Thursday, April 05, 2007

A well-wisher loved one sent me this mail...the sad part? It is true, so do send me your good wishes so that I may move on my destined path...and make the right choice...
The note:
My dear,

Your activities as in Shacune are very interesting.
Keep up the good work.

The snake eats the "fire-fly".
The "fire-fly" shines with brilliance.
One day the "fire-fly" told the snake.
I know you are going to eat me but before you
do so, please answer 3 questions.
"Am I part of your food?"
"Am I a part of your diet?"
"Have I caused you any harm"
"Then, why do want to eat me?"
Because I despise when you shine with brilliance!


and after the previous note H sends the following:

My dear,
...I felt like writing the story of the snake and the fire fly to you..
There is little one can do to combat envy and jealousy.
Spread love even to those who despise you . Refuse
to bow to their levels since you are much above their
You continue with your dharma without attachment
to fruits of action, without attachment to any post
or position.
Your destiny will be fulfilled.

My messages to you are from the heart.
Get acustomed to the grains and go to the
The Mountain is waiting for you with all
His patience.

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