Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mantra for Victory over mind

VI/25 Ch 6 Verse 25

Shanais shanai ruparamet budhyaa dhiriti griheetaya
Aatma samsham manah kritwaa na kinchidapi chintayet

Little by little let him attain to quietude by the intellect held firmly;
Having made the mind establish itself in the Self,
Let him not think of anything.

Point to ponder upon:
Through the practice of meditation ‘establishing itself in the self’ one becomes ‘thoughtless’…But that happens ‘little by little’ (One has to persevere in ones practice)

A lot of people complain that they cannot meditate…I believe that initially one has ‘to attain quietude’ Just sit in a conducive place…Rather that chase away the thoughts…watch the thoughts.

Engage your senses…Watch the Murti of the Beloved Lord…or a rose or a sunset…Whatever can engage your eyes…
Smell the incense or the flowerd…
Touch the Mala
Chant your Mantra and
Hear the chanted Mantra…

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