Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lord Ganeshji is known as the Remover of obstacles. Ganesha is elephant faced, pot bellied and with short legs because he has no ego.
We all have eight negative energies in some measure in us and we need to overcome them in order to control the ego.
Ganesha took many forms as visualized in the Mudgala Purana.
1)      Incarnation as Vakratunda, the One with a curved trunk when he vanquished the demon Matsarasura.
Matsarasura means jealousy and the anger born from it.
2)      Avatar as Ekdanta or the ‘One tusked one”was taken in order to subdue Madasura.or the demon of Vanity.
3)      Ganesh as Mohadara teaches us to get rid of moha or attachment by killing the demon ‘Moha”
4)      Ganesh as Gajanana kills the demon Lobha or greed.
5)      Ganesh as Lambodara he overcomes krodha or the demon of anger.
6)      Ganesha as a deformed Vikata destroys the demon Kama
7)      Ganesh as Vighnaraja h destroys the ogre of self indulgence.
8)      Ganesh as Dhumravarna he cuts the root of it all, ahankara or arrogance.
(Excerpts from article by Sudhamahl Raghunathan)

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