Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We have a Group 21. It consists of 21 members...This time one of the 3 hostesses was Jaya, It was sweet of her son to send a cake to celebrate 'Mother's day...and it was nice of Jaya to ask Ms Mohini to cut it...since she is a mother too and it coincided with her birthday.

They wanted us to move so that they are able to click the picture...we decided to make a bridge...Good fun to act like kids sometimes!
Aarti and Sapna composed and sang the following song:
Tune: Nikaah

Hey Aunty aya ayoon tawhanje ghar
Vinti Ishwar khe ahey ta meher kar

Ghar tawhanje me khushi, vadandi rahey
Prem pyaar en sikka sada vadandi rahey
Prabhu karey ehra sada mauka thhinda achan

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Anonymous said...

Now I can read your blog properly. Good to see the change.