Sunday, September 12, 2010

Was reading: A sculptor was praised for his masterpiece. The sculptor said: The masterpiece was already in the stone, I only needed to chip away useless parts' Easier said than done! But that is what all spiritualists say: There is an Ocean of Peace within. We need to only chip away our jealousies, greed etc. Let us take jealousy.You are jealous of the person, who you think is better than you...Do you really want to waste so much energy on the emotion? Why not use the energy on excelling in something else?
Let us get in touch with what moves us, what we enjoy...I always had so much to say....Now I have my blog and my website and my facebook...and no! I dont spend hours behind my computer, I just write what moves me, think about...and the beauty is that only he/she reads who really wants to...
The easiest way to make an impact is if you have money...because as a friend was sharing: It gives you power to pursue your pleasures and it gives you power, period...but the irony is that if you have enough, you could concentrate on loving and sharing the gifts that the Lord has endowed you with, and you will be loved back...and is'nt that what all human beings seek? To be loved and appreciated?

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