Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ON August 6th there was a small note in Times Nation (Times of India) with the headline: Soon, (Indianised version) Bible with verses from Vedas.
It explains: "The Biblical text remains the same but verses from Vedas and Upanishads have been used to interpret Christian teachings" is a approved by the Catholic Bishops' Council of India, the book will be published by the Mumbai based Christian publishing house...for instance to illustrate Mary Magdalene's sentiments for the resurrected Jesus, the book invokes Mirabai's immortal couplets in praise of Krishna...It does not mean that the church accepts all teachings of Indian tradition as those of the church, they are merely adapting them to Christian teachings wherever they feel there are points of harmony...
I personally think that it is such a wonderful move at 'Peace and Understanding'...I do not agree with Hindu groups who believe that it may be an attempt to spread Christianity...

More Info in case you would like to look it up on the Internet:
On Saturday Aug 9th 2008 Times City, Times of India
'Conservatives protest desi version of Bible'

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