Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mona Shah Patel of the PPI Professionals Party of India (PPI). had stood as an Independant for the last elections...This time Santosh Awatramani is standing...

This photograph was taken at our Dassera Celebration...
I support women and clean may not agree with me...
Whatever you do and your heart dictates you to do...VOTE YOU MUST

Santosh aims to make governance citizen-centric... loves simplicity, is friendly and accessible. He wants to know what is going on in Governance, and he wants you to know what is coming, not after but before.
He says:
I want you to be able to suggest and intervene where necessary; but this can only be done if you are informed before not after.

I believe that Mumbai needs less governance; it needs us to be more involved.

Did you know that each MLA is entitled to spending 1crore a year indicatively on the following area:

Community Hall, Library, Road Improvement, including Foot Bridges, Stone Pavements
and Drainage, Banks/sides of Nalla, Water Supply , Education ,Gym/Health , Cremation Ground , Four Cross , Flood/Disaster Rehab, Beautification of Open Spaces, Waterfronts, Ponds, Rivers, Forts,
Pavements, Bus Terminus, Tree Guards etc, Compound Walls, Cleanliness & Toilets , and Public Utilities in declared slums .

Do you know how this money has been spent in your constituency for all these years? When elected I shall seek your inputs in deciding on how this money is spent, as it is your money.

I truly believe that I can be the bridge between you and governance.

So please vote on 13 October 2009.
Santosh Awatramani

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