Thursday, September 30, 2010

The marvel of Indian wisdom
Darbha grass also called Kusha or Munja
Whenever a priest used darbha grass on rituals, festivals, tied them as a ring I always wondered at the significance. Was happy to read an article by Ranjeni A Singh who explained its significance.
It is a dull yellow coloured grass.
A doctor covering his hand with the darbha grass had his palm x-rayed. To his surprise he found that the grass absorbed about 60% of the radiation. Can one conclude that it can absorb negative energies from the atmosphere also?
Darbha grass is identified with Lord Vishnu and it is believed to possess the power to purify anything.
It is believed to have been produced during the cosmic churning of the ocean of milk.
Sakyamuni Buddha is believed to have sat on a mat made of darbha grass when he got enlightened under the Boddhi Tree.
The name of Kushinagara, where the Buddha was cremated, is believed to be derived from Darbha's other name Kusha.

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