Friday, December 26, 2008

Above, I spoke to a packed audience of about 200 women from 'Ruchika'at the IMC (Indian Merchant Chamber) I said that from/in the present conditions, one does not know what the truth is. We are confused with what the politicians say...(You can hear me say this, since it is a short video)...Our neighbour politicians are confusing us...However we know one truth and that is the truth of our heart...a woman's heart, a compassionate heart which wants peace for ourselves family and children...But we must speak what we feel...We must exercise our voice to say what we think.We may be wrong but we may arrive to some conclusion by intelligent constructive discussion..The 'blue blooded German Aryans' kept quiet and so many Jews were killed...Religions are being misinterpreted,and so many innocent lives are lost... let us understand the true message of the great ones that walked the earth...
Let us teach the 'truth' to our children...Let the good people unite...Let our voice be heard!

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