Sunday, September 26, 2010

Geeta Chapter 1
Dhritrashtra was the blind father of Duryodhana and his brothers (Kauravas).
(Explanations do not suggest that the Mahabharata is an allegory)
It was the extreme attachment of Dhritrashtra for his children that blinded him to ‘dharma’ truth justice…
Dhritrashtra believed blindly that physical might would triumph.
Dhritrashtra asks Sanjaya: What did the Pandavas and my sons do, when they had assembled on the holy land of Kurukshetra, eager to fight O Sanjaya?
The fascinating thing that happens now is that Sanjaya gives Dhritrashtra a moment to moment account about what happens in Kurukshetra.
Less than a hundred years ago, one would have thought that it was fantasy, magic or that Sanjaya had spiritual powers. Maybe Sanjaya did but now in the ‘Live television broadcast’ zamana that we live in, it is so much easier to believe.

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