Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chapter 2 Lesson 9

Krishna says something quite interesting in Chapter 2 verse 69:
He says that while it is night for everyone else, it is day to the Yogi and vice versa.
What Krishna is really saying is that that what makes people sleep keeps a Yogi awake…and what keeps the beings of the world awake makes the Yogi sleep.
Let us for a moment think of Buddha, Meera, Mahavira.
All the above three belonged to royal families, yet they chose to forsake their comforts to pursue a Spiritual life…and the end result is that they did find the peace and bliss and joy that they were seeking within themselves.

So now what Krishna is saying becomes clear…To the worldly man, money and the power and possessions that come with it is the only important thing worth pursuing and of course matters of the spirit would put him to sleep.
And yet on the other hand, what interest would Meera have in designer bags?
The very thought makes you smile, no?
Meera sings: Jahan baithaavey ut hi baithoon jo de so hi khaaoon
Meera ke Prabhu Giridhar Naagar baar baar baar bali jaaoon
Which means: I sit where He (the Lord) makes me sit.
I eat what He gives me to eat.

It means that Meera is totally surrendered to the Lord and never complains, because all comes from Him.
Meera says: I praise the Lord and belong to Him.

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