Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On the 9th of March 2012 was invited to the Bombay Gym to celebrate 'Women's Day'
Neeta Lulla, fashion designer was asked why her models are always size 0?
Mahabanoo Kotwal read out a poem on 'My short skirt'
The essence of the poem was 'I like to feel the waves...(so I wear my short skirt,my intention is not to invite men to lust for me...)

Other invitees were: Reema Lagoo (Actor),Aakruti Kelkar (singer)...
Read what I have to say:

Read more if you will from my link...But follow excerpts from my ebook 'Power of the Feminine'

A man has enjoyed centre stage for so very
long. I only ask him to sit in the audience for
a while and listen to the Voice of a Woman
which has been silenced for so many
years…Feel the compassion and the Love
that resides in our heart…and the dormant
Spirit which wants to walk hand in hand with
We need you dear man, if we need to bring
Peace and Prosperity to this riot torn world.
We need your physical strength and you need
our Spiritual and emotional depth.
So let us start the journey…we have miles to
go before we sleep...

Maa Durga is associated with the energies of life
which is required for a good life.
In the form of Lakshmi, she is abundance in all
forms. She symbolizes the requirement of
having a life of abundance. Abundant wealth,
happiness and health.
In the form of Saraswati, she symbolizes the
arts and music. She symbolizes the synthesis of
In the form of Parvati, she symbolizes the role
of a woman.
As a mother, she struggled with her husband for
her son Ganesha.
As a wife, she urged her father for her husbands
One has always seen pictures of Parvati with
Shiva and Ganesh, but never her picture alone,
unlike Lakshmi and Saraswati. She symbolizes
the force that keeps a family together.
In the form of Kali, she symbolizes the power of
destruction. She symbolizes the destruction that
is wrought when evil needs to be vanquished.
And in Durga, she symbolizes all this and more.
There are many forms of Durga, and I have but
named a few. In essence, she is the feminine
force of nature. Some feel that she is the prana
(the very breath) of the universe, sustaining the
worlds and the beings that live in it. I have read
that SHE is God's own energy, and that the Lord
is a part of her as much as she is a part of the

Woman to Woman
Drop the cultural baggage that you have carried
for years and years…
Economics has a place, but there is no necessity
to compete with a man!
You are so much more than you can see
You are so much more than you think you are
You are so much more than you have heard
about yourself
that a social structure is not complete unless we
women bloom in what we do best!
So let us, along with the men, create a society
where there is also a place for music, love,
Let us speak from the truth of our soul…tell
others to join the movement…urge men to join
us…stop the violence…
With arms to embrace not to combat…
How? See your strength, sense your strength,
use your strength, compassion, words, arms,
whatever but for the sake of all that is worth,
help save the planet for our children.
And so it must be!

Read more if you will from my link...But follow excerpts from my ebook 'Power of the Feminine'

Shakun Narain Kimatrai

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