Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ms Amla Ruia has done tremendous work on Water harvesting in the remote areas of Rajasthan...Today Mumbai has awakened to its need. She enlightened us on 'Water' She spoke about Water drops being like 'Silver'...If we heard that 'Silver' is raining...Would we not run out with our buckets and pails to collect it? Well that is what we need to do with Rain Water...Amla not only enlightened us on 'Water' but also inspired us with Songs on the 'Silver Liquid'
Amla belongs to many organizations but more importantly for me, we were instrumental (along with Ms Vimla Patil and Maya Shahani) in starting 'Eager to B.' a group of ladies who have done so much with their lives and who are eager to do more...We meet once a month to enrich one another...I like to believe that 'Eager to B. is an extension of WMPP (Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity)...Women's Movement is a Movement and it can only become a Movement if we add an connect with other organizations...Lately we have connected with MRA now known as Initiatives of Change...Dr Anand and his charming wife Asha have a meeting with interesting speakers on the 1st Saturday of the month so I thought why not invite WMPP and Eager to B.to the meeting...Asha an Dr Anand were so gracious about it! Here is one enthusiastic couple hmm Eager couple to B !
In the photograph Ms Amla and Mala Daswani President of the Queens Rotary Club, also a dear dear friend!

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