Friday, January 26, 2007

From left to right: Ms Tasneem Kalsekar, Cultural Affairs Specialist, The American Center, Ms Uzma Nahid, Executive Director, Iqra Foundation,
Ms Kathryn Coughlin (Speaker), Ms Kristina Dunne, Culural Affairs Officer and myself

Women's Movement for Peace & Prosperity and The American Center in Mumbai 
 jointly organised a talk on "Women & Islam" by Ms.Kathryn Coughlin  President, Global Research and Analysis, Washington, D.C. and Director, Middle East and North Africa Programs of the American Islamic Congress, Inc. 

on  Tuesday, January 23, 2007,at the 2nd Floor Conference Hall, The Times of India Bldg.
Kathryn states:
The issue is not whether Muslims should study in a Madrasa or should be imparted to students without distortion...organizations operate through students or individuals by presenting them selective and often distorted versions of the Quran...An overwhelming majority of Muslims are not in favor of violence...

kathryn has studied Muslim texts in the Original Arabic and I looked fascinated as I saw her scribbling a note in the Urdu Arabic script :)

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