Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Friends,
This note came from Deepa Chauhan. She is a dear friend...


I am closely invloved with Saathi and now also with FACSE - forum against child sexual abuse - for which we have taken up convenorship last year (it goes to various NGOs by rotation). Do spread the word to at least start a dialogue about this issue

Child sexual abuse is a crime that most of us keep reading in the papers about. Some of us push it aside as it is a crime, like many others that don't seem to fit into our scheme of problems. Some of us want to do something about it but just don't know how a single person can make a change. And some of us just plain don't understand it. But that's exactly what we have to do. It is a reality that has its arms closer than you may think.

Forum against Child Sexual Exploitation (FACSE) is an unregistered network comprising of different professionals and organizations, working towards addressing the concern of sexual exploitation and abuse of children. The aim of FACSE is to create awareness about the issue of child sexual abuse among different target groups as well as the general public and to handle individual cases through home visits, psycho-social intervention and referral to other NGO’s.

“We are Children” is a national Campaign attempting to understand how child sexual abuse affects a person and a community by collecting narratives of reactions, experiences or perceptions of child sexual abuse. A story not only concerns the survivor but understand that even denial or misconceptions make the issue what it is today. Every voice counts – the dissenting and the supportive, the skeptical and the hurt. FACSE is a part of this Campaign and would like to introduce it to its world. Awareness about Child Sexual Abuse is a good starting point.


Join the campaign. 19th Nov 2009 to May 2010

Contribute your story at

Take a stand against child sexual abuse. Make a difference.

PS - Please forward this mail to everyone on your contact list.

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