Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mike Handcock Dave Rogers

Attended an International workshop on the X Factor (presented by  Quantum Business School and the Sage Foundation.)
conducted by Dave Rogers and Mike Handcock.
It particularly taught us:
How to maximize our uniqueness which everyone has..How to get noticed in an interview or deal even if you're not a Star profile.
Some interesting learnings and experiences
Dont think your way through things
feel your way through things
What is a billionaire's formula?
Ability to recognize opportunity multiplied by intuition and topped by decisiveness.
I asked: "What does one do, if one has the passion but less energy (In my case I have a passion to understand spirituality and Interfaith dialogue).
The answer was: Become a consultant
Will you believe that Rael Padamsee said: I will contact you to become a consultant for my plays based on religious stories! :)

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