Friday, June 30, 2006

I was reading:
Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Thought that I must share the following with you:

Q: The Universe does not seem a happy place to live in. Why is there so much suffering?

Master: Pain is physical; suffering is mental.
Beyond the mind there is no suffering.
Pain is merely a signal that the body is in danger and requires attention.
Similarly suffering warns us that the structure of memories and habits, which we call the person is threatened by loss or change.
Pain is essential for the survival of the body, but none compels you to suffer.
Suffering is due entirely to clinging and resisting; it is a sign of our unwillingness to move on, to flow with life.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I read an answer given by Deepak Chopra-It inspired me. maybe it will inspire you:)
Do read:
Q- Does the law of least effort mean that you should give up on your goal if you fail?
A- Definitely not! A setback may only mean that the time is not right for that desire to be fulfilled, or that its fulfillment is occurring where you ar’nt looking.
The law of least effort indicates that success comes not through struggling , but through love and acceptance.
If you are not achieving your goal, you need to go deeper into your heart.
By doing so, you will spontaneously incorporate the principles of responsibility and defenselessness.

This will align your goal to be manifested according to your dharma at the right time.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Celebrity touch: Raveena plants a green dream .
I met Raveena at the Lotus Eye hospital and it is refreshing to see a star with a passion other than get attention for her looks and acting talent.

TIMES NEWS NETWORK , The Times of India, June 20, 2006, pg. 11

TREE OF LIFE: The actor planted a neem sapling at the ‘A’ ward office in Fort

Mumbai: Actor Raveena Tandon on Monday planted a new seed of hope for the city’s environmental future, when at the launch of a Times Foundation initiative called Green Dream, she planted a neem tree at the ‘A’ ward office in Fort.
Green Dream, which forms a part of environmental and other initiatives taken up by Times Foundation, aims to acts as a model for other municipal wards in the city. The project includes three actions: planting 400 neem trees on government-owned land, both in the ward office compound and elsewhere; deconcretising a border of three inches around 1,230 trees in the ‘A’ ward to allow their roots to breathe; and reinstalling saplings in over 100 tree guards from which the young trees seem mysteriously to have disappeared.
Tandon, who has worked widely to protect mangroves in the western suburbs, said in order to safeguard Mumbai’s environmental future, drastic action needs to be taken.
“People need to clean up their own backyard. We need to become watch-dogs for our own areas,’’ she said.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On Saturday, 10th June 2006, at 4.30 pm, we had a talk in the Times of India Bldg by Venerable Sumati, who is a trustee of the Root Institute in Bodh Gaya and of the Maitreya Project. Educated in England, Venerable Sumati was drawn very early to Buddhism and has spent the past twenty-three years or so working closely with Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who is the spiritual director of the Root Institute. Ven. Sumati spoke on the Three Vehicles or the three great traditions in Buddhism.
Some interesting points: Real happiness starts when you cherish others...
Bodhi chit is the desire to become a Buddha in order to awaken others...
Compassion creates Bodhi Chit...If you have a Bodhi Chit you become a Bodhi Satwa!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How do I pray?

Is there a correct way to pray? People often ask me 'Doesn't God know what I need? So then, where is the need for prayer?
Sometimes, please note, I said 'sometimes' that is the voice of the ego, because we depend too much on ourselves and exhaust ourselves in the process.
Prayer will make us grow wings and fly because our heavily laden ego falls away. If one can truly surrender then, not to ask, is the best form of prayer, but can we? Truly surrender, I mean. So if one has to ask, then why not ask the Almighty?
I have heard 'knock and you shall receive'
I tell the Lord if it requires only a knock for you to answer my prayers then hear me knocking. However you are my Chief Accountant . You know my past and present karmas. You know what, and how much I need to learn from these experiences. So if it be best for me, grant me what I desire.
I have heard that ones prayers are always answered. Sometimes God says: 'Yes' Sometimes 'No' Sometimes 'Wait!'. So I cling on to the fact that no matter what the outcome, God is with me, Why shouldn't He be? He is Love and I cannot believe that He would want me to suffer. He does His best according to my karmas, and I am convinced that karmas are there to teach not to punish.
Prayer is transformation. Transformation does not follow the prayer, it happens in the prayer itself. Prayer does not mean shifting our responsibility onto another. If one is not totally absorbed in prayer, then it remains a superficial act. Tremendous energy is hidden in the small atoms of prayer.
Let us not be too clever. Look at some of the people coming out of a temple. They are so full of ego! God is not a person. He does not require your flattery to grant your wishes. However by singing His praise, one is annihilating ones ego. By proclaiming He is great, one is saying 'I am nothing'.
If our prayers are answered, let us remember that it was due to the Lord's grace. Because His Grace is perpetually raining. Let us learn to keep our pitcher upright to receive It.
About Prayers
Could I suggest something that I have done since childhood? I would save whatever inspired me, and I would read those pages whenever my soul felt burdened and/or lonely. It always helped to make my sagging spirit soar.
Everyone believes their problems to be the worst. When everything fails most of us turn to the Divine Power. If we are sincere and persevere, we will find an answer. That answer may come through the experience of a loved one. or through the words of a certain book, which you just 'happen' to pick up. It may be through a movie or a program on television. Or it maybe an answer from within. All the above insights are forms of 'Answered Prayers'
Once you have found a direction to solve your problem, only you can put it into action. Sometimes, after you have done your best in a certain situation, you need to do nothing else, but put your problem aside and enjoy yourself. You can also co-create your reality because you were made in God's image.
Sometimes our prayers are not 'answered' because we subconsciously do not want them to be. I know of people who, though they pray for release from their difficulties are actually addicted to the attention that they receive because of it. Or maybe the trying to solve their problem gives them a reason to 'live'.
Think about the above for a moment, or read it again before we move any further. Are you a victim of the above?
Remember that all prayers connected with material desires are limited. When one becomes obsessed with a certain desire, one becomes anxious, nervous and pained. I have read that pain is nothing but resistance to the God energy caused by fear. Anxiety and fear are an impediment in the path of fulfillment of prayer. A calm mind who, though physically shattered, continues to have a strong will is bound to receive a response from the Almighty.
An African School girl's Prayer
"O Thou Great Chief,
Light a candle in my heart,
That I may see what is therein,
And sweep the rubbish from thy dwelling place!"

Do read the following story. I believe a woman told this story at one of the workshops. Seems like she had an accident, and had a near-death experience. As she hovered between life and death, she was able to hear the responses that the passengers of the cars that passed by had. Most complained about the heavy traffic. Others swore under their breath for being late. Some would have probably considered an accident on the way inauspicious.
As the cars streamed past, the woman 'saw light' coming from the top of the 5th car. The white light went towards the Heavens and then was directly directed at her. She wondered what had happened and then she heard the prayer of the perfect stranger in the 5th car. The prayer was: " I do not know who the woman is, But if my prayers can help her, please God help her". These prayers were transmitted to her, and she came back into the body as it was not her time yet. The woman had remembered the license plate number of the one who had prayed for her. When the woman recovered she came to the doorstep of the one who had prayed for her, to thank her.
No prayer goes unanswered. Every thought has energy. Think about it.

Someone has asked me how to get to love the Lord.Well, aside from the usual answers like "Seek Him within" and "See Him everywhere". I have heard that "Nem (pronounced name) se prem hota hai" which means that if you follow a practice diligently and regularly, you will learn to love.Discipline is the first step in the journey of Spiritualism.Thus, if you believe in chanting, meditation, reading scriptures, or any other religious practice, and you practice it regularly, love will blossom in your heart.The above, I have HEARD.I BELIEVE in the following: Keep the company of true bhaktas(devotees), Their emotion is contagious.

Read: Mantras and Prayers

Sunday, June 11, 2006

DADI NANI ki KAHAANI- Shakun narain

Dear Children,
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Dear Friends,
It was 'Gayatri Jayanti on the 7th of June and Kabir Jayanti on the 11th of June.
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With love,
Dadi Ma Nani Ma

Friday, June 09, 2006

Some more stories for my revised version of Dadi Nani ki Kahaani

Jesus’ Teachings

Dear Children,
Jesus was born a Jew.
For the first years of his life, Jesus lived a typical Jewish life.
When he was 12 years old, he went to the synagogue and surprised everyone with his wisdom about Mosaic Law with priests and rabbis!
After the age of 30 Jesus started to speak publicly about what he believed in, and knew to be true!
Jesus said:
'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.' And 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'
A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you…"Whatever you want others to do for you, do so for them… love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward in heaven will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High…

His main message was that one must love one another and that God loves you and is easy to reach. The Kingdom of God is within us! All we need to do is ask (with faith) and we shall receive!
Jesus fame grew!
Jesus believed that God could be reached by prayer and love. Once Jesus got very annoyed with money lenders in the temple which had been turned to a marketplace. Jesus angily asked why they had turned the house of God into a den of thieves?
The Religious leaders were unhappy with what Jesus taught and asked the Roman Government to kill him.
Jesus had not broken any Roman law so the Romans were reluctant to take such a drastic step. The religious leader however persuaded Pilate a Roman governor to approve the nailing of Jesus on the cross!
Jesus was tortured and humiliated and he finally died on the cross…but wonder of wonders! He rose from the dead 3 days later. After 40 days, according to witnesses, Jesus ascended which means that he left the earth alive, by rising up into the sky.
Because of these miraculous happenings many people started to believe in Jesus and his teachings. The religious leaders tried to kill Jesus followers. They managed to kill those who followed Jesus, but were unable to defeat truth because the truth always triumphs.
Today many people across the world love Jesus and call themselves Christians.
With love,
Dadi Ma Nani Ma

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am in the process of revising my book: Dadi Nani ki Kahaani
I would like to add some more stories.
Please let me know if I have the facts of the stories that follow correct.

Divine Revelation
Dear Children,
When Prophet Mohammed was in his late thirties he used to regularly visit a cave near Mount Hira.
When He was 40 years of age he was visited by angel Gabriel who urged the prophet to proclaim!
Prophet Mohammed was initially reluctant and said: "I am not a proclaimer."
The Angel insisted and commanded the Prophet by saying:

Proclaim in the name of your Lord who created!Created man from a clot of blood.Proclaim: Your Lord is the Most Generous, Who teaches by the pen;
Teaches man what he knew not. (Qur'an 96:1-3)
Dear Children, In simple words, what the Angel was saying was, that the Prophet should state publicly what God wants to tell the world (that they do not know) through him (prophet Mohammed).
Prophet Mohammed's basic message was to have faith in One True God who he called Allah and in righteous action.
Prophet Mohammed always clarified that he was only a prophet. He was not an angel, he did not know the mind of God and he did not perform miracles. He simply preached what he received.
And receive, he did.
The Quran was the outcome!
Quran is considered the spoken Word of God.
Prophet Mohammed was so peace loving that he signed a peace treaty when many of his followers were ready to fight till death.
He could go without a meal for days on end.
One of the moral virtues of the Prophet is ‘kindliness to unbelievers’
As long as you believe in God you cannot be considered an unbeliever.
And as I have said earlier all prophets, saints and Incarnations should be respected.
Why? Because they are lamps that light the way of those who are good and have moved away from the evil path.
Would you not rather be in a bright place rather than a dark one?
I know I would!
With love,
Dadi Ma Nani Ma

Dadi Nani ki kahaani can be read at:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Please let me know if you know who wrote the lyrics of the song mentioned below

Dear Children,

The Quran states:
“For every folk a guide”

God is so kind that He sent a gifted teacher or prophet for every religion.

Islamic tradition states that one hundred and twenty four thousand such wonderful Beings were sent to this world!
All Saints and prophets, sent by God teach and speak of conflict between good and evil and request humanity to give up the wicked path and take to that of virtue.

Tagore says:
“Truly no religion can succeed without the shining example of a gifted teacher.”

All prophets should be respected as all were sent as a messenger of divine guidance.

Let me tell you the words of a song that I enjoy singing.
I am not sure as to who has written the words.

Ishwar Allah Wahguru
Chaahey kaho Sri Ram
Maalik sabka ek hai
Alag alag hain naam

Geeta Bible ya ho Quraan
Maalik ka sabmein hai gyaan
Sabka pyaara sadaa banaata
Sabkey bigdey kaam

Maalik sabka ek hai
Alag alag hain naam

Which means:
You may call God by the name of
Ishwar Allah or Wahguru or Sri Ram
He is the Lord of all
Even though His name may be different

The Lords teachings appear in the Geeta, Bible or Quraan
Everyone’s Loved one (God) always
Clears ones (path of) difficulties…
He is the Lord of all
Even though His name may be different…

With love,
Dadi Ma Nani Ma

Thursday, June 01, 2006

God is too big to fit into any single religion...


'Dwija' in Sanskrit means 'Twice born' It is a term used when a person is said to be born to His Spiritual Self!

I love what Osho says about conversion:
"When the ego dies godliness comes alive in you. Only when the seed dies it becomes a tree, only when the river dissapears into the ocean it becomes one with the ocean. 'Conversion is a beautiful word that is misused. It is thought that if a Hindu becomes a Christian, this is conversion. This is'nt true. He has simply changed one prison for another, as there has been no real change, no transformation.

Conversion happens only when the ego dies and godliness is born in you.
Conversion is when the human becomes divine, not when a Hindu becomes a Christian or a Christian becomes a Hindu.


And a reader replies:

Another reply:
My Views on Conversion:
If one is mentally happy ,no matter in which so called "religion" one is born, that person who is mentally well informed ,such person does not even think of conversion. Because such a person knows conversion does not do anything except a name change of the religion since that name change does not change the personality of the person.
I was once, in the USA, nagged by a girl to change to Bahai Faith, I asked why? because it is formed of seven best relegions of the world . One day finally I broke down my resistance and told where would you get converted to Bahai Faith, she you would change ? I said yes.She said there is a catch somewhere, so I told her you nagged me down now you won't take me to get converted. Now she nagged me for the reason,so I told her if get converted what will that do for me except your satisfaction that you converted a Hindu into Bahai Faith but it will do nothing for me , I'll still be reading GITA,believe in what I did before conversion , so really speaking nothing different will happen to me. She understood and the nagging stopped and no more conversion above all.
I am not at all religious and attach no importance to relegion but I am a believer of Hindu Philosophy .