Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holi falls on the 28th of February
Do read about Holi
and also tell your children the story of Holika.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nice piture no? Yes it is particularly nice because there are 2 love items...The shawl i am wearing has been knitted by my pyaari Anju and the painting behind Buddha by my chhotisi pyaari Jina!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On the 17th Dec 2009 I attended an interesting session by Robert Benninga at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College.I was invited by Ms Maya Shahani the Chairperson of Sage (Shahani Academic and Global Empowerment)

'Robert S. Benninga MBA is a leading authority and highly rated keynote speaker, his success is based on his inspiring personality, break-through capacities and ‘X-ray eyes and ears’

An exercise: Hold a rubber band in your hand. Aim high. Let go of yesterday (the lower hand... or viceversa. It will hurt.
If you only hold it and dont let will not hurt but you go nowhere!

Exercise 2:
Look up
Think of something negative...

It is not possible

Exercise 3: Look down
Think of something positive...
Difficult to do that!

Do I need to tell you the moral of the above execises?
You are smart...I bet you figured out what you need to do!

Think about this:
To take the apple from your apple tree, you have to plant a tree long ago...

You know how many seeds there are in an apple...But you dont know how many apples there are in a tree...

Therefore take care of 'seeds'

To make a Sculpture Masterpiece the artist has to chisel away the extra marble...

If you dont get attention...then you start blaming and then...claiming...

What works:
Discipline, faith, courage, peace and trust!

To reach your goal you require:
Commitment, Ownership, Integrity, Excellence, Communication, Success, Education, Team, Balance, Fun, Consistency, Gratitude...

Friday, February 19, 2010

In the picture Dzongsar Khentse Rinpoche

On the 24th Jan 2010 attended a Q and A session at the National College,Bandre. hosted by Dharma Rain
Some points:
Reincarnation: You re-incarnate from moment to moment.
Buddhism does not believe there is something big or small. It is all relative.
Dzongsar Khentse Rinpoche really respected Hindus and Hinduism...Lord Buddha came from India.
He said: You are a Buddha, everyone is a Buddha...Religions are different and they should be different...Everyone connects with a certain Master...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am told that Vrindavan has its own Kumbh, because the Brijvasis love Vrindavan so much that they want to go nowhere else.

Kumbh Mela, Vrindavan: 16th February 2010: An enviro - spiritual discourse programme was organized at the Paryavaran Khalsa of Friends of Vrindavan. The school children from different schools attended this programme. The purpose to organize this programme was to aware the school children about the link of spirituality with the environment. Ms. Sashi Mahajan from the Women's movement for Peace and Prosperity, Mumbai, Ms. Radhika, famous tarot reader, Mr. Madhumangal Shukla, environment activist, Mr. K. B. Mahajan and Mr. Swapan Goswami addressed the school children how the spirituality is linked with the environment. Daadi Nani ki Kahani - book written by Ms. Shakun Narain was distributed among the school children. The mid - day meal was distributed to the school children by the Akshay Patra Foundation after the programme.
In the photo on the left Ms Shashi Mahajan, translator in Hindi of 'Dadi Nani ki kahaani' inspiring students with her compassion and knowledge.
Please note 'Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity' in the banner

I got the following note from Jagannath Poddar (He is my contact and the one who links me to activities in Vrindavan)

Dear Shakun Ji,

Radhe Radhe! This is in reference to our telephonic conversation regarding the support for purchasing a fully automatic cutting machine as an accessory to our hand made paper unit. As you are aware that a hand made paper unit is being operated by us to recycle the paper waste generated in Vrindavan and finding livelihood for the poor unprivileged women. There was a need to purchase a calendaring machine and a fully automatic cutting machine to enhance the production of the plant. We have procured both the machines. While we paid the full amount for the calendaring machine, but paid Rupees One lac for the automatic cutting machine, we still need to pay the balance of Rs. 86,000.

Since you are the chairperson of the Women's movement for peace and prosperity, we make an appeal to kindly forward this message to all your members of the WMPP to contribute some donation for this purpose. Apart from all other members you may kindly request Maya Sahni Ji or Avanti Ji to support us to pay the balance. Any amount for this cause is most welcome.


Yours sincerely,

Jagannath Poddar
Friends of Vrindavan
Chhota Munger Mandir Nursery,
Swami Vivekananda Marg, Mathura Road,
Post - Vrindavan, Dist - Mathura (U.P.)
Tel: (0565) 2442771; 09412279139; 09997033889

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I saw 'My name is Khan' and I liked it. It is about Rizvan (Shah Rukh Khan)and the trauma he faces because his name is Khan. He takes whatever his mother teaches him to be truth absolute and the beauty is that he convices his audience too.
What his mother teaches is a 'fact' nothing new...but do we look at that truth that way..? or do we remember it often enough? What does his mother teach? That there are 2 kinds of people in the world...those good and others not so good...Sadly life is more complicate than that? or maybe not?

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am proud to be a Sindhi.
A major part of Sindhis came to India with nothing when India was partitioned.
Though the Bengalis, a part of land that came to India. We left behind our land, culture and language!
We did not waste time whining.
We set out and started in a humble manner. Yes we are accused of being 'money minded' but can you blame us? We had to survive...We did not beg but relied on ourselves. We were/are loyal and became a part of those who welcomed us!
and today 60 years later, we have hospital, education institutions and are giving back to society...

...and now Pune has been attacked...a place full of saints and revered beings...a German bakery a favourite hang out...Dada Jashan Vaswani hospital is near the place.
I got the following note from them!

Inlaks Hospital & Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing’s Pivotal Role in Treating Victims of the Bomb Blast at PuneThe tragedy that hit around 7:00 pm on 13th Feb 2010 at German Bakery is less than 1 km from the Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, part of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission’s Medical Complex at Koregaon Park, Pune. The hospital started receiving the injured within 10 minutes of the tragedy despite traffic jams near the Koregaon Park area. The OPD Section took in all the patients, immediately attending to them with no documents or questions asked. While the patients were being taken in, the calls had already gone out from the GM, Mr. Sunder Vaswani, to their doctors and nurses.

The resident doctors, nurses, nursing superintendents & nursing students of its associated wing, Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing, who were staying on the campus immediately converged at the Casualty and the ICU. Without delay they started rendering First Aid and medical help to the injured. The serious ones were rushed to the ICU.

The whole team of the hospital that comprised of Senior Consultants, Neuro Surgeon, General Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Onco Surgeon, Physicians, Urologist, Dermatologist, Anesthetists, ICU Consultants and Radiologists were soon upon the scene to give their complete support and try and save as many lives as possible.

30 injured patients with minor injuries were given First Aid in the Casualty and General Ward and were relieved on stabilization.

Another 22 patients who were critically injured were brought to the hospital. The Hospital has 25 ICU beds and 20 were already occupied. But still these critically injured people were somehow managed in the ICU ward. 6 patients were sent to Sassoon Hospital when their condition was stable, due to insufficient ICU Support. Out of the remaining 16 patients, currently 8 patients are in ICU and 5 have been shifted to general wards as their condition was stabilized. Three patients succumbed to the injuries.

In addition to the above, 2 males were brought in dead and the 3rd patient died of grievous injuries immediately on reaching the hospital. After necessary documentation, the bodies were handed over to the police authorities.

3 patients with badly mutilated limbs were immediately taken to the Operation Theatre. A full team of Inlaks & Budhrani hospital surgeons battled hard but to save their lives had to take the unfortunate decision to amputate the limbs. The age of all the patients ranged between 20-30 years. Most of the patients had burns, fragmentation injuries, multiple fractures, etc.

The Drug Store was thrown open with no dearth in medical material and medicine supply. The Logistics Department opened up all the critical store facilities taking care that the treatment to these disaster victims was unhindered.

The Hospital Management is grateful to the enthusiastic and caring people of Pune who came in large numbers to donate blood for the bomb blast victims. The Management also expressed gratitude to the Police Authorities who ensured that the relatives and public was well informed at the Hospital to maintain law and order. Many Political Leaders came to the Hospital and offered their assistance.

The doctors and staff along with the budding ‘Florence Nightingales’ of the Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing came together in a great display of teamwork working past the night to bring critical care and save lives at the time of disaster.

The PR Office
Sadhu Vaswani Mission
Pune, India
Office:91-20-2605 5640
Board: 91-20-40064447 Ext 252
Fax: 91-20-2612 7474
Logon for the latest -

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the picture: Chetan Bhagat (India's pop fiction writer) and Mohammed Hanif (Painted a satirical picture of life under General Zia in his book, A case of exploding mangoes)

On February the 4th I attended an interesting programme at Horniman Circle in Mumbai.
It was part of 'Aman ki Asha' an initiative of The Times of India and the Jang Group of Pakistan.
Two Punjabi writers, one Indian and one Pakistani got together to explode Indo-Pak myths.

Both authors agreed on one thing-Pakistan's troubles are therapeutic for Indians. 'Everytime we feel lousy about the men ruling our country to do all we have to do is look accross at our neighbour'
About Kasab, Hanif said "...the Taliban believe in a system of speedy justice where they hang people without a trial. You in India have a very complex judicial system that has taken very good care of the country unlike Pakistan. You have judicial system and a democracy that you should thank your lucky stars for. If the system is slow you can take to the streets and protest against it. But please dont push for summary execution. Because then you become a lot like certain people whom we both dont like.
(Excerpts from Times of India February 4)

Bhagat said at one point: " We want peace not because we love Pakistan but because we love India!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shivratri is on the 12th.
Be inspired by the life of Johar and then scroll down to the following blog to 'link' with Lord Shiva!

I have posted the following article because:
1) I am karmically connected with the author Mr Mahajan
2) I have a cousin sister who is 'otherwise abled' she has polio and is doing wonderfully with afflicted children and an ngo called SEC
3)I like people who say 'YES' to life despite setbacks!


-by K B Mahajan

Chor-chor, chor, bacchao,bachao

Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!

And he fell on the floor, bleeding.

The thieves ran away. The victim, about 30 years of age, was moved to the hospital at 2.35 a.m. Doctors saved his life. Next morning, however, it was declared that out of three bullets, two had docked in his body. Nobody thought that he would live as the wounds were grievous and blood loss was so much. But the man lived much bigger than what he was.

Crippled and tied down to bed for the last 23 years is Rajinder Johar who worked as a Sr. Occupational Therapist at King George’s Medical College, Lucknow for nearly 17 years. Had he not grappled with the thieves and hit by bullets, Johar would have worked and retired just like any other government employee, unsung.

The disability gave him strength and power enough to help the disabled – at least few out of the millions in India. An NGO called FAMILY OF DISABLED (FOD) was thus born.

Today, Johar is a unique personality. Here is a man who is quadriplegic – whose lower limbs are totally paralyzed, fingers are stiff, has no control on his bowels and urinary system, cannot eat or drink by himself yet he is working more than many of us, he handles two telephones, he controls his ceiling fan, TV et al besides staff which consists of at least 10

FAMILY OF DISABLED is the organization which is life and soul of Shri Johar. After Johar was destined to bed he felt he had become a liability to everyone. Over two years passed. Suddenly Johar had an idea- now that I know first hand what disability is, why not offer some help to those who are not only disabled but also had no money – at least Johar himself did have some monetary support from his wife and elder brother.

Such were the wild ideas Johar was nurturing. By 1986 Johar was a different person – lying on the bed he pursued his conviction. The handicapped trickled by his bedside. They were encouraged to do some work to earn their living. But where is the money? We have no skills to do any job.

Johar arranged for their initial requirements – got them say, a tricycle with a box fixed at the back. The box was filled with biscuits, toffees and other items which can be sold among kids and the adults alike. Money? It came through some philanthropists and the man was put on rails for his earnings – howsoever small. Some such recipients are running Chalta Phirta PCO; some others are small time shopkeepers.

This is what was later called Apna Rozgar Scheme (ARS). Until now 507 persons have had the pride of earning their bread and butter – some to the extent of Rs.6000 to 10,000/- every month.

FOD also invites their paintings which find their way into Art Exhibitions called Beyond Limits where these are sold to the connoisseurs. The money so collected is passed on to the painters.

That is not all. FOD is the only organization which brings out a Quarterly magazine VOICE wholly dedicated to the disabled. It is perhaps the only magazine of its kind in India.

With all this Johar is the personification of light heartedness. “What do you think, am I not leading a King’s life? For all my chores I have to just ring a bell and someone is there to get me what I want. I have different bells for different persons to present themselves before me. Is this any way less than a king’s life?” he giggles.

No wonder this ‘King’ has been amply covered by the media- both print and electronic. He has been decorated with several awards by no less than the President of India to the Chief Minister of Delhi.

Rajinder Johar or FOD can be contacted on phone no. # 011-41570140, 25597328,
e mail : & website:

Sunday, February 07, 2010

MahaShivratri is on the 12th of February. Please read what I have compiled.
It is interesting and important to know specially if you are a Hindu...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My friend just lost her husband. It was shocking! My friend called out to him to come for dinner...He answered: "coming" She called again and he did not reply...She went looking for him and he had already passed on!
He was not ill. All of us, her friends are in shock.

You are about to read a story.

The Pandavas had been traveling for quite a long time and had just managed to return to Dwaitavana, their starting point. Thirsty, the Pandavas sat down near some moss-covered logs and looked around for water.

To their right lay a large lake. The first of the Pandavas, Nakula, walked alone towards the lake to quench his thirst. As he did this, a booming voice echoed from the lake, “Stop! This is my lake, and you may not drink from it without answering my questions." Nakula ignored the lake, only interested in a sip of cool water to drink. He proceeded to cup his hands full of water and brought it to his lips. Cool water filled his mouth, he swallowed, and as he did this he instantly fell dead.
One by one all the other Pandava brothers died as they did not heed the what the Yaksha threatened to do.

Yudhishthira sat alone on the log, and naturally went looking for his brothers. As he walked through the forest he began to worry. Ahead of him there was no noise, only silence filled his ears. He approached the lake and screamed with agony when he saw his brothers. He quickly examined them for wounds, but he did not see any penetrating marks or any signs of illness.

Then the booming voice returned, “do not make the mistake of your brothers. Please answer my questions and you may drink from my lake.”

Yudhishthira agreed to answer his questions but requested to know his identity. “I am a Yaksha, and I guard this lake. I warned all four of your brothers not to drink from me without my permission.”

Yudhishthira responded, “Then I will answer your questions.” Before he could finish his response, the Yaksha began his riddles. “Who is heavier than the Earth?”

Yudhishthira responded, “Mother.”

...and Yudhishtira answered all 100 questions correctly.

You will wonder what connection does this story have with my friend's husband's death?
One of the questions that Yaksha asked was what is the 'strangest thing in the world?
Yudhishtira replied that everyone knows that they are supposed to die yet everyone thinks that they will live forever...

We do not need to be morbid, but we need to close each day remembering that there is a possibility that you may die or your close one will...

Then maybe, there will be shock and pain but maybe no regrets.
I love my friend and I pray that God grant her and her family strength and also peace to the departed soul!

To continue with the story, Yaksha said:
“You have answered all of my questions perfectly. As your reward all of your brothers will rise.” Just like the Yaksha said, each and every brother rose from the ground untouched. At this time the Yaksha materialized in front of the brothers. It was none other than Yudhishthira’s father, Yama. Yama is the lord of death, and the god of Justice...
Parts of what I have written are excerpts from 'Yudhishtira and Yama' by Nich Huber