Saturday, April 26, 2008


Alongside Amir (Bhai) Soomro Myself (Shakun) and my husband Narain Kimatrai

Mr Amir Soomro is the grandson of Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro the two time Prime Minister of Sindh who sacrificed his life for his nation…Amir is the son of Mr Abdul Samad…,
Amir Bhai’s ‘great wish was to peep into the other side of the border to find his own people to know their condition…

Hindu Sindhis fled Sindh in Pakistan, leaving their homes, belongings…during Partition in 1947…

It was heart warming to know that we are missed by people like Amirbhai…my contact with Amir was through the Internet and he made me his sister and I accepted him as a ‘brother’

Read what Amirbhai has to say in his own words:

“It was my childhood when I saw my beautiful city was gradually turning into ruins and people use to remember their actual owners (Hindu Sindhis) who left those homes as if they for gone for some time to somewhere, but they never came back.

On every step the tale of their generosity and God fearing acts was scattered.

The original citizens always remembered them and the city mourned but nothing happened.
In my immature mind, I felt that pain of my own people who left us and crossed the boarders of a stranger country leaving behind the ashes of their forefathers and golden memories of good times.
Though they were nothing to me in terms of relations but a huge space was empty for them in my heart.
Inspired by my father Abdul Samad , the youngest and dearest son of Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro the two time Prime Minister of Sindh who sacrificed his life for his nation, it was my great wish to peep into the other side of the border to find my own people to know their condition.

One day I met Hargun Rajani on internet, he was Shikarpur born Sindhi and thus got a break through, and slowly I got new friends like Lata Jagtiani, Dwarkadas Madnani, Kishore Lalwani, Shyam Shroff and Shakun Narain. In December 2004 a delegation lead by Suresh Keswani reached Karachi. My cousin Mohammad Mian Soomro who was chairman senate was the chief guest , so I was also there. I asked the members of the delegation "Is there any Shikarpuri in your delegation"?
A smart old man stepped ahead and said "yes I am , my name is Nand Javeri". On that day my heart said that the time had come for my dream to fulfill.

To meet and spend some moments with my Sindhi people who have given us a never healing wound, on 12th March, I reached the Bombay airport where Mr. Javeri despite his declining health warmly received me and took me to his home.

I met all above mentioned friends. Each one was a diamond and a pearl.
They all gave me lot of affection and respect.
I was very happy to see my own people living a prosperous life.
Spent time with them, have had meals with them and exchanged views and gifts.
I also meet old people like Nursing Golani, Luxman Bhambhani and Gulab Gidvani and got very valuable knowledge from them .
Spending some moments with the family of Hemu Kalani and Mahesh Chander and meeting with Ghansham Vaswani were unforgettable moments of my life

Now I am back to my homeland. My childhood fairytale finally has become true.
Now my goal would be to save our coming generation from that thought which divided us and compelled us to break up thousands of years old relations.
Thank you Nand, Lata and Manek, Dwaru, Hargun, Shyam, Shakun and Nari, Ghansham and Kishore. May God shower his blessings on you.

I love you all.

Amir Soomro

…and then I got the following note from Maya Shahani…Heart warming!

Dear Shakun,
Thought I would share these Emails with you. It is Dada Jashan Vaswani's 90th Birth Centenary year and it is heartening to know that the Mission has started a people to people connection with Pakistan through an "Open Heart" route. Shakun, you could put this up on your blog site if you haven't already :-)


A note of gratitude:

Dear Sir,
We put appreciation for providing us full cooperation and coordination in conducting Heart Surgeries of poor and needy children of Pakistan in India and hope that this gesture will be remained intact in future also.
Furthermore, we may like to inform you that two children Mehtab and Mahnoor have been reached in Karachi, Pakistan and they also been arrived at their own destination safely. Today they asked me on telephone for extension of best wishes to DADA, yourself and other members who cared them in India. They are happy with their children and praying for all.
Thanks and Regards to all from SGA.
Manager Projects SGA

We Hindu Sindhis have prospered…due to hard work, perseverance, faith in the Lord and above all our ability to become ‘One’ with those who received us with open arms!
Now it is time to get back our language, culture…We do not have our land but then the World opened out to us!

‘Har pat mein baag lagaayen vaaraa Sindhi…
ain khaak khey Son banaayen vaaraa Sindhi…

Which means:
A Sindhi is one who converts every land into a garden…
And dust into gold…

God bless us and everyone else…because ultimately we are ‘ONE’

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alongside, my daughter Madhavi and Grace!

For me, snow is always synonimous with Grace!
Many years ago, I was going through a tough time in my life and there were certain decisions to be made...simultaneously I was in Canada in December and wanted to see snow fall! I had played with snow several times but never seen snow flakes fall!
It did not snow in did not snow in New did not snow in I walked to wards my aeroplane in Geneva wheich was enroute to snowed!
To me it was the Lord, telling me..." I may be late according to you...but I am always on time!
I surrendered my then-current problem to the Lord and needless to all turned out more than turned out perfect...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Sunday, 20th of April 2008
Sri Hanuman believed and stated in the 'Ram-Charit-Maanas' (penned by Goswami Tulsidas):

Kahe Hanuman vipattee Prabhu soyee
Jab kabhee Sumiran bhajan na hoyee

Hanuman believes and states that,
it is a misfortune when one forgets to remember the Lord, and take His Name.

So my dear friends whatever trials and tribulations we are going through are nothing. According to Hanuman we have a misfortune, only if you and I forget to think of the Lord and/or sing His praise.
Let us remember to do the Hanuman Chalisa preferably 11 times, if not, at least once on Hanuman's day. It is believed that Sri Ram is forever indebted to Hanuman because of the latter's service. And since Hanuman wanted nothing in return, Sri Ram would have to grant the wishes of Hanuman, if he intercedes for us, His devotees.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Alongside myself with teacher and students of 'Society for the Education of the Crippled' which educates physically challenged children from a low economic background

Alongside: From left, Manju beaming happily because of all the good karma that she has acculated during this lifetime...Pushpa and Hargobind Daswani and members of the printing department who look very happy with Manju and for Manju...

Allow me to introduce you to my cousin sister Manju Uttamchandani.
I have loved her since she was a baby, watched her grow into a beautiful sensitive woman…I have read and believed…that Life per se may have no meaning…we create the meaning by searching what song we were meant to have sung…what dance we were meant to have danced…It need not be a firework life for everyone…being a mother and housewife is probably the life that some were meant to have lived…
The criterion is that you have to know in your heart of hearts that yes! I surpassed the challenges…and today I shine in my own light!

Am sharing a note Manju wrote to me (with her permission of course)

…I was happy to take you around SEC school, and show you the work we do here. Society for the Education of the Crippled educates physically challenged children from a low economic background. I am Project Co-ordinator here.

Life has reached a full circle. I had polio when I was young. This opened a different avenue of experiences to me. Learning to deal with this challenge and the growth that came with this has influenced who I am today. I don’t know if this is my purpose in life, but I do know that all the experiences and skills that I have picked up in my life have led me to this moment. And so for this moment I am where I am supposed to be, and am fulfilled.

Besides the school work I do, we are a group of a few physically challenged individuals that are in the process of forming a group that would look at various issues facing the physically challenged. We meet once a month and it is a great forum of sharing.

I am also a Past President of Rotary Club of Bombay Pier, and have won many awards here.

There is also a fun side- where I do enjoy meeting people, swimming, reading, going to the gym, dancing etc. My family and friends have been my support and inspiration.

God has been kind – if this is where He wanted me to be, He has so gently and kindly brought me here. I am grateful. Life has been good.

Love you always…

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

...and I got the following note grom Angelie with a request to pass the information:
Dear Shakun Didi,

Hello Everyone,

Young Sindhis from Asia, North & South America, Australia, and Europe, will all meet at 1 location!

Be a part of the biggest gathering of young Sindhis worldwide.

P.S. This is OPEN TO ALL regardless of background...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Navratras begin on Sunday, the 6th of April.There is so much to know about the 9days festival.
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On the 7th of April, Sindhis celebrate their New Year.
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