Thursday, May 11, 2006

As I have said earlier, I like to write about miracles in my life…increases my faith and probably yours (the readers') too…Some people feel that talking about 'A million in one chance happenings' in your life, increase the ego…but I have read somewhere:Record your proud moments. Share them. Engage in a little brag time. It will keep you motivated and energized as you move confidently in the direction of your dream.
Ramsukhdasji claims: Conceit of good is the root of all evil. The divine qualities are all God's - where is the question of any conceit?

I had done a ‘mannat’ that I would climb up the steps and hill that lead to Balaji, if my wish comes true.
It did.
(At this point let me say that I do not think that God enjoys making deals with one…it is our own understanding that makes us have an increase in ‘faith’ when one makes such bargains and it is that faith that maybe allows the desire to be fulfilled).

Anyway to come back to the story in question, the car dropped me at the foot of the hill. The only way to go, was up. Those days mobiles had not been invented!
I saw big posters asking one to be cautious of pick-pockets and advised one against speaking with strangers and yet cautioned about going up alone…
I sat confused on the steps of the temple. I saw a few decent looking groups going up but decided against it, as I am not a fast walker and I would only delay them.
I met a sweet looking plump woman and asked her if she was planning on climbing up (I figured that because she was a little on the heavier side, she would be a slow climber…) but no luck. She said she was not climbing, but suggested that I ask the temple pujari. I asked. The priest’s name was Ramchand, and he seemed like a gentle sweet soul. I told him that I would pay him a certain amount to which he readily agreed.

He was wonderful, he helped me with my water bottle and did not hurry me. At one point a young boy of 12 joined us. I presumed he was with my guide. I remember telling myself that I have a Guru in the form of the pujari and Krishna as the young boy on my pilgrimage.

I reached the summit, paid my guide and was so satisfied that I asked him if he would accompany me if/when I decided to climb again. The pujari said that I could ask anyone in the temple as all knew him, I insisted on a Tel No or address, but he said that anyone in the temple will contact him if he is no more the pujari…

When, I next went to Balaji, I went to the temple and asked for Ramchand the temple pujari. They insisted that there had never been a pujari by that name in the temple…

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