Sunday, January 31, 2010

On the 19th of January 2010 I attended a meeting at the IMC where Varkha Chulani (Clinical Psychologist) spoke on the Management of Anger.
Some points:
Whenever you are angry
1) Accept reality
2) Don't blame
When I blame others...for my misfortune, it is lack of education
When I blame myself, education has begun
When I neither blame myself and others, education is complete...

An angry person compromises himself too much...
We adjust too much...lose ourselves and then become angry...
...Self sacrificing is self defeating

2 Rules
Love least one person will love you

Dont needlessly deliberately harm another human being

We have a dangerous idea: Others come before me...I dont matter...

People say we are conditioned to adjust and self sacrifice...the Question is...We were condition to go early to bed and early to many of us follow conditionings?

You believe:
I am good when I am perfect...So everytime you slip you are angry and hate yourself...

Don't be a superwoman, allow yourself the permission to trip...

We are always validating ourselves by others opinions...

Then I went to a talk by Rohini Gupta.
She was the icing on the cake
She reminded us that
False Evidence Appearing Real

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