Friday, May 05, 2006

Morari Bapu was in town (Bombay) for a Katha.
I love listening to him.
Let me tell you one of the interesting things that he has said in one of his previous kathas that has 'stuck' to me and helped me!

According to Morari Bapu in order to eradicate a problem,

three requisites are important.

1) The one who is willing to help must understand the true nature of the problem.

2) He (the one who one goes to for help and may be willing) must have the compassion to try and eradicate the problem.

3) And he must have the capacity of getting rid of the problem.

When observed closely it will be noticed that one of the three points is mostly always missing in the personality of the helper. The one to help may know the nature of the problem. but he may not have the capacity to get rid of It. or alternatively, he may be capable of alleviating your problem, but he does not have the compassion to do so or he may have the compassion and the capability, but he may not understand the real nature of the problem.

Morari Bapu urges us not to put all our energies into the world to achieve happiness. Go to the Lord — Pray, he says. The Lord understands your problem — He has the compassion and is capable of getting rid of it.
When God listens to your prayer consider It His Prasad, His Grace; if he does not answer your prayer know that "NO" can sometimes be an answer.
In fact Morari Bapu implores his audience to stop making a choice. Make happiness and unhappiness your friend and there will be no problem. If happiness comes, consider it a laddu (sweet), given by your mother. If unhappiness, then the medicine given by the same loving hands.

The above is an excerpt from my book : In Touch with Masters
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