Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chapter 2 Lesson 7
Bhagvad Geeta

In the Verse 54 of Chapter 2 Arjuna wants to know how to recognize a God realized soul?

Sri Krishna replies that one can recognize a God realized soul by the following:

1) He, who becomes stable in mind as he has dismissed cravings of the mind

2) He who remains unperturbed amid sorrows

3) Free from anger

My comment: One only gets angry when ones desire are not fulfilled.

Let us take some simple observations:

You want people to appreciate and admire you, they don’t. You get angry.

Someone is late, you would have liked them to be on time. You get angry

(I am not going into the ethics whether they should be on time or not)

I am only explaining ‘anger’

So coming back to my favourite Geeta verse.

One can only do ones best and leave the rest.

Sri Rama could have declined to go to the forest. He was not bound by any promise. His father was.

To him the forest or the Kingdom was the same.

So he was not ‘angry’

However he carried his bow and arrow all the time since his duty as a kshatriya was to protect.

As simple as that!

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