Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Saturday the 8th of October was invited to Sakshi gallery, Tanna House for a talk on Psycho-Astrology by Dr Farrukh Buchia.
He was a good speaker. He used a great blend of 6 different psycho-therapies along with astrology and meta-physics to heal his patients. He has also set up a counselling and suicide prevention centre.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

'I got a mail from a reader, who was very worried because the flame of the diya had 'gone off while there was enough oil in it.
My reply:

I am not a very superstitious person.
I honestly do not believe that the Almighty is waiting for us to punish us for something that is not our fault.
I also do not subscribe to the belief that such occurrences are forecasters of doom.
Please read my book: Hindu Customs and beliefs. Click:

I would suggest that you recite the mantra:
Om sarva managala...

Good luck and quit feeling negative...your negativity may invite a negativity is more of a likelihood than the deepak 'bujh gaya'
Warm Regards

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It was an interesting afternoon on Wed, 12th October 2011 when Mr Narayan Varma invited me to Indian Merchant's Chamber to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of RTI (Right to Information) Mr. J.F.Ribeiro presided and Justice C.S.Dharmadhikari (Retd)(Former Judge:Bombay High Court) delivered the keynote address

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Shakun Narain Kimatrai has won the 2nd prize for the ‘WRITE AN ARTICLE’ contest held at the recent lectures at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai for writing this piece.

In today's world?
Where the cookie crumbles even before one has had time to savor it?

Ms Jaya Row who for the last 40 years has devoted herself full time to the interpretation of Vedanta for the modern generation, gave us some interesting tips to hold on to our relationships during these turbulent times at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, to a packed audience, on the 9th of July 2011
In the case of marriage:
It is true that Marriages are created in Heaven. It is also true that sometimes partners are difficult and the reason is karmic. They are together to learn some of the most difficult lessons that we are meant to learn.
'Is the institution of Marriage under threat?' What can be done?
Is Marriage: Rock or Wreck?
What are the reasons that are contributing to the instability of marriage in this millennium?
Marriage is an old institution which is losing its basic values.
As Jaya Row puts it: We want to be loved, appreciated…but what are we doing to deserve it.
She explained ‘selfish love’ is attachment.
We are not able to be together and also find ourselves miserable when we are not.
Most people confuse attachment with love.
We need to understand what attachment is, and how to rid ourselves of this prison that is responsible for most of our ills.
One solution?
Dilute that attachment. Let your love expand beyond your internal ring (my husband my children) to ‘outer rings’ of my community…and then to my nation and then to humanity…
I have heard:
The solutions to most ‘relationship problems are:

Effective Communication:
Listen more talk less
Never say: 'it is your fault’
Remember no one is perfect but you must bring out the best in one another.
Everyone has different expectations, values, weaknesses and strengths.
Study others’ and be aware of yours.
Learn to compliment and compromise with one another.

I was reading: True compromise does not mean giving in or giving up. It means a settlement made by mutual consent, which involves concessions on both sides.
It is good management rather than good luck that makes a relationship work.
You must not compete, compare, and control. And you must never never bring past hurt, past mistrusts into the relationship.
I have heard that for a marriage to succeed the husband must be a little deaf and the wife a little blind!
In the deep spiritual sense, only you are responsible for your pain and happiness.
Before you ‘blame the other’ look deep within yourself and develop self esteem.
Manipulation, control, jealousy are a definite no no.
What is yes yes?
Communication. Communication need not be something ‘heavy’ It can be a phone call, a touch, a hug…
Cultivate trust, and a sense of humor.
Get away for a meal, holiday. Do it!
Do not communicate when angry.
Look at the plus points in your relationships.
You must allow each other to grow
Speak your mind clearly and gently
Celebrate the difference and complement one another.
In the case of a marriage:
A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy the differences'

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Was invited On the occasion of the Italian Language Week in the world,sponsored by the Indian council for cultural relationships to 'Musica fiorita (A Baroque music ensemble Switzerland, on the 5th Oct 2011 at the NCPA TATA theatre.
What a delightful performance. The instruments and clothes were from Shakespearean times. But the real treat was to have Bharat Natyam dancers perform along with the european dancers on 17th Century Music instruments.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today there is a great article on Politicians by Osho in the 'Speaking Tree" Times of India.
There was a politician who wanted his epitaph to read 'Honest politician'
His lawyer asked: How will people know who lies in this grave?
The old man said that people would read 'Honest politician' and exclaim: "Strange"
And "Strange" was his name!
Reminds me of a story: I dabble a little tarot and palmistry.
Once I saw the hand of a young aspiring politician.
I told him that he would never become one.
Because he had a very 'honest' line...
Years later I learned that he never remained in politics even though he belonged to a family of one.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Was invited for the 'Crystals and US' book release event by Yogi Impressions.
The book is written by Dr Gulrukh Bala.
The book explains the healing, loving relationship we have with these treasures of the earth. It reveals how some of these rock crystals and gemstones can help improve the quality of our lives.
The event was held at ‘Kitab Khana’ Bookstore, Somaiya Bhavan,
Next to Davar’s College, Opp. Flora Fountain, on Saturday, 8th October, 2011

What a delightful place, Kitab Khana is!

About Crystals? I have had a long relationship with crystals. One in particular stands out. I had gone to Pune,Osho aashram. There they were selling crystals. I was informed that I should pick up one, that I feel connected with.
I connected with an egg shaped crystal that to me looked 'damaged'
I have heard that it is not very good to pick up a crystal which is not 'whole'.
I was confused and asked my attendant to reduce the price of this one. She refused and said 'pick one of your choice'. I saw a perfect piece for the same price...but I seemed to have no connection with the perfect piece.
Finally I picked the one that seemed to have a crack at the centre...
Years later, a crystal enthusiast entered my temple room and said to me that my crystal was not damaged...that in fact it had fused during two very long period of time! And that it was very powerful! I did get to experience its power during one of my illness which left me weakened...and as I recuperated I realized the crystal had darkened! Could it have absorbed my ill health?

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Celebrating Aarti Hundalani's birthday, Indira Bhojwani becoming nani one more time, Geeta Hundalani's anniversary...
Yeh dosti hum nahin chhodengey, todengey dam magar tera saath na chhodengey

"Death is not a problem to be solved but a fact to be accepted"

- Swami Tapovan Maharaj, in the play Death
Saw the play on 17th September 2011.
Interestingly and 'as simply as possible performed'