Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gift Forgiveness this Diwali, no matter what is happening around you. Forgiveness releases a prisoner: YOU
Rancour is like carrying a sack of rotten potatoes on your back...Put it down, throw it away...
People say: I can forgive, I cant Dont...Just say loudly: I forgive! and move on with your life, the Universe and time will do the rest!....Just like when you are physically hurt, you clean it and rub an ointment and place a bandage...Nature and Time does the rest!
I was reading an article: Anger, A New Ailment' by Firoz Bakht
...Forgivess does not meaning giving in. It means letting go.
Once we forgive, we are no longer emotionally handcuffed to the person who hurt us. When we forgive we reclaim our power to choose...
...and I add TO LIVE!

...Oh people may think and/or say: Who are you to forgive? We need to forgive matter! You dont have to put it into words or go up and hug the person (it may irritate them if they are looking at it from only their perspective)...Say it in your mind and release it to the Universe...

Happy New Year to all of you
Love and Light

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