Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Revisited the Taj Mahal Bombay after the dastardly attacks of people who have been taught that if they kill (the innocents), they will get a place in Heaven...

Alongside The Tree of Life at the Taj Bombay. A plaque states 'They live on Forever...It has the names who laid down their lives on the fateful day on 26th Nov 08...Was it for us citizens to wake up to do 'something' about our destiny? With the games that politicians continue to play, who knows? Only God does! All I know is that we must continue to look deep into our hearts and do/say what we need to!

Alongside Me, in front of the Tree of Life...
I have such great memories of the Taj...My wedding reception in 1965 took place in the ballroom...My son and daughter got married there...We have celebrated the Zodiac Grill, the Golden Dragon...As I made my way to the Taj, less than a month after the attack, these thoughts raced through me...It was dark and the Gateway was not lit...We had to make a round circle from behind, alongside and reach the main door. The bag went through an X Ray machine and I walked through a metal detector. Xmas trees twinkled. In the lobby Carol songs were being sung...The staff was very courteous and when I asked if I could take a picture, they sad 'Yes' Sorry friends I really could not smile at the camera, but I could pray for the departed and those left behind who are trying to make sense to what has transpired...Maybe we cannot see the whole picture, but we will one day...As Shree Sai Baba has said, we need to have 'Shraddha and Saburi'(Faith and Patience)
Merry Christmas!

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