Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chapter 2 lesson 1
What affected Arjuna at this stage was not a sense of righteousness but a weakness of heart. It is like a doctor, surgeon, whose ‘dharma’ is to cut open a person to cure but at the time of operation he places down his medical instruments and says he cannot go through it. They had tried all methods for peace and reconciliation, his wife Draupadi had been humiliated beyond imagination…(A daughter-in-law, a queen was tried to be disrobed in an open assembly where her husbands, brothers-in –law, fathers-in-law were present…Such a thing has never ever happened in the history of mankind. Can you imagine it happening in our parliament today ? Inconceivable!
One must constantly remember that Arjuna was a soldier. And as a soldier his ‘dharma’ was to fight, to get what was rightfully his, to avenge Draupadi’s honour.

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