Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (T.U.S.)
We have members of the Bohra community living in our building. They generally 'keep to themselves' and are peaceful neighbours and occassionally flash a smile as we meet in the lift.
A few years ago there was a lot of commotion and festivilty fervour in our foyer. I asked what we were celebrating. They mentioned that the Syedna was visiting a resident of/in our building.
There were many awaiting to welcome His Holiness.
I have always travelled miles to be in the aura of Spiritual I asked myself: "Why lose this opportunity"?
I covered my head and stood with the ladies, but obviously I stood out and the Syedna invited me into the car and acknowledged my feeling.
Everyone present and those who saw the interaction said I was very lucky and I felt so.
Today as I see the whole newspaper filled with articles of His Holiness and multitudes wishing him well, I feel more blessed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chapter 5 Lesson 5
According to Vedanta we are Divine beings having a human experience and not human beings (occasionally) having a divine experience.
So why do we not ‘see’ or ‘recognize’ our divine nature?
Because it is covered by Kaam (passion) krodh (anger) lobh (greed) moha (attachment) and ahankaar (ego) These 5 form a dark film over our clear ‘glass’
This ‘clear glas’ is equivalent to the ‘divine’ in everything and everyone.

You may have heard the lovely couplet:
Ghoongat ke pat khol re
Tohey piya milenge
Which means:
Move aside your veil
And you will meet your beloved

And now maybe one will be able to understand better:
Where knowledge exists, Ignorance can not.
So when one removes Ignorance, one does not create knowledge…One rediscovers it!
The point that Krishna makes:
‘Knowledge is being enveloped by ignorance, thereby beings are constantly falling a prey to delusion’

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Today is Holi
Tomorrow we colour one another with love and friendship
Read about festival and legends connected with it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On March the 13th 2011 was invited to a book release function of 'Women in Hindu Society ( A critical Appraisal of their status in India from the Vedic Period to Modern Times) The book is authored by Shri S.K. Kulkarni and was released at the hands of Ms Supriya Sule (Member of Parliament.

My gracious hostess was Ms Sonavi Desai who facilitates these inspiring books through Indus Source Books.
Some very interesting points were made by Shri Ujjwal D Nikam, Shri Satish Sahney, Dr Vibhuti Patel and Smt Arundati Hoskeri.

My comments: We may have taken certain steps on the 'rightful status of women' but there is yet a lot of terrain to be crossed...Door nagri badi door nagri...

The book is worth a dekho. Look it up

...and thanks Sonavi. Keep up the good work!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

15th Verse of the 5th Chapter

My note:

Allow me to warn you that it is verses like the ‘following’ that confuse Readers of the Geeta and so put the Grand Book aside.

Krishna says that:

‘The omnipresent God does not take merit or demerit of any’

My note:

I myself believe that it is the Karma Theory that is in operation and that God does not peep down from clouds and keep account of very sin and merit of people around the world…

Don’t forget that according to Vedanta the ‘Finite World’ is an illusion.

The other point that Krishna makes in the above verse is:

‘Knowledge is being enveloped by ignorance, thereby beings are constantly falling a prey to delusion’

My note:

Where knowledge exists, Ignorance can not.

So when one removes Ignorance, one does not create knowledge…One rediscovers it!

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Women's Day

Do read my book 'Power of Feminine'
It is on my website for free persusal.

Do please fwd the link.
Thanks and luv to all you wonderful women out there!
Shakun Narain

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Chapter 5 Lesson 4

My note:
Do you know why the Lotus Flower is the National flower of India?
The Lotus symbolizes divinity, knowledge and enlightenment.
Why does it symbolize the above?
Because despite the fact that the lotus is born and grows in mud, it is untouched by it!
That is the way a truly Spiritual man must live in this world.
Though living midst negativity, he remains clean.
The Lotus flower therefore also symbolizes purity of heart and mind.
It is for the above reason that the lotus is ‘held’ by many Gods and Goddesses and is often used in religious practices.

Lord Krishna in the 10th Verse of Chapter 5, states:
He who acts offering all actions to God, and shaking off attachment, remains untouched by sin, as the lotus leaf by water.

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Have compiled some notes on:


It is NORMAL to be depressed sometimes
It is abnormal to be depressed all the time

Loss of interest or concentration
Suicidal thoughts
Excessive fatigue
Early morning wakefulness
Difficulty in functioning socially
Slowed down or speeded up thinking or activity

Talks too much or too little
Stops communicating
Sometimes violent
Generally out of touch with reality


It produces chemical and psychological changes that improve your mental health

It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and mastery

Changes levels of hormones
Elevates your beta endorphins (mood affecting brain chemicals)

Vitamins and foods rich in Vitamin B
Green vegetables, fish, eggs

Discuss your deep down feelings with people who can empathize with you

You might think people ignore you…think your way out…maybe he id not see you or was pre-occupied

If you are feeling unattractive, get a new hairstyle

If not succeeding at a job, take a course to improve skill

Plan activities that give you a sense of accomplishment
Go to concert, club, meeting or clean out cupboard

Keep friends with whom you can share joys, fun, complaints

Depression could be due to hormonal imbalance




1) This too shall pass
2) Life is a dream
3) Let go and Let God
4) Things could be worse and you would be as helpless
5) Do your best and Leave the rest
6) It is God’s Will
7) Music
8) Exercise
9) Drink water

10) Pick up a
11) Sutra
12) Ishta
13) Mantra
14) Sant
15) Grantha

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Today, the 2nd of March is Maha Shivratri.
I have compiled a lot of interesting information.
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