Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last saturday the 8th Nov 2008, my friend, Vimla Patil invited me to attend Tulsi Vivaah...The couple, Krishna and Tulsi looked divine...Later she sent me this note...It is loving and lovable that you will love it!

There are many stories about the Tulsi Krishna Vivaha which is the official opening of the winter wedding season in India. After the divinities get married, others are free to tie the knot. How did Tulsi come to represent Lakshmi or Rukmini? The story goes that when Krishna had finished his Avatar Karya or the duties of his incarnation as Krishna the 8th avatar of Vishnu, the gods took him away back to his home in heaven. Rukmini and Satyabhama, his wives were devastated and missed him too much. That's when Muni Narad told them that if they could weigh Krishna against something heavier than him, he would return to them! A Tarazoo was duly set up and Krishna was made to sit in one side of it. Satyabhama, proud of her wealth and beauty, said she could easily outweigh the Lord and brought out all her gold and silver and jewels. But the Pardi would not go down - Krishna was heavier then all the treasure. That is when Rukmini plucked a sprig of a wild Tulsi plant nearby and put in into the tarazee saying "I give all my love and devotion to you with this" and the palda instantly went down. Since then Tulsi became a symbol of Rukmini or Lakshmi. Even today, when you give a gift or food with love, you complete it with a leaf of Tulsi. Even a daughter is given away to the bridegroom with a Tulsi leaf which makes the gift permanent and full hearted! Hope you enjoy this story. Love Vimla Patil

Tulsi Vivah takes place on the 12th day of Kartik, just after the Chaturmas - meaning the rain season is officially over. This year, however, Ekadashi and Dwadashi came together so it was on Saturday when u saw it. Lovely story I think that love and not ego conquers all. Vimla Patil

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