Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maya and Myself at a function chatting lovingly, enjoying our friendship and the way we connect!

Sage Foundation in association with the PATT foundation successfully carried out the plantation of 2000 trees at INS TRATA at Aksha Mumbai the funds for the same were donated by Standard Chartered bank.
Mighty proud of Maya Shahani, Chairperson, Sage Foundation and Chairperson Emeritus Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity, WMPP)

How correct networking helps Mother Earth

The seed of tree plantations was sown in Mr Ram Maheshwary's office at the Times. He had organized an amazing get together for Irene Millar, General Manager of XL Foundation who had immediately sent an EMail to the Chairperson of PATT Foundation about Mr Maheshwary's passion for tree plantations. Subsequently Mr Ram had organized a meeting with SAGE and Kamal Damania introduced Maya to the Navy Commanders Singh and Sharma. Maya has been coordinating with them ever since, and this plantation of 2000 trees is the outcome of their collective effort.

Maya has just come back from Bali where she was awarded the XL Extraordinay Life Award for 2009. This is a global award given after a system of voting by all the XL members globally. In Maya's acceptance speech she mentioned how the Times Foundation had been instrumental in her growth.

Someone in Australia is coming out with a movie called "War without Guns" and he has asked Maya to distribute this movie in India as it is focused on the power of the feminine. Maya has told him all about the Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity and Shakun's Gems of all Faiths.

PS: I, Shakun have written a book on the 'Power of the Feminine' but am awaiting a sponsor for the same' I know the Lord will send me the right person at the right time...

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