Sunday, August 31, 2008

...Spirituality is not about finding God, it's more about releasing the innate God (or the goodness) in you through your deeds in day to-day may be dressed in an expensive designer ensemble and still offer a helping hand anywhere... We do not need to sacrifice something in order to attain something else...there's no reason why we can't strike a healthy balance between material things and spiritual enlightenment. Spirituality signifies achieving personal excellence in every area of ones life, from family life to career, as well as inner growth...
Alpana Gujral states the above. I agree!

Ganeshji enters our hearts and hearths on 3rd September
Read about Ganesh Chaturthi, Click:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meet Nandini Mihika Mahtani, my Spiritual daughter at Vanderbilt University...She used to come to my Geeta class as a teenager and now she pursues her World Religion Studies in Nashville Tennesee...she was in the Graduate Department of Religion and her area of study is History and Critical Theories of Religion (HACTOR) with a special emphasis on Hinduism...i have no doubt that she will bring about Peace and Prosperity to the world...and i will take pride that maybe i played a short part in it!
Nandini is taking an interesting coursework this semester - a class on Religious Autobiography - another one on Zen Buddhism and another which traces the history of the Study of Religion in an Academic setting. Nandini claims that it is going to be a very busy time for her but all the classes look promising so she will try not let the amount of work bog her down...Keep going Nandini...God bless you!

Would you believe this photo is taken at a temple in Nashville Tennesee?
Well believe it! Me alongside a South Indian devotee!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We went down memory lane with a programme titled Jawaanee Deewanee where we sang and danced to Songs from the 60s...Gore gore oh baanke chhorey, kabhee mere ghar aaya karo, gori gori oh baankey chhoree chaahe roz bulaaya karo...

Asha/Poonam and myself celebrating 'Javaani Deewani

Kaun kehte hain Bhagwan aate nahin
Bhakt Meera ke jaisey bulaate nahin

We will be celebrating Krishna Janam today at Agarval House. We have fun singing for the Lord and happy that he Once again will be born in our hearts!
Read about Lord Krishna's Janam date which has been calculated astrologically.

Ronald L. Mann states that Conventional Wisdom dictates that we must set clear goals and have vision if we are to achieve great things...One cannot just sit around waiting for results to happen.Once the goal is clear, we must do all we can do to fulfill our mission...Work from the inside out...align yourself with your deepest values which allows for more enlightened action and ultimately greater success.
Would you like to read about what I think were miracles that occurred in my life?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My husband Narain with son Sunder and son (in law) Mohan who is affectionately known as Bob

Meet Sunder and his proud mother.
Some of the nicest things he has said to me:
It is easier to make money than to make a difference...
If my 3 children turn out like yours have, I will be one lucky man...
You have done your best, so enjoy yourself and stop worrying (about us)

Sunder, while in town treated his old folks (us, his parents) for lunch at the 4 Seasons Hotel...It was nice!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alongside Ms Dodson and Myself.
Ms Dodson is the charming Computer teacher in the Franklin Road Academy and a writer of Books for Children. I enjoy her company tremendously. This time I attended a Service in the Brentwood Baptist Church of Christ (Presbyterian) I have always enjoyed places of worship. I sing along the hymns...and feel the same devotional 'high' as when I sing my Hindu Bhajans...

I was reading the other day a saying 'of African Wisdom' origin: "Before you enter into the tent of another religion, take off your shoes first; for God has already got into it long, long ago. You are rather late".

On my flight to Nashville, I met a gentleman Todd Lester, executive Director of freeDimensional ( who works for World Peace...It is said that people meet for a purpose and nothing is a coincidence...I am the Chairperson of Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity...Does God have something in mind? Only time will tell!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Spoke to the teachers about the importance of teaching the Children that we are children of One God no matter which religion we belong to, as all the Prophets, Incarnations, give the message of love, peace and brotherhood! Teachers have the biggest responsibility of inculcating these values. Gifted the my 'Dadi Nani ki Kahaani' in Hindi

Children in the Balvadi of Geeta Nagar

With Sagaya Mary. She lives in the slum, is a teacher and looks after the Balwadi. Children, teachers, residents were neat and clean but...The slum definitely needs bathrooms...They are happy with steps that leads them to rocks near the Ocean, which acts as a natural flush...I came back home full of sadness for them, gratitude for what God has granted us...

Kavita Kapoor, Ms Maya Shahani, Mr Shridhar Naik look after the welfare of Geeta Nagar slum. I went for the flag hoisting ceremony.

Gave a talk on the Power of the Feminine on Independence Day! We say Vandey Mataram, right? Poonam giving me a gift on the occassion.

Aarti Hundalani Myself and Nimu Daryanani. aarti, won the best prize. She also gave a short speech: Main aapki bahu hoon,Hume vote do, Manmohanji acchey aadmi hain, Singh is King!

Anita Kewalramani and Myself. Note us members being dressed in the colours of our National Flag

The Group 21 celebrated Independence Day. In the photograph, the 3 Gracious hostesses Poonam Mulchandani, Rani Daswani, Shramila Dadlani with Rooprani Samtani

Today is Independence Day! Today went to the Geeta Nagar slum to hoist the flag...Gave my Dadi Nani ki Kahaani in Hindi to the teachers...Shall put up photos later...but in the meantime read what my friend Rani's 13 year old grandaughter has to say, this Independance Day...It echoes my feelings...God bless this future leader of India!

Questions I ask myself...

As Independence day approaches, the atmosphere is full of patriotism however I always wonder why this ambience is not there through out the year – Why is it that only when Independence day is round the corner that we throw a glance at our national flag, we smile with a thousand emotions whizzing in our heads?

Why is it only in this month that we actually realize how much our country has suffered?
Why is it that when we hear A.R. Rehman's Vande Mataram that a lump forms in our throat and a chill runs down our spine?
Why is it only when we see patriotic movies that we acknowledge the fact India is such a great democracy?
Why does the media have to be a constant reminder that India is a free country?
Can't we remind ourselves?
Are we ashamed of our country otherwise?
Or do we conveniently forget that we belong to such a great nation?

Why is that only on days like Independence day or Republic day that we are reminded of our freedom fighters?
Why do we underestimate our nation so much?
Why do we literally worship the white?
India has given the world phenomenally great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla, you and me...then why are we hiding from the world?

On Independence day we praise ourselves for being Indians, but are we really worth it?
By seeing the amount of self respect we have for us and our country, I don't think we deserve that pat on our backs. Look at the image attached..Is that how proud we are of our tri-colour?

Some of the richest people in the world are Indians, then why do we claim India as a poor and unimportant country?
Why is that only on the 15th of August that we wear the tricolored bangles and plant a miniature flag behind the windscreen of our cars?

I would call you a liar if you would tell me that you actually draw yourself up to attention and take the national anthem seriously every time you hear it.
I would also think you are spinning yarns if you tell me that you sit and respect, appreciate and remember what the learned man draped in Khadi has done for us, for at least ten minutes every 2nd of October....After all, who cares? It's just another holiday...

I, being a typical Indian too, do not practise what I write but I want to someday...
"I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN"- I fear that these words will fade away in a few days....

Ishitaa Bhatia, 13
J.B. Petit High School for Girls.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just finished reading a delightful poignant book called Forever Lily by Beth Nonte Russel a real story of 'an unexpected Mother's journey to Adoption in China'
Loved the quotes:
The human will, that force unseen,
The offspring of a deathless Soul,
Can hew the way to any goal,
Though walls of granite intervene.
Pg 147

Be not impatient in delay,
But wait as one who understands, When Spirit rises and commands,
The gods are ready to obey.
Pg 148

For when fear and desire die,
only the unspeakable reality of love remains.

Pg 194

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Villa View from Dining Room at Aguada Anchorage

Competition: Me or the Villa...Which is more beautiful? sms ONE or TWO to my mobile...
Clue: The older one wins! Antique Value!
Gorgeous Gracious Friend Maya Shahani replies:
Hi Shakun,

Loved your blog. To reply to your question of who is more beautiful, you or the villa, I would say the villa is more beautiful from the outside, but you are more beautiful within. Physical structures die, but a beautiful soul lives on forever in people's minds and heart. You surely are leaving behind a very good legacy for your children, grandchildren and all the children of the world...

Was invited by Times Foundation to a 2 day, most enjoyable/bonding trip to Goa.
This picture was taken at the Baga Beach. Had forgotten that this day was the day and time of the Solar Eclipse. Dr Pratima Rajan mentioned to me that she had an umbrella and raincoat which we could share...but clever girls that we are, we left them (umbrella and raincoat) in the car! Pratima and myself sat on the beach, with a chant of Hare Ram Hare Krishna making music with the waves...when suddenly we felt Grace falling in the form of rain! We were drenched...and it was a perfect way to spend an Eclipse. Oh and I believe that you are supposed to do some 'daan' Well, I bought some trinkets and did not bargain!

Times Foundation team bonding over food!

Not only food for thought, but food for physical sustenance...Mr Ram Maheshwary and part of the TF team

Bonding with Dr Pratima Rajan at the Cruise...Unforgettable!

Times Foundation Group discussing the good work they do...and how they can enhance it. One way: What is your passion plus? and Times Foundation will support it...Kamal Damania' passion plus is 'Gender sensitivity' The other interesting 'passion plus' included HIV awareness, People empowerment rather than Women Empowerment, Environment,To work with hardened Criminals,Make things happen, animals, farmers...
We believe that once you work on what you are passionate cease to 'work'...

The Trip to Goa included a little a meeting of Times Foundation in session...Ms Naghma Firdaus conducted the meeting efficiently

The view of the beautiful villa (Aguada Anchorage)where Times Foundation so graciously hosted us

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ON August 6th there was a small note in Times Nation (Times of India) with the headline: Soon, (Indianised version) Bible with verses from Vedas.
It explains: "The Biblical text remains the same but verses from Vedas and Upanishads have been used to interpret Christian teachings" is a approved by the Catholic Bishops' Council of India, the book will be published by the Mumbai based Christian publishing house...for instance to illustrate Mary Magdalene's sentiments for the resurrected Jesus, the book invokes Mirabai's immortal couplets in praise of Krishna...It does not mean that the church accepts all teachings of Indian tradition as those of the church, they are merely adapting them to Christian teachings wherever they feel there are points of harmony...
I personally think that it is such a wonderful move at 'Peace and Understanding'...I do not agree with Hindu groups who believe that it may be an attempt to spread Christianity...

More Info in case you would like to look it up on the Internet:
On Saturday Aug 9th 2008 Times City, Times of India
'Conservatives protest desi version of Bible'

I have got so much material that I have compiled on Interfaith Dialogue.
Do click:

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Meet R.Sridhar.
Journalist, editor, singer, photographer, cartoonist, therapist, lecturer, palmist...Editor of Mumbai Mirror online and Downtown Plus, both belonging to Times of India Group.

I have had the good fortune of meeting Sridhar a number of times...but this time I attended his workshop on Personal Energy Management at Shantivan and enjoyed it immensely.

Do visit his blog:

The enthralled audience