Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yesterday, the 9th of March our Singing Sakhees Group of over 30 years celebrated Holi with colourful flowers!
It is remarkable what a good response we get by just making a few phone calls/emails and basically passing the word!
We may not be the best of the best of singers, but we sing from the heart...Goes to show that people 'feel' more than 'hear'
Alongside: The Singing group in the photograph as we started the programme with the Om chants...
In today's troubled times one takes the opportunity whenever it arises to share some thoughts...So after thanking my friends for coming...I urged them to VOTE during the elections...The politicians respond to the fact that people vote...If many from your area/community do not exercise the franchise, the politicians can actually ignore you...One must educate oneself on the performance of the candidates...Find out if any of them have a criminal record...
We are Sindhis, we opted to come to Hindustan and are we glad about it! We have prospered but we did lose our land and because we merged into the country that gave us abode, we lost out on our culture and language!
Maybe Sindhi language is dying, should we not try and revive it?
Dont we try, until the very end to try and revive a dying man?
Let us at least learn our proverbs...folk songs...

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