Saturday, June 05, 2010

I was reading: '...Life no longer follows simple laws. It can be chaotic. But once chaos reaches a critical point, the system re-organizes itself and order is restored. The Gita says that whenever there is a rise in unrighteousness (chaos) and it reaches a critical value, the system becomes ready for the creation of a supreme process that restores order. But whether this is periodic, we don't know!'
Today's Speaking Tree, GS Tripathi

I wonder if that is a comforting thought?
Then today's Times of India Crest Edition, mainly talks about 'Faith under Fire'
Swami Tadvidananda believes that education and learning, not religion makes a man...If one can take just 10 minutes to introspect, no order or religion is required...'
But I Shakun believe that Spirituality is required.
What is Spirituality?

According to Alan Shelton, '...a person may experience spirituality without being a member of any specific religious affiliation and even the most religious person may feel spiritually bereft. The true purpose of religion is to enhance spirituality through ritual and practice. This is accomplished when a person approaches his or her religion as a way to enter the great mystery, to become aware of the sacredness of all life. Religion can become a barrier to spirituality when it insists on narrow , judgmental dogma, and estranges its followers from a sense of connection with the Divine'...

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