Saturday, June 21, 2008

Inside Grotte La Merveilleuse, the stalactites and stalagmites which look like Shivalingams. (Theyare made oof calcium with the help of water drops that drip inside the mountain...

It is Fairyland! At Dinant (Belgium) See the River Meuse, Church, Citadelle!
Then see me, missing my dear ones...but happy at having had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place!

INSIDE A CHURCH AT usual I bought a rosary for myself...I do have a neat collection from the various churches and cathedrals that I have visited!

Brussel Square ...Pls take my word when I tell you that it was stunning! The Square, not me :) and the picture does not do it much justice!

Myself at the entrance of La Grotte, La Marveilleuse (Dinant)

Arrived this morning (18th June 2008) around 7am ...flight was comfy, service was good and I managed to catch a little sleep...
Got into the hotel and was informed that there is a strike in the city, but if I took a train I wd be safe...So I did. Took a bus tour but they did not allow us to alight from the bus...later I walked around in the main city...The 'square' is absolutely stunning!(PLS LOOK UP THE INTERNET) I have seen pics of it but it just does not do any justice...i just sat there with my mouth open thanking the Lord for this opportunity...had pancakes with strawberries and chocolate sauce for lunch...later did a little shopping and my day cannot be complete unless I share it with those I care here it is.
Tomorrow will flow...maybe I will stroll around some more or I may go to a town a few hrs away which I am told is beautiful.Shall tell you about it tomorrow.
Now will have a light dinner and zzzzz
Much love,

19th June 08
Today was a tremendously adventurous day. Changed trains 3 times to get to Dinant (End of day in Hindi :)
but it was worth every minute. Buses are horrible...they treat you like I thought I wd be more is ok to be daring at well, won't tell you my age...but this note is meant to inspire us women...empower us women...Dinant was like Salzburg...Heavenly...went on a cable car, on a kind of fort La Citadelle, walked by the River Meuse...Saw 'La Grotte, La Marveilleuse' (These are caves with stalactites and stalgmites) It is like God's wonderland formed thousands of years ago, we go INTO a mountain...You know as I sat there I thought to myself...The energy here has to be tremendous as it is unspoilt by the outside world! It is like sitting in the womb of the earth.You can't imagine how much I have walked I am as young as I feel, right?
I feel sixteen, going on sixty! How is that?
Thanks husband dear and dear kids for calling so many times...
I feel good!
Keep it up when I return home.

20th June 2008
Hello from the States!
Nashville Tennesee

So beautiful and Peaceful!

...I hv been connecting with people in such a strange way...but then these are the ways of Krishna...

On the flight sitting next to me was a gentleman who works on Peace on a global level...told him about Peace as well as our Vrindavan project...has promised to stay in touch and to check out the websites...

About Peace: In Brussels on my way to Dinant, I met this gentle sophisticated lady who helped me with schedules of trains. In belgium french is spoken more than english...I dont know why...She must hv been in so much 'dukh' that she confided that she had lost her child...(the heart needs no language) there was no need to speak...I just held her hand!

What Karmic connections

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Unknown said...

My sisters and I visited that church in Dinant in 1989 and I found the light inside to be hauntingly beautiful.