Monday, November 26, 2007

Communal Harmony Week, organized by the city Police and Citizen's Council for Better Tomorrow (CCBT) (Mr Khorakiwala is the CCBT President) evoked huge response from intelligentsia, common citizens and college and school students.

The concluding function was held at August Kranti Maidan (Quit India Fame) on November 21st 2007 where an Interfaith Meet had been convened. Ms Uzma Nahid (The charming Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Director of Iqra) said this lovely couplet before introducing me:
'Chaahat ke badley mein, hum to bech de apni marzee tak
Koi mile to dil ka gaahak
Koi hamey apnaaye to'

Uzma and I have been holding an Interfaith Dialogue for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that Women can bring about Peace more easily. Why? A woman has more compassion less ego...yet she is not weak. I concluded my speech by saying:

Main hoon Bharat ki naar, jeeney marney ko taiyaar
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor
Is desh ki hoon santaan ki jiskaa naam hai Hidustaan
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor

Har khel ki main hoon main khilaari
kartee hoon kheti baari
Ran mein talwaar chalaaoon
Daftar mein kalam chalaaoon
aur dekhoon sab ghar baar
jeeney marney ko taiyaar
Mujhe samjho na kamzor logo, samjho na kamzor

During the beginning of the speech I said:
Panchhee nadiya pawan ke jhonkey Koyee sarhad na inhe rokey
yeh sarhad insaan ke liye hai
Socho hamney kyaa khoya aur paaya insaan hokar
I suppose geographical sarhad may be important for peace but to love, to understand, to dialogue...why should we have boundaries???

A woman cures herself when sick works 18 hrs a day
She can think, reason and negotiate
She has strengths that amazes man
She can handle trouble and carry burdens
She smiles when she feels like screaming
and sings when she feels like crying
She fights for what she believes in
and finds the strength to get on with life
Only one thing is wrong with her... She forgets what she is worth...

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