it - met and started analyzing why India was where she was, and why was she not where should rightfully be.

3) They realized that despite all the best talent, the best brains, a good Constitution, excellent availability of natural resources, there was a shortage of everything, - and everything was in a state of ruin decadence and neglect.

4) Every problem needs a systematic approach of rational questioning to get to the root cause of the problem. Therefore, thru a detailed root cause analysis & research for various problems facing the country, they realized there was a common thread thru all of them. India's problems were SYSTEMIC. We are suffering from repeated SYSTEMIC FAILURES. Every failure in this Country is a process based failure, and can be remedied accordingly. Take roads & pavements, waste management systems, pollution control, education, agriculture, power, water, civic amenities, law & order, national security - there is a complete collapse of Systems everywhere!

5) That coupled with the existing divisive politics of Cash + Crime + Castes, & Religious divide, practiced by the traditional political parties to create vote banks - has been completely destroying the fabric of the country.

6) As a result - v have communal rioting & clashes, violence & hatred due to frustration built up in lower levels of society, terror attacks, flood & famine repeatedly year after yearr in the same places, deaths due to starvation, increase & spread of corruption thru society, poor infrastructure, lack of world class systems & facilities for the average Citizens, and horrifically - a justification of all wrongs & ills developing in Society,..the list is endless. Nothing is done about it, because the present lot of politicians & parties simply do not want to implement solutions - rather, they are in sublime peace & contentment with the way things are. The present conditions suit them just fine.

7) When the founders of PPI found the solutions to India's Systemic Failures, they sent it as a well researched analysis report to all the existing political parties - requesting them to implement them to resolve India's problems - and start our march towards becoming a developed nation. None of them even responded.

8) It was then they realized that they had become a 'manifesto w/o a party', and decided to form the PPI - which formally came into existence in Aug 2008. PPI is not a knee jerk emotional reaction / outburst to 26/11. It is a political party with firm scientific foundations, principles & beliefs. Change, we believe, can be implemented only through the arena of Politics at the highest level, because that is where policies are made, written and implemented. At the Top. Hence change too shall be driven down from the Top. Change, my friends, is a tool of Top Management to bring sweeping reforms and ensure effective implementation of systems & policies throughout not only a country, but also large corporations across several Countries - where there are different customs, religions, practices and ways of life.

9) We believe, as does each one of you, that the time for Change has arrived. Circumstances, anger, frustration, repeated failures, coupled with the aspirations of a young nation, and modern tools & technology available today - have made PPI an essential necessity, and requirement for the nations aspirations, and immense locked in potential of the citizens

10) What is the PPI? is YOU and ME. WE. ALL OF US. Competent, patriotic, concerned, educated, aware Citizens. PPI is nothing but a Citizens Movement that has become a Political Party. A Citizens Movement & Political Party with a national Perspective, a national Vision & Mission and a national set of achievable, sustainable, realistic, repeatable Objectives goals & targets.

11) Our Vision is to improve the quality of life of every Indian. Our Mission is to achieve this vision through Good Governance. Our objective goals & targets are spelt out in the Election Manifesto - the main thrust of which is Implementation of rules & regulations, of law, and the Constitutional requirements, and take certain bold dynamic & decisions to propel India 'a 100 years forward' within the next 20 years.

India is a young Country. The average age is 27 years. Over 50% of the population is born after 1983. Over 70% of the population is under 40. This is a defining moment in the history of our nation. We need to get involved - each one of us. Be actively involved with the change that we want to see, that we have been complaining for so many years. Change is not a magic wand that can be waived and it shall appear. Change is a thousand mile journey that we have to walk together my friends. With the PPI, I have taken the first step, and I ask you to join me in that journey to make Change happen from US. FOR YOU AND ME. FOR THE R FUTURE - THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN AND COUNTRY- FROM THE PPI.

Join us. Join the march for Change. Make the Change start inside each one of You. Lets make History happen from US.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nancy Ester and myself were/are great friends when I went to school as a young girl in Tenerife, Canary Islands.
At the age of 19 I went to visit, and my friends clicked the picture alongside...
Nancy sent it to me last week.
Viva Nancy! Viva Ester! and Viva el Internet!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The pre-primary Cathedral school invited Ms Amla Ruia to inspire the children on Values that they must imbibe as they are growing up. Ms Amla invited me to come along with her. I was more than happy to do so and to distribute my book 'Dadi Nani ki Kahaani' which hopefully and almost certainly will spread Peace and Love to the future World and generations...Hari-Ichhaa!