Thursday, November 18, 2010

This photograph of mine was taken at Nanakana Sahib, now in Pakistan, birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev on 6th September 1986

Guru Nanak Birth will be celebrated on the 21st of November.

Guru Nanak was born of humble parentage. His parents owned a store, and were ambitious for their son. They urged young Nanak to sit in the store and do some business. The young man started to count, Ek do teen (One, two ,three) ......Gyaara, Baarah, terah....(Eleven, twelve, thirteen)....The minute young Nanak said 'terah' meaning thirteen, he thought of 'terah' as 'Tera' which means 'Yours'. Guru Nanak went into deep meditation, thinking that all that is, belongs to the Lord...

Guru Nanakji became a shop-keeper, in the service of Nawab Daulat Khan, the Governor of Sultanpur. The young apprentice would go into a trance as he weighed and counted his provisions and reached the number 'tera' (13) Tera means 'yours or thine' Everything and Everyone belongs to Thee O Lord! He would repeat prayerfully!

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