Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On March the 13th 2011 was invited to a book release function of 'Women in Hindu Society ( A critical Appraisal of their status in India from the Vedic Period to Modern Times) The book is authored by Shri S.K. Kulkarni and was released at the hands of Ms Supriya Sule (Member of Parliament.

My gracious hostess was Ms Sonavi Desai who facilitates these inspiring books through Indus Source Books.
Some very interesting points were made by Shri Ujjwal D Nikam, Shri Satish Sahney, Dr Vibhuti Patel and Smt Arundati Hoskeri.

My comments: We may have taken certain steps on the 'rightful status of women' but there is yet a lot of terrain to be crossed...Door nagri badi door nagri...

The book is worth a dekho. Look it up

...and thanks Sonavi. Keep up the good work!

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