Sunday, September 28, 2008

I believe that all religions give the message of Love and Brotherhood…Yet the world is in a mess…Sometimes I feel that the Interfaith Dialogue in which I take part to bring Peace into the world is a waste of time…and my contribution is but a bubble in the Ocean…and then my God in His inimitable way sends me the following message in an excerpt from 'Live outside the Box' which appeared in the Sunday Times Bombay Sept, 28, 2008

…To you I say, meet me in the eye of the storm and together we will steer this mess in another direction. Jump into the storm. Do not stand on the sidelines too lazy and scared to do anything about all of the ugliness going on around you… People say that the signs are all here and Armageddon has begun. Why save the planet if the savior is coming to take the good and holy people away to a better place? ..If you had to pick and choose who were truly worthy of burning in hell or going to heaven, would you pick the folks who were killing and raging war in the name of God or would you pick the people who were crying out for love, equality, and to save the planet?
I stand here in the eye of the storm, turmoil and war all around me, my heart quiet and strong. The vision is very clear here. I will do my part to save the planet for the sake of those left behind. It is not for me to say who should or should not prevail. Someone will be left standing here on this planet, with this atmosphere, with this water, with this soil. For them, i say let's create a plan so that they have the best possible chance of rebuilding a new world. For love of this place with its beaches, mountains, and forests that I love so much, i will hold the love of Mother Nature in my heart. You know, if the savior comes to haul all the good guys off to a better place, i think i will volunteer to stay behind to help make this battered planet a place of beauty once more. When you are done with your religious wars and your ascensions into heaven, give the planet back to those of us who care for her… (Skye Thomas is a spiritual writer, entrepreneur, astrologer and philosopher based in the US)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Read about Navratras which fall on the 30th September 08

Read about Dussehra or Vijaya Dashmi which we celebrate on 9th Oct 08

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Group 'Celebrating Life' invited noted Numerologist Poonam Ahuja to enlighten us on the subject.
She told us about God and His manifestation...Could be compared to 0 and its expansion to numbers...Poonam explained to us the Sacred Geometry of:
Triangle (Trinity),
Square (Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit breaks free from the Solid),
Pentacle (5senses,2 arms 2 legs 1 head...and so on about other numbers...
Poonam explained how we all humans have a life purpose and if we learn the secret encoded in the numbers of the date of our birth, Life just may become easier to decipher...Poonam is charming. Do contact her if you are interested in knowing your strengths weaknesses through the play of numerology.

Friday, September 19, 2008



The Actual Recipe


(Kali jiri. Forest produce. jiri. Kali musli. Forest produce. musli. Kanhai. Forest produce, from google search)
Some have asked whether pregnant women should take it, please consult your doctor or do a google search. I would not like to take responsibility, I just share with you what I believe is going to be beneficial :)
To continue:
The above ingredients MUST be elctronically weighed as propotion is very important. Each ingredient has to be dry roasted on very slow fire separately then all the 3 to be cooled, mixed and powdered and stored in a transparent bottle.

Everyday just before going to sleep 1 small tea spoon has to be taken with hot water. It will remove all the unwanted waste toxins from the nooks & corners of the whole body and excrete out thru faecal matter n urine. After 3 months one excess fat and layers of tumours n wrinkles are removed. Life will be free from diseases, healthy, pleasant, and cheerful. Diabetes remains under control.


cure rheumatism, even extreme ( hathilova)
strengthens bones
makes U energetic & invigorating
makes eyes brilliant
improves hair growth
even long term constipation permanently cured
increases blood circulation
cures cough permanently
improves heart
makes you run like a horse
improves memory
improves upon deafness
turns body back into shape after pregnancy
strengthens teeth and enlivens enamel
cleans up blood vessels
maintains quality of blood
removes impotency and new born baby will become brilliant
increases resistance power against malaria, jaundice, typhoid,cholera etc.
makes one feel younger and increases life longevity
gives releif from difficulties experienced by young women after marriege
permanently protects one from diseases spread by water air or weather
improves digestion even when one has over eaten
prevents heart attacks and helps in reducing bad cholesterol very effectively
makes your skin glowing pink and cures skin troubles like dryness itching etc.
relieves bad effects of tobacco gutka
with this remedy you can continue with the medicines you have been taking



Circulated by

Sham Balani
Hong Kong
Service for a good cause

Mamta writes:
I hv taking it from 5-6 days but my no relief from gastric and acidity.

Also stool not passout 2/3 days.

Pl. give suggestion why???

My reply: if remedy does not work, please consult doctor.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I had always wanted to do 'darshan' of Swami Ramdev, so when I was invited to the alongside programme,I attended. It was held at the NCPA Auditorium on the 23rd of August 2008. Swami Ramdev has taken the world by storm with his Yoga techniques which claim to cure innumerable diseases...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alongside Ritika Maheshwary who worships Ganpatiji and brings Him lovingly to her home every year. Her parents Abha and Ram believe more in the love that they bestow on Him rather than feelingless rituals and elaborate prayers.

Alongside Vinita Girish Singh...We lovingly called her Bubbly. She attended my Geeta class as a young teenager, today her children are teenagers. What I like about Bubbly is that she is really bubbly and is always full of gratitude and never fails to remind me whenever she meets me that she started her Spiritual journey with me.
God bless you and your family!

Alongside Lakhi and Kavita Melwani. We have been friends for a long time. Time has come, not for partying together but for praying together!

Alongside Indu Chellaram and myself. I have known Indu since the last over 45 years...ooops now you can calculate my age! Never mind, one is as young as one feels! You can feel the affection between us even though we do not meet as often as we would like to due to pressing commitments...but this Ganpati who so looks like Shirdi Sai Baba brings people together and is'nt that what Lokmanya Tilak's vision was?

Alongside, attended a ROCK SATSANG (which finds its roots in the Art of Living Courses) conducted by Anuraag Dhongial, Ajay, Vipul, which is becoming extremely popular in the city. With a set up of electronic guitar, drums and casio. What a great way to get youngsters hooked to Shlokas, bhajans and Bhakti songs...

Alongside holding hands (Vimla and me) in the Benign Presence of Ganpati Bappa at Vimla Patil's home...I would like to draw your attention to the beautiful hand made shawl that am wearing...It has been lovingly made and sent to me by someone I love as dearly as I do a daughter/sister...
I have also read that: at a certain church people crochet/ hand make shawls and give them to their loved ones...Obviosuly love, affection and blessings get woven into it.
Thankyou my dear Anju, May God bless you!

To make a better acquaintance of Ganpatiji,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kudos to these young ladies for their enthusiasm. Despite their busy schedules and looking after young children and Seniors in their homes, they have formed a Group whereby they meet every month for lunch. The difference is that the regular speaker is yours truly and they Learn the Bhagvad Geeta and the Shrimad Bhaagvad through the inspiration that i receive from the Lord.

Names in order of Left to Right.
1. Neha Dalamal – Founder Member.
2. Ravina Uttamchandani.
3. Shalini Lekhraj
4. Simran Lalwani
5. Namrata Thakur
6. Anita Mansukhani
6. Vidya Moorjani
7. Selina Vaswani
8. Sangita Vaswani and
9.Gaytri Narang.

Other members who were not present on that day.
10. Arti Murjani – Founder member
11. Deepa Vaswani
12. Bina Bhal
13. Sapna Tulsiani
14. Rishika Idnani
15. Rajni Vaswani and
16. Nyantara Takker.
17. Shamira Kirpalani


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alongside photo was taken by my daughter Anuja's friend Lyn. The young lady's name in the photograph is Yong. Note the play of light to show the Chakras.

To read about Aum and Chakras, Click:

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Meet Ms Rajkumari Dhoot, a Bhaktin. She always celebrates festivals on a large scale and shares her devotion with countless devotees.
I believe that Hinduism is a mystic religion...and I am so happy that my mother instilled the love of Kirtan and naam jap in me...I went to the celebration of RadhaRani's birthday at Hindi Vidya Bhavan.

Radha and Krishna looking beautiful at the function I attended!

About a couple of weeks after Janmashtami one celebrates the birthday of RadhaRani. She was born in Barsana, 30 Km from Mathura, and she appeared as the daughter of King Brishabano and Mata Kirati.

Even today, the people of Barsana wish each other with the words "Raadhe Raadhe" on their lips. Together with the above greeting pours out immense love with every breath that they inhale and exhale.

Radhaji was older to Sri Krishna and it is believed that the Divine girl did not open her eyes until Krishna was born. The relationship of Krishna with Radha transcends human concepts and is Spiritual in nature. Read more, Click:

Women's Political Forum is helping the rescued people from the floods in Bihar.
help by way of food grains, salt, sugar,candles, matches,milk powder, wearable old clothes, usable medicines, will be appreciated. kindly contact the following persons :

ms. smita pandey : 022-28847886 ms. sandhya sinha : 9820782857
ms. sushma shelley : 9867354104
Delhi Mr. Sushant Sinha : 26601414/9958002857
Patna ms. sudha prasad : 0612-2364751
ms. chitra vaish : 09431016137 ms. indu sinha : 09234283908
Sandhya Sinha

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Swami Chidananda Saraswati gives up the body

I had the good fortune of knowing Swamiji personally. I wrote about him in my book 'In Touch with Masters'

One of the prominent saints of contemporary times, and the President of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh , established by Swami Sivananda , Swami Chidananda Saraswati, gave up the body on August 28th , 2008 at the age of 92 . He was a great Yogi and was a Loyola College, Chennai alumni in his pre-monastic days. He was initiated into Sannyasa in 1949 by the great Master , Swami Sivananda himself.
Swami Chidananda stands out for his exemplary selfless service in the cause of the leper colonies in Rishikesh, and nearby places besides being an ideal preceptor to thousands across the world in his capacity as President of the Divine Life Society for forty years from August 1963 onwards .
"Service before Self" epitomized the entire life of this austere saint , who kept alive the spirit of the ancient Vedantic tradition in these confused and turbulent times , much like his own Master Sivananda ----- the clarion call given by these sages drew many a seeker from all over the world to Sivananda Ashram , Rishikesh . His inspiring early morning meditation talks given in the Ashram , and recently compiled under the umbrella- titles such as , "Ponder these Truths" , " A Call to Liberation" and "Seek the Beyond", have been compelling reference-points for hundreds of seekers and aspirants .
As Swami Chidananda would exort and inspire his listeners , "…To enter into the spiritual life is a rare blessedness , it is a great good : to take it seriously and engage in active spiritual Sadhana is a second blessedness and a still greater good : but to persevere in the spiritual life , to be ever progressive and ceaseless in one's spiritual life , is the greatest good , the crowning blessedness" . This was his message as one of India's representatives to the Centenary of the World Parliament of Religions in 1993 , and his own life was a living testimony to the great ancient ideals he reiterated for the modern age .
Ever-vigilant in his personal Sadhana , ever compassionate to the poor and needy , ever-willing to champion the cause of the underprivileged , Swami Chidananda's passing away leaves a huge void in the hearts and minds of seekers who search for ultimate truth beyond the transitory and fleeting . In his 'passing on' , for which he had left strict instructions for his body to be immersed in the Ganges quickly (Jal Samadhi) , and no spectacle be made of in terms of mourning , as in life , Swami Chidananda remained a simple monk , despite being the President of an international organization with centres across the globe, upholding the highest values of India's monastic traditions . He is often referred to as the St. Francis of India , after the great Franciscan monk , St. Francis of Assissi , of whom Swami Chidananda himself was greatly attracted to .